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Makes the vanilla Whiterun trellis 3D with custom meshes. Includes iron and (optional) wood textures.

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3D Whiterun Trellis
"2D, or not 2D? Not 2D!"

This mod replaces the meshes and textures for the Whiterun trellis objects. The flat trellises have been converted into real 3D geometry.

  • New optimized 3D meshes for all Whiterun trellis objects. The meshes also tile to improve texture clarity up close.
  • Custom 2K diffuse (colour) textures.
  • Optional wood textures available.
  • Custom environment masks for proper lighting (wood and rust won't be as reflective, just like in real life).
  • Custom 2K normal maps generated from a detailed, 1.5M poly version of the mesh.

Note: The trellis is thicc because it looks better with more depth. There wouldn't be much point if it was thinner and hardly noticable.

Compatibility and Performance

3D Whiterun Trellis meshes redirect the trellis part of the mesh to custom textures within a custom path. This means texture replacers will work, but not on the trellises themselves. They will remain iron/wood unless the custom textures are replaced, or the meshes are edited to redirect the textures to a new path.
  • Edits from USSEP and SMIM are included; therefore, conflicts with these two mods should be overwritten.
  • 3D Whiterun Trellis meshes should overwrite all other mods.

It should go without saying the new meshes add geometry, thus, increasing the poly count of these objects. The circle around the tree is approximately 177K polys, up from just a few thousand in vanilla. This could have a small performance impact for users on lower-end systems. However, users with the recommended hardware for the game shouldn't notice much, if any difference. The mod is as optimised as it can be though while sticking to the original design. These meshes are also only used in Whiterun, so considerations have been made. I would not have even thought about making such a mod if the objects were used everywhere.