Skyrim Special Edition

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Bring elements from The Witcher game series to Skyrim! Witcher Signs, Potions, more than 40 Swords, dozens of new Ingredients, new Monsters, a new Worldspace, a new Skill Tree with 33 Perks and lots of new mechanics to use!

Permissions and credits
Hello! After 4 months of developing this mod, I'm proud to present you with "A Witcher's Adventure". It adds a lot of stuff, so the description is quite long.

"Do I need to read it all?" 
No, you don't. The only thing I think you should really read is "Why is this mod on Beta". However, If you have a question about this mod, I advise you to read the description before asking in the comments. I'll gladly answer any questions you ask there, it's just that the comments don't get overflown by stuff that's already explained here :D
Also, if you are new to modding and/or just want to know about the mod's requirements, I suggest you to read "Understanding the mod's requirements".

Note: People who want to make translations, patches or use assets from this mod should also read the "Permissions and Credits" tab above.

Why is this mod on Beta?


Understanding the Requirements



A short video showing the Witcher's Signs and the swap.A better version of the previous video.

A Witcher's Adeventure adds 43 sword models ported directly from The Witcher 3 (with permission from CD Projekt Red). These are:

- Witcher's Starter Swords: The Steel and Silver Swords equipped by Geralt at the beggining of The Witcher 3.
- Aerondight: A Silver Relic Sword present in all 3 Witcher's games. The one added by this mod uses the 3d model from The Witcher 3.
- Witcher Schools' Swords: Steel and Silver Swords from the 5 Witcher's Schools: Cat, Bear, Griffin, Viper and Wolf. Each School has 4 ranks for their swords: Basic, Enhanced, Superior and Mastercrafted.

Silver Swords deal MORE damage to monsters (everything that is not an animal, dwarven or a playable race) depending of the sword rank. See below:

- Starter and Basic-rank Swords: +20% damage.
- Enhanced-rank Swords: +35% damage.
- Superior-rank Swords: +50% damage.
- Aerondight and Mastercrafted-rank Swords: +75% damage.

Steel Swords deal LESS damage to monsters (everything that is not an animal, dwarven or a playable race) depending of the sword rank. See below:

- Starter and Basic-rank Swords: -90% damage.
- Enhanced-rank Swords: -80% damage.
- Superior-rank Swords: -70% damage.
- Mastercrafted-rank Swords: -60% damage.

Witcher Steel Swords have some benefits to compensate for their lack of damage agains monsters:

- 30% more chance of performing a critical hit.
- Can be infused with Runes once you take the perk 'Runed Steel' from the Witcher Skill Tree.

Runes are special itens that can be used to create more powerful Steel Swords. Runed Swords have a glowing rune attached to their blade, granting them an effect when they perform a critical hit.

-Blood Rune: The target deals 50% less physical damage for 10 seconds. Can't be reesisted - Doesn't work on undead and ghosts.
-Fire Rune: The target takes 4 points of health damage each second, for 10 seconds. Resisted by target's Fire Resistance.
-Poison Rune: The Target is paralyzed for 5 seconds. Resisted by target's Poison Resistance - Doesn't work on undead.

Runed swords CAN still be enchanted normally.

- Witcher's Starter Swords: These swords can be found on a corpse in Helgen Keep. Check the spoiler below if you want to know exactly where they are:

- Aerondight: For now you can find a "Rusted" version of Aerondight, which deals 0 damage. The option to restore it to it's former glory will be avaliable in version 1.3. Check the spoiler below if you want to know where to look for it.

- Witcher's School Swords (Basic to Superior): Like in The Witcher 3, in order to be able to obtain the School's Swords, you need to find their diagram.

- Witcher's Runed Swords (Mastercrafted): If you have a Superior version of a Sword, or the Rusted Aerondight in your inventory, you can take them to Kaer Fendargh and find the old Warg Skull somewhere inside the fortress to improve them to their mastercrafted version.

Diagrams are scattered through Skyrim and Solstheim, placed inside special containers. When you open a container, you will find a random diagram. You can find each diagram only once, they won't appear again. After finding a diagram, you just need to read it once and you'll be able to buy (or craft) the swords.

Diagrams1 locations are not marked, so you will have to explore Skyrim to find them all. But everytime you are close to one of them, the camera will shake and a message will appear saying "I'm sensing something". You can also find a map (similar to Delphine's one for Dragon Burial Sites) when you advance in the Thieves Guild Questline.

