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Now with full 101BugsHD support!

Fixes collision on critters so they can be walked through, while still allowing them to be hit by projectiles and melee attacks.
Makes insect ingredients float on water, and miscellaneous other fixes to critter meshes and physics.
Optionally flips the monarch butterfly's backwards wi

Permissions and credits
Fully supports the new insects added by 101BugsHD!

Fixes for PondFish and Salmon Replacer now included with permission from Nexus79.

In Skyrim walking into a butterfly or similar critter will stop you like hitting a solid wall. The Unofficial Patch Project Team fixed that problem in the Unofficial Skyrim and Dawnguard Patches, but the way they fixed it made the critters immune to projectiles.

As an avid butterfly hunter in Skyrim this was unacceptable to me, so I redid the collision data in the .nif files. Now the player can pass through the critters while still allowing them to be hit by projectiles and melee attacks.

In addition to the flying critters affected by the unofficial patches, I made the same edits to the fish meshes, so you no longer get shoved around by pond fish or salmon while swimming or wading, but can still do some bow or fireball fishing if the mood strikes you. The dead fish even bob to the surface for easy collecting.

Inspired by IsharaMeradin's "monarch Butterflies Get Wing Lift" mod, I created my own fix for the backwards wings on monarch butterflies. My implementation flips the mesh data instead of using a custom transparent texture, so it does not have transparency issues with the butterfly in a jar. I made this an option in case it looks weird with any alternate textures for the monarch butterfly mesh.

While dynamite (fireball) fishing to test the collision effects on fish, I noticed dragonflies caught in the blast would drop and sink to the bottom of the lake. For consistency I have added the option to make all insect remains float like the fish. No more diving to the bottom of a lake to retrieve dragonflies.

- Compatibility

83Willows 101BugsHD
Critter Fixes installer has compatibility option.
Install 101BugsHD first, then install Critter fixes with 101BugsHD support selected. Allow this mod to overwrite 101BugsHD.

PondFish and Salmon Replacer
Critter Fixes installer has compatibility option.
Install PondFish and Salmon Replacer first, then install this mod with PondFish and Salmon Replacer option selected. Allow this mod to overwrite files.

Luminescent Luna Moths
Already includes Critter Fixes changes to the luna moth.
Install after Critter Fixes and let it overwrite files.

- Changelog

- Added support for Pondfish and Salmon Replacer

- critterdragonfly02.nif hadn't had it's collision layer updated.

- Added support for all the new bugs added by 101BugsHD.
- Changed monarch butterfly wing ingredient to match the shape of the wings on the living butterfly. Works on 101BugsHD butterflies as well.

- Added missing NiTransformData to critterdragonfly01.nif copied from critterdragonfly02.nif.
- Included fixed collision on effects/critterdragonfly01.nif and effects/critterdragonfly02.nif
- Added missing NiTransformData to effects/critterdragonfly02.nif
- Floating insect remains now part of base mod instead of a separate option.
- Dragonfly mesh fixed some concavities in the thorax, it's horrible leg joints, and the UV mapping on the legs.
- Torchbug mesh fixed so wings don't detach from the body as they flap.

- Added extra collision shape to the blue dragonfly ingredient to match the orange one.
- Changes to jumping salmon didn't work. Removed until I figure out why.

- Included changes to jumping salmon at waterfalls.

- Initial Release

- Credits/Thanks

Bethesda for the original meshes I changed.

Nexus79 for the meshes in the PondFish and Salmon Replacer compatibility option. You must get Nexus79's permission separately to include those meshes in another mod.

83Willow for adding diversity to the insects of Skyrim.

IsharaMeradin for inspiring the monarch wing fix. My Implementation may be completely different, but I probably never would have thought of it without that mod.

IDontEvenKnow made a mod fixing the sinking dragonflies exactly as mine does. Mine was developed independently, but he still did it first.

- Permissions

Please do not re-upload this mod anywhere else. You may use assets from this mod in your own mods.
It would be appreciated for you to contact me if you use any of my work in your own mod, so I can see what you made with it.
Use of resources credited to other authors requires their permission separately.