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Adds windows to the outside of High Hrothgar and includes multiple UV and mesh fixes.

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This mod fixes numerous issues with the vanilla High Hrothgar meshes. Most prominently, however, it adds windows to the outside model of High Hrothgar. Besides, it adds countless UV fixes, resolves clashing vertex colors and removes vertex doubles.

This mod is a simple mesh replacer, that is straight-forward to install. Neither the Main Version nor the Parallax Version contain any textures. Thus, if you use the Parallax Version make sure that you do not only have the required dependencies installed but also use a texture set, that has the corresponding parallax textures.

The texture set used in my pictures is Skyrim Remastered - High Hrothgar. While this texture also offers parallax textures, I discovered that they are biased (the textures create too much height) which can lead to weird optical effects from acrute angles. As I still think that this texture set is great, I added an optional file that only contains new and fitting parallax textures.

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Further Notes
  • people using DynDoLOD with window glow should rerun DynDoLOD after installing this mod - I haven't tried this yet, so please feel free to share your experiences if you use DynDoLOD
  • the Parallax Texture Mod in the Miscellaneous section is a standalone and can also be installed without the main files.

Thank you for bringing this mod to the top of the hotfiles!