For those who already completed the Thieves Guild questline or want to know exactly where the map is:

By default, you can't craft Witcher Swords. Only Eorlund Greymane is skilled enough to do that. So after you read a diagram, go to Eorlund. A new dialogue choice will appear, so you can ask him to craft the swords for you. This system works like the mod 'Honed Metal'. You must provide Eorlund with all the materials to craft the sword. After two days, your sword will be ready to collect (you will receive a warning). Go to Eorlund again, and you will be able to buy the sword.

The same process works for the Runed Swords. But instead of Eorlund, you need to go to Urag gro-Shub (the Orc Mage at College of Winterhold's Arcanaeum). But in this case, as stated before, you must have the perk 'Runed Steel'. You'll also need a Witcher rune, which you can craft at the Smelter.

Note: In order to upgrade the rank of a sword with Eorlund (Basic to Enhanced, Enhanced to Superior), you first need to remove any runes from the sword, using the smelter.

If you want to craft the swords yourself, there's an option on the MCM to change the method of obtaining the swords from "Buy Only" (default) to "Craft Only" or "Buy and Craft".Crafting the weapons yourself will require more materials, and by default it needs to be done at the Skyforge (MCM also has a option to remove this requirement).

There are ywo new materials that are used to craft Witcher's Weapons:

Dimerituim: You can find Dimeritium ores in Blackreath and some vanilla mines around Skyrim.

Meteorite: You can find Meteorite ores around High Hrothgar.

A Witcher's Adventure adds the 5 Witcher's Signs from the Witcher 3. Each Sign has a Regular and an Alternate effect, and is cast using Stamina.

- Regular: Aard will push enemies away with an unrelenting force. It also deals damage.
- Alternate: Aard will push all enemies around the caster away with an unrelenting force. It also deals damage.

- Regular: Axii makes the enemy fall unconscious. Enemies that take 10 points of damage by the caster will break free from the effect.
- Alternate: Axii makes the affected enemy assist caster in combat.

- Regular: Igni launches a single fire blaze, dealing health damage and also dealing 25% of that value to the enemy's armor, reducing its damage resistance.
- Alternate: Igni creates an explosion around the caster, dealing damage to all enemies in the area.

- Quen (Regular): Quen conjures a shield that protects the caster from physical damage equal to one quarter of his health points.The shield lasts for some seconds if not broken.
- Quen (Alternate): Quen increases the caster magic resistance for the duration.

When Regular Quen is cast, a bar showing the shield's points will appear below the health bar.
Quen can't be recast while active.

- Regular: Yrden creates a magical area for some seconds. Enemies that stand inside the area are slowed. Specters inside the area can be damaged normally. (more info about specters below)
- Alternate: Yrden creates an orb that lasts for some seconds. The orb has 50% chance of dealing shock damage to enemies in the area every 2 seconds. It also has a 10% chance of staggering the target.

Yrden can't be recast while active.

- You can unlock the Regular version of the Signs by activating (which will trigger a meditation) it's respective Sign Stone, which can be found in the Wilderness. When you meditate for the first time on a Sign Stone, you will receive the correspondent Witcher's Sign. The next meditations will give you a boost to that Sign's strenght for 8 in-game hours. Only one boost can be active at a time. 
After you meditate at all 5 Sign Stones, you will receive the Witcher's Meditation Power (check "Meditation" section).

For those who want to skip exploration and go directly to the stones:

- You can Unlock the Alternate version of the Signs by unlocking the 'Alternate Signs' perk from the Witcher's Skill Tree (More information on "Alternate Signs" section).

- You can unlock the higer ranks (Enhanced and Superior) of the Signs through the Witcher Skill Tree (More information about the ranks on the "Witcher Skill Tree" section) .

A Witcher's adventure adds a lot of The Witcher's 3 alchemical components and recipes:

Alcohol is used to craft Witcher's Potions and some Alchemy Ingredients.

Dwemer Spirit is the most common type alcohol and is used to craft the basic-level Witcher's Potions. It can be bough on the Silver Blood Inn in Markarth, and also be found as loot on bandits and forsworn.

