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With this unofficial add-on for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, discover the north's most fearsome warriors: the berserkers. Encounter new enemies, armors, and quests, and receive the power to transform into a werebear.

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With "Tales of Skyrim - Berserkyr" you will be able to become a werebear in Skyrim. Werebears have their own perk tree and gameplay mechanics to make them distinct from werewolves. They are tanks able to absorb hits more easily and can always regenerate health by feeding on the corpses of their enemies.
This mod always introduces a new faction: the berserkers. They are the legendary bear-warriors of Skyrim, living far from towns and villages except for the occasional raid. They are extremely skilled and have the ability to transform into werebears during combat.
In addition to these two core features, this mod also comes with new ingredients, armors, spells and two short quests. Although these smaller-scope quests won't give an additional opportunity to save the world, they serve to introduce you to the lore of the berserkers and help integrate this mod's content more naturally into Skyrim.

More detailed explanations follow, but if you want to discover this mod's content by yourself then read no further! Head to the Four Shields tavern in Dragonbridge, I've heard there is an old fellow looking for a mercenary. He has a job that might interest you.

Werebear transformation
You can become a berserker by making the right choices during the questline. As a berserker, you receive the Berserker's Curse effect which force you to transform into a werebear when your health gets too low. There are two ways to prevent these forced transformations:
  • Pray at a Shrine of Tsun (8 hours effect)
  • Wear an Amulet of Tsun
The shrines can be found in a few places around Skyrim, whereas the amulet can be found on berserkers and Stormcloaks.

As a berserker, you can also trigger your werebear transformation at any time by eating the Bear's Paw. This blue mushroom can be found in the wilderness, most of the time near Shrines of Tsun as well as in Solstheim. Tsun's blessing doesn't prevent transformations caused by the ingestion of Bear's Paw.

In werebear form, you can always feed on dead enemies (to the exception of undead, spriggans and dwemer automatons). Feeding on enemies regenerates a portion of your health. Also, bears won't attack you as long as you are in beast form.
But the most interesting part of becoming a werebear is in the perk tree! The werebear perk tree is divided in two main branches: the first one concerns your werebear form, the other grants power to your human form. Here are the perks:
Bestial Resistance(1-4) - Take 25/50/75/90% less physical damage as a werebear.
Thick Skin - You are 50% more resistant to arrows and bolts, and immune to poison as a werebear.
Chilling Roar - Your roar freezes the air around you for 5 seconds, dealing frost damage and Stamina damage to opponents in melee range.
Ice Claws - Your claws have 10% chance to freeze enemies on hit.

Frenzied Warrior - War Axes and Battleaxes deal 50% more damage while not wearing Heavy Armor.
Sweet Tooth - Eating honey cures all diseases and removes all poison effects.
Bear Kinship - Once per day, summon a bear to help you in combat.
Berserker Rage - Once a day, enter a trance-like fury and deal triple damage to your enemies.

Berserker enemies
Berserkers can be found near Shrines of Tsun. They wear light armor, including two new armor pieces specific to them:
  • Bear Fur Helmet
  • Bear Fur Armor
Some berserkers also wear an Amulet of Tsun and most of them carry a few Bear's Paws. When their health goes below a certain threshold during combat, they will transform into werebears.

The berserker shamans are mages, fighting with Sparks and Flames spells. They are also able to conjure bear familiars. Shamans also come with a new piece of equipment: the Shaman's Hat.

Finally, there is a unique enemy to be found somewhere on the map. When berserkers eat too much Bear's Paws, they can turn permanently into werebears. These Feral Berserkers are said to be extremely dangerous.

The two fully-voiced quests, "Curse of the Berserker" and "Berserksgangr", aim to give the player as much choices as possible. If you make the right ones, you will get to become a berserker at the end of the second quest.
To start the first quest, head to Four Shields tavern in Dragonbridge and talk to Rudir.
To start the second quest, read the Berserker's Journal (don't forget to loot if at the end of the first quest!)

As a side note, you can also visit the cabin from "Curse of the Berserker" before starting the quest. There is nothing to do but you'll get to see the protagonists before the events of the quest.

Aside from the "Berserker's Journal", there is a second book added by this mod: "The Mysterious Bear-Warriors of Skyrim". This is a book written by a scholar from Shornhelm (High Rock) explaining the few things that are known (and the lot that aren't) about the berserkers. Rudit ("Curse of the Berserker") possesses a copy of that book, and it has also been included in the leveled lists.

Load screens
Two extra load screens related to the berserkers and the cult of Tsun have been added.

Ring of Hircine
The Ring of Hircine has been edited so that it will transform you accordingly to your beastial powers. If you are a berserker, the ring will initiate random werebear transformations instead of werewolf transformations.

During "Berserksgangr", if you make the choice to become a berserker when you are already a werewolf or a vampire, the shaman will have a special dialogue line for you. Going through the ritual will cure your lycanthropy/vampirism in the same way that becoming a werewolf cures the other afflictions. The choice is yours.
Playing through the Companions quest line: accomplishing the ritual to become a werewolf will lift the Berserker's Curse. Be careful, as you can't accomplish the berserker ritual a second time!


As is now tradition, there is a dedicated mod page for patches. A huge thanks to Czasior and Monops for creating the page and uploading the first batch of patches. Click the link below to access it:


meh321 for Custom Skills Framework -
DanielCoffey (author of Book Covers Skyrim) for his book mesh modders resource -
Shortybee for helping me writing the in-game book "The Mysterious Bear-Warriors of Skyrim"
Monops, Czasior, AgentW, RobertGK and ra2phoenix for their advice, help and contributions to this mod (as well as for patches) for her berserker artwork (used in BCS Add-on) -
SeaSparrow (author of Prelude to Purgatory) for script menu script inspiration
greentea101 for Voice File Reference Tool 2 -
BowmoreLover for Yakitori Audio Converter -
Rasikko for their insights concerning werewolf mechanics -
sLoPpYdOtBiGhOlE for helpful information regarding setting up a kill counter -
Astolf, Caden Black Gaming and Darkfox127 for their tutorials
kikimylove for the "Sweet Tooth" perk idea
And as always a huge thank you to my Patrons for their support!