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About this mod

Gameplay Overhaul: Rpg Attributes. Maximum stats. Curses. Guns. Summons etc.

Permissions and credits
Design Philosophy:

Kill Chaos

Main Features:

-(Optional)Attributes (SE only)
-(Optional)Crystarium (SE only)
-(Optional) Academic Magick
-(Optional) Weighted Weaponry
-(Optional) Living World
-(Optional) Natural Magick
-(Optional) Undeath
-(Optional) Alchemical Toxicity
-(Optional) Pestilence
-(Optional) Modified player/enemy scaling

-Some features can be disabled in the MCM menu.

How to start:

-Use Crystal Of Creation in inventory.

-Favorite Misc Items

-Attributes: On character creation, you receive 7 attribute points which can be used to further define and bolster your character's stats. Additional attribute points are received at every 5 level interval up to level 20.

-Crystarium: A collection of over 30 perks that give access to more abilities, bonuses, and skills. Crystogen points earned from defeating foes are required to unlock more parts of the tree.

(Optional)-Academic Magick: Learning from a spell book requires points in your Wisdom attribute; higher grade spells require more wisdom.

(Optional)-Weighted Weaponry: Weapons are less effective if you lack the appropriate points in your Strength attribute to handle the item's weight.

(Optional)-Living World: Non-unique npcs dynamically spawn across the world via a dice roll, increasing spawns and encounters.

(Optional)-Natural Magick: On character creation, you can choose a natural element to be born with - natural elements increase your spell effectiveness and automatically provides additional spells as you level up.

-Espers: There are now over 20 pieces of red materia that can be found in various shops/on high-class enemies. Red materia allows you to summon espers that have varied fighting styles/abilities to assist in combat.

-StavesThere are now 135 staff combinations (please use them it took two years off my lifespan) that can be crafted at a staff crafting bench. Staves are separated into 5 grades: Common, Fine, Superior, Ancient, Supreme - higher grades have a higher maximum charge and increase the natural passive imbued onto the staff. High grade staves are unlocked as you increase your Mage mastery (Restoration+Destruction+Illusion+Alteration+Conjuration+Enchanting*0.021).

-FirearmsThere are now 15 firearms that can be found in various shops/on enemies. Ammo can be found in small amounts throughout the world or be crafted by via the Forge or Field Craft.


-Curses: Undead enemies have a chance to place a random curse upon you which may have beneficial and/or debilitating effects. Curses can be removed with the use of a Purge Stone found randomly on some high level enemies or merchants. Curses have a chance to permanently increase or decrease
certain stats every 12 hours and multiple Purge Stones may be required to remove the curse.
 -Malice: Each undead enemy has varying levels of dark magick, giving them access to additional abilities/bonuses, resistances. Malice can be reduced with the use of light magick, silver/holy weapons.

 -Restless Dead: Humans that die near the undead have a chance of being reanimated. The undead have a chance of getting back up if they aren't purified with divine metals/light magick.

(Optional)-Alchemical Toxicity: Consuming ingredients or potions gradually builds up toxins in your bloodstream, causing debilitating effects that increase in intensity. Toxins naturally reduce over time or by resting.

(Optional)-Pestilence: Diseases gradually get more debilitating every 12 in-game hours and are no longer cured by one potion. Each disease requires a specific treatment potion/method. If a disease is allowed to advance into late stages, multiple treatments are required to completely cure it.

(Optional)-Player Scaling:

-After using the Crystal Of Creation, your health, magicka and stamina are randomized.
-You receive increased weight limit and a random stat increase for each level up to 25.
-Each individual race has maximum base stat values that can only be bypassed by vampirism, lycanthropy, or alchemy. (Applies to Npcs)

-175 health
-200 Stamina

-225 health
-350 Magicka
-200 stamina

-450 Health
-175 magicka
-400 stamina

-300 health
-175 Magicka
-600 stamina

-350 health
-125 Magicka
-500 stamina

-300 health
-200 Magicka
-250 stamina

-300 health
-250 Magicka

-250 Magicka
-200 stamina

(Optional)-Enemy Scaling: Npcs are given random stat/resistance bonuses based on race.

(Optional)-Racial Bonuses: 

-Elven races(Wood, High, Dark, Orc, Breton) receive increased magicka regen rate and a random bonus of magicka.
-Khajit receive increased movement speed.
-Redguards receive increased weapon speed.
-Nords receive increased natural physical damage.
-Imperials receive better merchant rates.
-Argonians receive increased natural armor.
(Compatible with ActorProxy keywords for custom races)

Minor Stuff:
-Carriages costs increased
-Your character might be permanently crippled with debilitating effects
-Inn costs increased
-Selling prices are lower

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-New diseases will require a patch for Progressive Diseases.

-Academic Magick will require a patch for any new spell books.

-FavorsPerDayTimer, LastFlattered actor values are used by this mod.


S: Noooooo! That's not lore-friendly! CHIM, MAGNA GE, nooooooo!
A: When the light has gone   
    And the land is dark
    And the moon is the only light we'll see