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Pfuscher and Brumbek and Rudy

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Improves many files of the great SMIM Mod, providing visual upgrades

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I always loved the SMIM mod, it has many many must have files for every skyrim installation for over 8 years.
So I decided to add some improvements to it.

- This mod adds environment/cubemaps (better moving reflections) to many SMIM files. Metal parts look way better now.
The difference is way more noticeable in motion, than in pictures

- So far ~50 objects, I will add another 50 in the next versions
Performance impact: Less than 1 frame

Next versions:
- Textures with less compression
- A few higher Res textures
- A few more polygons here and there

Maybe I will add some parallax in the future

Orginal awesome SMIM MOD

a) Separate from my other mods, use this along side Skyrim 2020
b) load order with my other mods doesn't matter
1. Which of the different SMIM quality options does this mod contain?
- Always the highest
2. is my redundant cubemap for reflections, like in my other mods. Overwrite or not, doesn't matter.

Installation: Just overwrite SMIM with this or have it later in the load order if you created one

Requirements: SMIM - duh
Got purple stuff? It says Requirements

Many thanks to Brumbek for creating his wonderful mod and adding so much stuff over the years <3

Credits: Brumbek, Rudy, thank you guys, you are awesome

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