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English translation of Vicn's Custom Skills for VIGILANT.

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This is the English translation of Vicn's new perk tree mod for VIGILANT. That's all there is to it, really. :)

There are two ways to access the perk tree (with update 1.1.0).

Travel to the Shrine of Stendarr and commune with the Horn of Stendarr.

Or, if you always want to have acces to the perk tree and don't mind some additional clutter in your inventory, use console commands or mod like AddItemMenu to add the Idol of Stendarr to your inventory. Or simply buy it from the Argonian merchant at the shrine (you can also buy perk potions from him if you have the gold to spare).

Simply activate the Horn of Stendarr in front of the statue or click on the Idol of Stendarr in your inventory and the skill tree will open.

List of all perks in the Vigilant of Stendarr tree:

  • TBD (they were changed in version 2.0.0)

What you absolutely need, no exceptions whatsoever:

How to install:

  • make sure you meet all the requirements
  • download Custom Skills - VIGILANT
  • install with your mod manager of choice or manually unzip the files to your Skyrim Data folder
  • let it overwrite existing Perk-Vigilant.esp (you need to do this, otherwise you won't get the translated text and you'll end up with the dreaded rectangles everywhere)
  • activate the mod and sort your load order with LOOT or manually if you know what you're doing 
  • play

  • Bethesda for creating Skyrim and letting us play in their sandbox
  • Vicn for his amazing mods
  • Deepl for far better machine translation than Google Translate

VIGILANT Voiced by Aelarr and The Skyrim Voice Alliance
GLENMORIL - English Translation by Aelarr
Custom Skills - GLENMORIL - English Translation by Aelarr
UNSLAAD Voiced by Aelarr and The Skyrim Voice Alliance