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The Dragon Cult - Priesthood introduces a Dragon Priest skill tree, designed to give more depth to Spellsword\Dragonborn builds.

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The Dragon Cult - Priesthood doesn't require a new game and it's only compatible with latest version of Custom Skills Framework.

When you interact with the altar in Bromjunaar Sanctuary, which you can find by exploring Labyrinthian, you will be asked to join the Dragon Cult. If you do so, you will receive a Lesser Power called Kneel. Using it will force your character to kneel down and will grant you access to the Priesthood perk tree.

You can acquire new perks for Priesthood by killing Draugr while wearing a Dragon Priest mask.

In accepting the Priesthood, you will be cursed with Dragon Binding, which increases your Shout cooldown by 50%. Dragon Binding can be removed by unlocking all Priesthood perks.


Priesthood is also completely optional, so if you are only interested to Konahrik, you will be able to place every Dragon Priest mask without being forced to accept.


The Dragon Cult - Priesthood does not contain any edit to vanilla records, therefore it should not have any compatibility issue. With KID installed, Priesthood is also compatible out of the box with mods that add new Dragon Priest masks, such as Legacy of the Dragonborn, King-Priest, Wyrmstooth and Konahrik's Accoutrements, but it's not intended to work with unenchanted and player crafted masks.

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