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Based on One Piece by Eiichiro Oda.

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Based on One Piece by Eiichiro Oda.

Adds Busoshoku, Kenbunshoku, and Haoshoku

Main Features:


- You can randomly obtain each haki type during combat or at LV 5, 10, and 18.

- All 3 Haki types can be accessed and learned directly from the perk tree which can be found in the misc item menu.

- You now have a new 'Haki' resource that can be checked with the 'Gauge Haki' Spell or with the onscreen flower icon.

- Haki limit starts at 100, has a chance of increasing by felling powerful foes (bosses, dragons, conquerors etc.)

- You regenerate (Haki Limit*0.00330) Haki per second and can also rest to completely restore your reserves.

- Your main 'Haki' level is calculated as (Busoshoku level + Haoshoku Level +Kenbunshoku Level)/3

- You must train each haki type by using their respective abilities or by fighting other conquerors, unlocking more advanced forms/upgrades.

- As your sub-haki level (busoshoku, kenbunshoku, haoshoku) increases, you drain 8% less haki to use the associated abilities, up to a max level of 10.

- Fighting strong enemies improves haki exp gains up to x3. ((Base Health X 0.001) X 2)+1

-Increased difficulty     
- Npcs can obtain:

- Busoshoku level 1-3
- Nine-Realms (Haoshoku)
- Willful King (Haoshoku)

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