Skyrim Special Edition
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Collection of bug fixes and consistency changes.

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Just a little warning. This was purely made for my own usage, so you may not like every change that is included in this collection. I don't really care. If you want to change something - do it by yourself. 

Bug Fixes:
Fixed pillar gap inside Blue Palace;
Fixed duplicated pillar inside Nightcaller Temple that caused flickering (WARNING! This is NOT a fix for LIGHT flickering in that place. Use ELFX or Relighting Skyrim to fix that issue); 
Fixed gaps in hhlgbaylentrance01a, hhlgbaylentrance01b, hhlgbayrentrance01a, hhlgbayrentrance01b meshes;
Fixed Whiterun stockade meshes;
Fixed Windhelm metal gates/walls meshes;
Fixed stone gap in Whiterun (0004cc36);
Fixed "melting" or "drooping" visual on interior walls in Whiterun;
Fixed all instances of clams and oysters clipping with objects (I didn't touch objects "buried" inside of landscape, because that's not a bug);
Fixed clipping doors and clipping stone inside "blackreachsewer01" cell;
Removed many unnecessary items from Windhelm and Riften worldspaces (items that were invisible for player, hidden behind meshes, etc.);
Corrected sound when Unknown Potion is consumed;
Fixed text in MS12NurelionPlayerDefendsHimself [DIAL:00026F50];

Consistency Changes:
Replaced some objects with different versions of them to make things blends better with landscape;
Removed grass in some places (change purely for grass mods users);
Added more objects in some places to cover "gaps" between roads and landscape (only these that triggered me too much);
Added weight to the Opaque Vessels;
Added Gourd to LItemFoodRawNoMeat list;
Added Venison to LItemFoodRawMeat list;
Tweaked LItemFoodRawMeatHunter list;
Changed flag in LootSilverHandGold and LootSilverHandRandom to Calculate for each item in count instead of Use All;
Added No-Respawn flag to the Ingots from Forsaken Cave;
Added No-Respawn flag to the Frostflow Lighthouse's doors;
Added No-Respawn flag to the Helgen's gate;
Added No-Respawn flag to some Skill Books;
Added No-Respawn flag to the Tattered Journal inside Embershard Mine;

DarthSidious666 for Nightcaller Temple fix; yoink. mine now :)
T4gtr34um3r and Outpowner for High Hrothgar meshes that I used as a base for my own fixes;
LoD7995 for Bugfix Compilation where I've found fixed Windhelm and Whiterun meshes, langley02 is the original author of these fixes (No stretching mod);
Geevo for Whiterun Wall Fix for Noble Skyrim Vanilla and Other Retextures;