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Fixes UV, normals and meshes poking out in Sovengarde. Replaces Sovengarde's hazardous slanted stairs with more confidence-inducing straight stairs.

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Made these meshes originally for my Green Granite Ground in Sovengarde retexture mod, but since I ended up working on the meshes way more than just adding shaderflags and texturepaths I decided to release this as a standalone that does not replace texturepaths for those who may want vanilla textures/conventional retextures but like the meshes GGGIS provides.

Some of the more major fixes/changes:

Whole new custom made stairs, some - like the one in the picture - with your SovFloor texture. Everyone in Sovengarde is drunk and considering the brawling, most likely concussed to some extent. Slanted stairs in that environment are wonky at best and dangerous at worst.

Some railings were also reworked from scratch with UV that doesn't look like ass.

Vanilla meshes had some wacky normals due to inconsistent Z-height of the vertices on some planes, that were exaggerated by the env map.

UV seams here and there fixed. Now some of these happen due to the way the tiles are placed so not all seams are perfect, but way better than before.

And some more general fixes and tweaks, mostly just general UV stuff. See images for more.

As with any other mesh replacer. In and out as you wish, can install/uninstall at any point of your save. If you want to check out how it looks on your setup, make a new test-save and type "coc SovngardeMeadHall" in your console to teleport straight outside the doors to assess the aesthetics yourself. Sometimes you just die entering though so watch out.

No incompatabilities I'm aware of. The one mesh that conflicts with Lux / ELFX is patched for it off the box. If you come a across a conflict let me know and I'll see what I can do.

Mods used in pictures:
Rest of the architectural textures come from Skurkbro and his SNRP megaproject. ENB is Rudys, Rugs I think come from Rugnarok