Alcohest is the middle-level Witcher Alcohol. It's used to craft Enhanced-Level Potions and keeping one in your inventory will automaticaly replenish any potions you already crafted, up to it's limit. (check "Potions" section)
Alcohest can be crafted with a Dwemer Spirit, Snowberries and the various alcohols found in Skyrim, using a special Mortal and Pestle, which can be crafted at the smelter after you take the perk 'Witcher Potions' from the Witcher's Skill Tree.

White Gull is the superior-level Witcher's Alcohol, and requires you to have the perk 'Enhanced Alchemy' to be crafted usignt he special Mortar and Pestle. It's used to craft Superior-Level Potions and Also Superior-level Ingredients. (check "Ingredients" section)

Witcher Potions can be crafted using a special Mortal and Pestle, which can be crafted at the smelter after you take the perk 'Witcher Potions' from the Witcher's Skill Tree. Each potions have three ranks (Basic, Enhanced an Superior).

Potions need to/can be crafted only once, as you recover them by meditating with a bottle of Alcohest in your inventory. (check "Meditation" section)
Potions have a limit of how many of them you can craft/replenish through Meditation.

Your blood becomes poisonous to vampires and necrophages for 60 seconds, reflecting 30% of their BASE attack damage back to them.
Enhanced: 90 seconds duration, 40% reflected damage, 50% chance os staggering target after it attacks.
Superior: 120 seconds duration, 50%reflected damage, 50% change of stagger, targets bleed (1 point of health) each second if too close.

Limit: 3 - Basic / 4 - Enhanced / 5 - Superior.

For 45 seconds, time will slow down everytime you kill an enemy. 
Enhanced: 60 seconds duration.
Superior: 75 seconds duration, if adrenaline is (or reaches) on level 2 or superior, power attacks won't cost stamina for the duration.

Limit: 2 - Basic / 3 - Enhanced / 4 - Superior.

You have improved Night Vision for 120 seconds.
Enhanced: 240 seconds duration.
Superior: 360 seconds duration.

Limit: 3 - Basic / 4 - Enhanced / 5 - Superior.

Your health is increased by 100 points for 50 seconds.
Enhanced: 200 health points, 180 seconds duration.
Superior: 300 health points, 360 seconds duration. You also recover a total number of health points equal to your current toxicity points.

Limit: 3 - Basic / 4 - Enhanced / 5 - Superior.

You are 100% resistant to poisons for120 seconds. Poisons already on your system are cured.
Enhanced: 240 seconds duration.
Superior: 360 seconds duration. When affected by a poison you will recover health points equal to the poison's magnitude.

Limit: 3 - Basic / 4 - Enhanced / 5 - Superior.

You can breath underwater for 120 seconds.
Enhanced: 240 seconds duration.
Superior: 360 seconds duration.

Limit: 3 - Basic / 4 - Enhanced / 5 - Superior.

For 60 seconds, you gain 50% more Adrenaline Points when you hit an enemy in combat. (check "Adrenaline" section)
Enhanced: 120 seconds duration, 100% more Adrenaline points.
Superior: 120 seconds duration, 100% more adrenaline points, immediately gains 5 adrenaline points.

Limit: 3 - Basic / 4 - Enhanced / 5 - Superior.

For 60 seconds, Aard and Igni cause 50% more damage, and Axii, Quen and Yrden lasts 50% longer.
Enhanced: 120 seconds duration, 75% more damage/duration.
Superior: 180 seconds duration, 100% more damage/duration.

Limit: 3 - Basic / 4 - Enhanced / 5 - Superior.

You regenerate extra 4% of you maximum health each second, for 40 seconds. If hit, the increased regeneration is paused for 4 seconds.
Enhanced: 60 seconds duration, 5% of maximum health.
Superior: 80 seconds duration, 6% of maximum health, no pause if hit.

Limit: 3 - Basic / 4 - Enhanced / 5 - Superior.

You regenerate extra 3% of your maximum stamina each second, for 60 seconds.
Enhanced: 90 seconds duration, 8% of maximum stamina.
Superior: 120 second duration, 10% of maximum stamina. If used after 7pm, potion will last until 5am.

Limit: 3 - Basic / 4 - Enhanced / 5 - Superior.

You deal 30% more damage for 60 seconds.
Enhanced: 120 seconds duration.
Superior: 180 seconds duration, if it's raining, have 100% of critical chance.

Limit: 3 - Basic / 4 - Enhanced / 5 - Superior.

