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Adds kinda balanced custom perk tree for Fire Based Spells.

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What is is this ?

Pyromancy is a mod that adds a custom skill tree made by meh321's Custom Skill Framework where you can specialize your magic on fire based spells. But beware , the more you invest yourself in Pyromancy weaker you frost spells will be...

You can acces the skill tree by activating the [Custom Skill Tree] - Pyromancy item added to your inventory when you first load up the game.

Pyromancy Perk Tree uses regular perk points. So you have to choose between vanilla Destruction Perk Tree or this to invest your perks. And thats where the specialization aspect comes in. You have to sacrifice some of your talents so you can specilize on being a fire magic focused Pyromencer.

Pyromancy level will be syncronized with your destruction. Your Pyromancy skill level will be same level as your destruction. When you load up the first time and every time your destruction increases , they will be syncronized.

Perk Tree


You can also respec your Pyromancy Tree via Respec Pyromancy Potion. When you use the potion it will refund perk points you spend on Pyromancy Tree.
If you want to respec your vanilla or modded skill trees to invest in this mod I recommend Ish's Respec Mod . It gets the job done.

Im open to perk ideas/modifications/improvements ... Tell me your suggestions. Im pretty new to modding , hehe.


There shouldn't be any compataiblity issues. I didn't edit anything vanilla , I only added new things perks , magic effects etc...


meh321 for his Excellent Custom Skill Framework
Shekhinaga for making Haemophilia - Custom Vampire Skill Tree, that inspired me to made this mod.
Vicn for his awesome Creature Pack ,  used in Flame Lord.