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Allows mod authors to create unlimited amount of new custom skills with their own perk trees.

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Warning: This is very much BETA and in testing phase so there may be bugs or crashes!


Allows mod authors to create new skills with their own perk trees.

These skills aren't tied to actor values but instead use global variables which means you can create theoretically unlimited amount of skills and different mods adding skills would not conflict with each other (assuming they each use their own perks).

Each new custom skill will have its own perk menu (with optional custom NIF background).

Custom skills can have option of using their own perk points or regular player perk points.

These skills can be made legendary or not, mod author decides.

Can show a message when skill levels up: "X has increased to Y", like the regular skills do when they level up.

Due to how each skill has its own perk menu, you can only look at 1 skill at a time, if you want to look at another skill's perks or level then the menu must be closed and reopened.

Regular vanilla perks menu or the vampire lord perks or werewolf perks menu are not altered in any way so they work as they did before.

The mod author has to implement actually leveling up the skill via papyrus scripts, or when to show the menu or when to show level up messages. This mod is only for actually showing the perks menu or level up messages.


.NET Script Framework


Make sure the framework above is installed properly.

Install this mod with a mod manager or manually. The DLL file from this mod should go here:

It should be safe to install or uninstall mid-playthrough since this mod only deals with showing the perks menu or level up messages and not the skills themselves.

If you want to test if the installation was successful you can try installing the example skill from files section and in-game console type "set myskillopenmenu to 1" then close console. If it opens perks menu for custom example skill then it is installed correctly (and you can uninstall the example skill mod then).


Uninstall with your mod manager or remove the DLL file from above path.

Known issues

Minor incompatibility with Skyrim Skill Uncapper when it comes to making skill legendary. The uncapper required legendary level option is overwritten by this mod and small visual bug with the legendary button sometimes not showing up (or showing up incorrectly).

How to create your own skill (for mod authors)

Download the example skill plugin from files section and see how it's done.

Quick overview of things you will need at minimum:
1. Each skill needs a new configuration file in /Data/NetScriptFramework/Plugins/CustomSkill.X.config.txt where X is some unique keyword for your skill (for example your mod name + skillname)
2. Check the configuration file for more information on how to set up your skill.
3. You will need to create global variables for skill level, skill levelup ratio (how far along next levelup is), trigger for opening menu, trigger for showing levelup message. If you want to add few more custom options you may need more global variables than that, check the example configuration file for more information.
4. It is up to you to implement your skill and edit the skill level and skill levelup ratio global variables! Usually with papyrus scripts.
5. If you have the example skill plugin installed you can use console commands for some quick checks:
"set myskillopenmenu to 1" - opens the perks menu for example skill when you close console
"set myskilllevel to 15" - sets the example skill current level to 15
"set myskillratio to 0.25" - sets the example skill levelup progress to 25%
"set myskillshowlevelup to 50" - shows the message as if skill has leveled up to 50 when you close console
once openmenu or showlevelup has been processed those global variables will be set back to 0 automatically.


powerofthree - helping with testing.