Clears your Toxicity and dispel all effects affecting you. (check "Toxicity" section)
Enhanced: Same.
Superior: Same. 

Limit: 1 - Basic / 2 - Enhanced / 3 - Superior.

Immediately recover 35% of your maximum health.
Enhanced: 60% of maximum health.
Superior: 10%% of maximum. 

Limit: 1 - Basic / 2 - Enhanced / 3 - Superior.

As with potions, Oils can be crafted using the special Mortar and Pestle, but unlike them, can be crafted multiple times as they are not replenished by meditating. Oils increase your damage by 20% against creatures the oil affects.

- Beast Oil: Animals.

- Cursed Oil: Werewolves/Werebears.

- Draconid Oil: Dragons.

- Elemental Oil: Ice Wraiths, Gargoyles and Atronachs.

- Hanged Man's Venon: Elves, Humans, Orcs, Khajiit and Argonians.

- Hybrid Oil: Hagravens and Griffins.

- Insectoid Oil: Chaurus, Frostbite Spiders and AshHoppers.

- Necrophage Oil: Ghouls, Drowners, Draugr and Death Hounds.

- Ogroid Oil: Nekkers, Trolls, Giants and Rieklings.

- Relict Oil: Spriggans, Dremoras, Falmers, Seekers and Lurkers.

- Specter Oil: Wraiths and Ghosts.

- Vampire Oil: Vampires.

Most of Witcher's Ingredients can be found on dead monsters added by the mod. (Check "Monsters" section)
You can also buy many of them in Arcadia's Cauldron in Whiterun and in Elgrim's Elixirs in Riften. More rare and superior ingredients need to be crafted using the Witcher's Mortar and Pestle.

Common ingredients can be found directly as loot on monsters. They are:

-Alghoul Claw
-Alghoul Rib
-Arachas' Venon (until Arachas are implemented this can only be bought)
-Dark Essence (until Nightwraiths are implemented this can only be bought)
-Drowner Brain
-Drowner Tongue
-Endrega Embryo (until Arachas are implemented this can only be bought)
-Ghoul Blood
-Griffin Egg
-Griffin Feather
-Infused Dust
-Light Essence (until Noonwraiths are implemented this can only be bought)
-Nekker Blood
-Nekker Claw
-Nekker Eye
-Nekker Heart
-Specter Dust
-Water Essence
-Wraith Essence
-Golem Heart (until Golems are implemented this can only be bought)

Rare ingredients can sometimes be found on Drowner, Ghouls and Griffins. They can also be crafted using Common Ingredients and the Witcher's Mortar and Pestle. They are:

-Monster Blood
-Monster Brain
-Monster Claw
-Monster Egg
-Monster Essence
-Monster Eye
-Monster Feathers
-Monster Hair
-Monster Heart
-Monster Liver
-Monster Saliva
-Monster Tongue
-Monster Tooth
-Monster Bone
-Powdered Monster Tissue
-Venon Extract

Superior level ingredients are used to create Superior-level Witcher's Potions and some Witcher's Weapons. They can't be found, only crafted, and you need the 'Alchemy Enhanced' perk to do so. They are:


-Amethyst Dust (found on Wraiths - can be crafted at smelter)
-Emerald Dust (found on Wraiths - can be crafted at smelter)
-Ruby Dust (can be crafted at smelter)
-Sapphire Dust (can be crafted at smelter)

This mod adds a new Skill Tree, which is not bonded to any Vanilla Skill Tree in order to avoid incompabilities with other mods.

- In order to access the skill tree, you need to go to Kaer Fendargh (check "Kaer Fendargh" section). When you enter the fortress, you will find a stone craved on the floor right in front of the main door, from which you can select the perks. When you enter the Main Hall, a bar will appear above your health bar to show your progress on the Skill (Skill progress can also be consulted on the MCM).

- You can advance in the Witcher's Skill Tree by casting Witcher's Signs, Drinking Witcher's Potions and Hitting enemies with Witcher's Swords.

-The Skill is divided in 3 main branches:
Signs (Blue Perks)
Alchemy (Green Perks)
Combat (Red Perks) 
Each Major Branch has 5 sub-branches with two perks each (apart from the branch initial perk), totalizing 11 perks per branch, 33 perks in total.

