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Replace fake windows in Windhelm with actual window models

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Windhelm Fake Windows Fix

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You might notice some flat windows around the docks. Bethesda was lazy and use a flat texture ( instead of making actual 3D models. This mod replaces these decals with window models as well as adding window panes to holes that should have visible panes.
This mod works by replacing original meshes and using ESL-flagged plugin to make these windows light up properly. (Without the plugin, the windows' color will stay white all day)

This mod only requires the base game. All fixes from USSEP and Skyrim Particle Patch have been forwarded.

This mod is compatible with any city mod that doesn't significantly alter the buildings. Any retexture is compatible. Meshes were already split to be compatible with exterior lighting mods like Lux Orbis (Recommended) or Tamriel Master Lights.
Patches available for 
- Icy Windhelm 
- Snowy AF Windhelm

- JK's Skyrim (Provided by Mm?/Unbrntoast, not needed if you don't use the plugin)
- Capital Windhelm Expansion


Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch by Unofficial Patch Project Team for base whdocks1
Skyrim Particle Patch by mindfIux for whshorttower
wizkid34 for meshes from Icy Windhelm
Assorted mesh fixes by wSkeever

InstantKor for split meshes