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Adds a balanced but interesting custom perk tree for regular vampires. Script-light and perfectly compatible!

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What is Haemophilia?

Haemophilia is a mod that uses meh321's excellent Custom Skill Framework to create a custom skill tree for regular vampires, similar to what Vampire Lords have access to. You advance the new skill, called vampirism, through feeding.

How do I access the new perk tree?

Haemophilia creates an item in your inventory called "Mysterious Skull". Clicking on it will bring up the skill menu. Then, it behaves just like a vanilla skill menu!

What are the new perks?

Longevity (3 ranks):
-Your Health, Stamina, and Magicka are increased by 10/30/50.
Vampiric Guardian:
-You gain access to "Conjure Gargoyle" in your regular vampire form.
Nightstalker's Stride:
-You gain 15% bonus movement speed.
Supreme Vampiric Drain:
-You gain access to the Vampire Lord's "Drain Life" spell in your regular vampire form.
Nightstalker's Force:
-You deal 15% more damage with power attacks and your unarmed attacks deal 20 bonus damage.
Vampiric Shroud:
-You gain access to the Vampire Lord's "Mist Form" in your regular vampire form.
Vampiric Reflexes:
-When an opponent is power attacking, you have a 40% chance to slow down time for 3 seconds.
Still Time:
-You gain access to the Vampire Lord's "The Reaping" ability in your regular vampire form.
Night Cloak:
-When blocking or casting a ward, you are surrounded by a swarm of bats that drain the life of nearby enemies.

How do I install Haemophilia?

The only complicated part about installing haemophilia is installing the custom skill framework. Because it has a lot of requirements, it can intimidate a lot of people, but I promise you, it's easy when you look at the instructions all in one place!

1. Install SKSE! Gamerpoets has a wonderful short video on how to do it:
2. Install Address Library for SKSE Plugins with your mod manager
3. Install SSE Engine Fixes as this handy video from Gamerpoets explains:
4. Download and install Custom Skills Framework with your mod manager
5. Download and install Haemophilia. Congratulations, you are done!

Where should I load Haemophilia?

Anywhere! Haemophilia does not change a single vanilla record. Additionally, it has been flagged as a .esl so it doesn't take up a spot in your load order. 

Any compatibility issues?
Absolutely none! You can use haemophilia alongside your favourite vampire overhaul(s) with no caveats. 


A huge thank you to SimonMagus616 and DeltaRider, without them this mod would have been impossible. A giant thank you to the xEdit team, both for xEdit but also scripting help and advice. Finally, a special thank you to everyone who put up with my ceaseless newb questions and to meh321 for his Custom Skills Framework.