-Alternate Signs: You can now use the alternate version of the Witcher Signs. Also unlocks Sign's Widget. (check "Sign's Widget" section)

-Aard Enhanced: Aard's range is increased by 25 percent, and it can now destroy some walls and barriers. Casting Aard will earn 2 times more Witcher's Skill Experience.

-Aard Superior: Aard's reach and damage are increased by 50 percent. Casting Aard will earn 3 times more Witcher's Skill Experience.

-Axii Enhanced: Axii's duration is increased by 50 percent. Enemies can take up 20 points of damage before breaking free from Axii. Casting Axii will earn 2 times more Witcher's Skill Experience.

-Axii Superior: Axii's controlled enemy deals 30 percent more damage. Casting Axii will earn 3 times more Witcher's Skill Experience.

-Igni Enhanced: Igni's range and melting armor damage are increased by 50 percent. Casting Igni will earn 2 times more Witcher's Skill Experience.

-Igni Superior: Enemies affected by Igni will burn for a period of time. Casting Igni will earn 3 times more Witcher's Skill Experience.

-Quen Enhanced: Quen's duration is increased by 25 percent. Casting Quen will earn 2 times more Witcher's Skill Experience.

-Quen Superior: Quen's shield strenght equals half the caster's health points. Casting Quen will earn 3 times more Witcher's Skill Experience.

-Yrden Enhanced: Yrden's duration is increased by 20 percent. Casting Yrden will earn 2 times more Witcher's Skill Experience.

-Yrden Superior: Enemies inside Yrden's area will have their health damage per second. Casting Yrden will earn 3 times more Witcher's Skill Experience.

-Witcher Potions: You can create Witcher's potions. Non-Witcher potions have toxicity equal to 1/10 of their gold value, capped at 60. Also, you can recover up tp 3 Witcher Potions of each type that you already crafted (4 for Enhanced Versions), as long as you have a bottle of Ale in your inventory (consumed in the process).

-Alchemy Enhanced: You can create Enhanced-level Witcher's potions. Consuming these stronger Witcher's Potions will earn double Witcher's Skill Experience. You can also create superior-level witcher ingredients and alcohol.

-Alchemy Superior: You can find mutagens on dead monsters, which you can attach to the Mutagen Wall in Kaer Fendargh. (check "Mutagens and Branch Perks" section). You can now also create Superior-level potions, which grant triple experience points.

-Iron Stomach: You become 50 percent resistant to poisons and diseases.

-High Metabolism: You become 75 percent resistant to poisons and diseases.

-Rest Assured: Meditation now takes 8 hours and applies the "Well Rested" effect.

-Drink to That: Meditation now takes 6 hours. After meditating you receive a boost on your maximum stamina for 3 in-game hours.

-A Sensitive Fella: You can use the Witcher Senses to find enemies in the area. Enemies will glow with the color of the Witcher's Oil that affects them.

-Now You See Me: You can use the Witcher Senses to find previously invisible objects in the world.

-Monster's Doom: If you have high toxicity and use a Witcher's oil, you receive 20 percent less damage from monsters the oil affects.
Your maximum Toxicity increases by 50 points.

-Fast Response: When you reach 10 percent of health and you have high toxicity, time is slowed for 10 seconds. After this ability is activated, you need to either meditate or sleep to be able to use it again.

-Adrenaline: Unlocks Adrenaline. (check "Adrenaline" section)

-Runed Steel: You can have your Witcher's Steel Swords reforged with a special Witcher's rune. There are 3 types of runes: Blood, Fire and Poison. When you make a critical hit, the target will be affected by the rune and lose health per second for 10 seconds. The target can resist fire and poison runes, but not blood runes. Blood Runes don't work on undead.

-Extended Runes: Rune's effects lasts 100 percent longer.

-Killer Instinct: Each adrenaline point gives 4 percent chance of instantly killing an hostile target.

-Not Quite Dead: If you reach 10 percent of health, you are healed by four times your current adrenaline points, which are consumed in the process. After this ability is activated, you need to either meditate or sleep to be able to use it again.

-Faster is Deadlier: When using witcher weapons from the Light Witcher Schools (Cat, Viper and Wolf), your critical damage and critical chance are increased by 50 percent.

