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Replaces all types of mushrooms in mines and caves with better blended versions using Base Object Swapper.

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All mushroom meshes use landscape textures which results in visibly mismatched textures in mines and caves. This mod aims to fix that by replacing all types of mushrooms in interior locations with versions that use the correct corresponding textures.

Thanks to Base Object Swapper, this can be done with zero edits to vanilla records.


Download and install through your favorite mod manager. It is completely safe to install and uninstall this mod mid-save. This mod is ESL-flagged and will not take up a slot in your plugin limit. This mod requires Base Object Swapper.

This mod does not directly conflict with any other mod. However, using any mod that replaces meshes for mushrooms (such as Realistic HD Mushrooms Remastered) will result in the replaced mushrooms not matching the unaffected mushrooms.

This mod is compatible with all texture replacers, as the new meshes only change the texture paths. This mod was tested both with vanilla textures and with the textures included in Caves HQ and MD's Photoreal Mines.

This mod currently only affects vanilla locations.

Recommended Mods

Mushroom Retextures Revamped:
These are the same meshes used in this mod.

Cathedral - Mushrooms:
High-quality texture replacers for mushrooms seen in my screenshots.

Ore Vein Texture Fix:
Another mod of mine that fixes texture inconsistencies with ore veins.


powerofthree for the revolutionary Base Object Swapper that made this mod possible.
IWantATardis for allowing me to use the improved mushroom meshes for this mod.
SimonRim Discord server for their help with modding and also for being cute.