-Witcher Light School: You can choose your favorite Witcher's Light School (Cat, Viper or Wolf) and gain it's ability.
Cat: When a Feline Sword is equipped and you enter sneak mode, you become invisible for 10 seconds. If you attack an enemy during this period, your attack will deal 5 times more damage. This ability have a cooldown of 30 seconds.
Viper: Every third attack made on the same target will apply a random Potent Poison. The effects of the poison can be: Damage Health, Damage Magicka, Damage Stamina, Lingering Damage Health, Lingering Damage Stamina, Lingering Damage Magicka, Fear or Paralyze.
Wolf: Runes (Blood, Fire or Poison) are unlocked to be used on Wolven Silver Swords. All Wolven Silver Swords have 30 percent more chance to do critical damage.

-Stronger is Better: When using witcher weapons from the Heavy Witcher Schools (Griffin and Bear), your power attack damage is increased by 100 percent.

-Witcher Heavy School: You can choose your favorite Witcher's Heavy School (Bear, Griffin or Horker) and gain it's ability.
Bear: Everytime you kill an enemy with a Ursine Sword, your health is incresed by 5 points, to a maximum of 200. When the maximum additional health is reached, your permanently take 10 percent less damage.
Griffin: Witcher Signs cost 20 percent less. Bonuses from Sign Stones lasts for 24 hours.
Horker: When you are hit in combat while blocking, a shockwave is created, pushing away all enemies around you. This ability has a 50 second cooldown.

-Defensive Stance: When fighting against only one enemy, blocking with a Witcher Sword will decrease incoming damage by 80 percent.

-Here We Go Again: If you reach 10 percent of your total stamina while in combat, you recover 90 points of it. After this ability is activated, you need to either meditate or sleep to be able to use it again.

After you unlock the "Alternate Signs" Perk, you can double tap a key (Default "V" - can be changed on MCM), which will swap between Regular and Alternate Sign modes. Each mode unlocks the sign effects of that mode, and locks the effects of the other.

You can also hold the key for more than one second and release it to hide/show the Signs Widget. 
While the Widget is active, you can change to next/previous sign using the keys (Default "NumPad4" and "NumPad6" - Can be changed on MCM).

Meditation is used to clean your Body of Toxicity, remove poisons from your system, reset some Witcher Abilities and more important, it's the only way to recover Witcher potions (If you have the "Witcher Potions" perk).
The recovery system works like this:

-All potions that you have already crafted (sperior version replaces / enhanced version replaces / basic version), will be replenished depending of the Limiti (check "Potions" section) of each of the potions.
Ex: If you don't have any basic black blood in your inventory when you meditate, you will recover 3 potions. If you have 1, you will recover 2. If you have 2, you will recover 1. If you have 3 or more, you won't recover anything.

Note: Recovering potions requires that you have a bottle of Alcohest in your inventory (which will be consumed).

When you take the "Adrenaline" Perk, you unlock a new mechanic: the Adrenaline system. You gain an adrenaline point everytime you hit an enemy in combat with a sword or greatsword, and lose two adrenaline points when you don't block attacks. The Higher your adrenaline level, the higher is your attack damage.

When you enter combat, a Adrenaline bar will appear below the Stamina Bar, and as you gain points, it will start to fill.
You can have a maximum of 20 adrenaline points.
Depending of how many points you have, the Adrenaline will be in one of it's 4 stages. Each stage increases your damage with all weapons (up to 5 points +0%/ From 6 to 10 points +50%/ From 11 to 15 points +100%/ From 16 to 20 points +150%). The color of the bar will vary from a redish grey to a bright and vivid red, depending of the Adrenaline stage you are. (Adrenaline damage increase can de adjusted on MCM)

You lose adrenaline when you are hit, and after you leave combat it slowly starts to decay.

Your toxicity increases everytime you drink a Witcher Potion or a Vanilla Potion (You can disable vanilla potions' Toxicity on the MCM). You can have a maximum of 100 points of Toxicity (150 with 'Monster's Doom' Perk). The values of Toxicity that you gain from potions are:

Black Blood: 30

Blizzard: 50

Cat: 30

Full Moon: 50

Golden Oriole: 40

Killer Whale: 30

Maribor Forest: 40

Petris Philter: 50

Swallow: 40

Tawny Owl: 40

Thunderbolt: 50

White Honey: 0

White Raffard: 60

Vanilla Potions: 20% of the potion's value (capped at 70)

If you drink potions that would bring toxicity points above 100 (150 with Monster's Doom), Toxicity will be set to 100/150 and you will be damaged by the difference.

Toxicity also has some side effects:

-Above 70% Toxicity, you will be considered to have a high Toxicity, and will lose 1 point of health per second.
You also have 65/60/55/50% (depending of your toxicity level >85/>80/>75/>70) chance of becoming paralized for 2 seconds (20 seconds cooldown).

-Above 85% Toxicity, potions won't work anymore, and you won't gain Witcher Experience from drinking them, but will still add Toxicity points.

-Toxicity decays by one point every two seconds.

When your Toxicity is higher than 0, a bar will appear below the Magicka Bar to show it's progress. The color of the bar will vary from a light green to an orange-green depending of which toxicity stage you are.

Witcher Senses is a togglable power. When you activate it, enemies around you will be marked and glow with the color of the Witcher Oil that affects them.
The power will also mark the 9 nearest plants that you can gather for ingredients.

The power updates itself every 3 seconds.
You can also use witcher senses to find some hidden objects and passages, if you have the perk 'Now you see me'.

Drawing your weapon or being hit finishes the Witcher Senses Effects.

Mutagens and Branch Perks:

After you take the perk "Alchemy Superior", you will be able to find mutagens on dead monsters and animals (added by this mod and vanilla). Mutagens can be Blue, Green or Red. You can combine 3 mutagens of the same type to create an enhanced version of the mutagen when using the Witcher Mortar and Pestle.
To use a Mutagen, you need to go to Kaer Fendargh. Right to the side of the Witcher Skill Stone, there's the Mutagen's Stone. When you activate the stone, you can store up to 3 mutagens in it.

The Mutagen Effects are:

Blue: Your attack damage is increased by 10%.  If a branch of the same color is attached to the mutagen, attack damage is increased additional 5%.
Green: Your maximum stamina is increased by 10 points.  If a branch of the same color is attached to the mutagen, stamina is increased 10 additional points.
Red: Your maximum Health is increased by 10 points.  If a branch of the same color is attached to the mutagen, health is increased 10 additional points.

Branch Perks are secondary perks that you automatically gain when you choose the two perks of one of the sub-branches of the Witcher Skill Tree. There are 15 Branch Perks in total. Unlike normal perks, they only work when you assign them on the Mutagen's Stone. You can only have 4 Branch Perks active at once, but you can change them whenever you like.

The Branch Perks are:

Aard Branch: The Sign Aard Branch increases your fall damage resistance by 20 percent.
Axii Branch: The Sign Axii Branch makes you get 10 percent better prices from buying\selling.
Igni Branch: The Sign Igni Branch increases your fire resistance by 20 percent.
Quen Branch: The Sign Quen Branch increases your damage and magic resistance by 20 points.
Yrden Branch: The Sign Yrden Branch increases your shock resistance by 20 percent.

Alchemy Branch: The Alchemy Branch increases your chance of finding mutagens by 10 percent.
Resistances Branch: The Resistances Branch increases your Alchemy skill, meaning that potions you make are 20 percent stronger.
Meditation Branch: The Meditation Branch increases your carry weight by 20 points.
Witcher Senses Branch: The Witcher Senses Branch increases your sneaking success by 20 percent.
Toxicity Branch: The Toxicity Branch increases the duration of poisons and Witcher Oils you use by 20 percent.

Adrenaline Branch: The Adrenaline Branch makes possible to use "Not Quite Dead Perk" twice before needing to meditate again.
Runes Branch: The Runes Branch increases your soul gem's charges when enchanting a weapon by 20 percent.
Light Combat Branch: The Light Combat Branch increases your critical damage with all weapons by 30 percent.
Heavy Combat Branch: The Heavy Combat Branch decreases the amount of Stamina you spend when power attacking by 20 percent.
Defense Branch: The Defense Branch makes possible to use "Second Wind" twice before needing to meditate again.

These branches have the same color of the Witcher Skill Tree (Blue for Signs, Green For Alchemy and Red for Combat). Attaching a branch perk to a mutagen with the same color will increase the mutagen's effect, and make it glow brighter on the stone.

Kaer Fendargh:

This mod adds a new Worldspace: Kaer Fendargh. The Worldspace is of the same size of the Dawnguard Headquarters. You cannot access it (the map marker and door won't show up in Skyrim World) until you have meditated at all the Sign Stones.
The Worldspace is composed by a small Swamp (the Bloody Valley) filled with Drowners that you must cross in order to get to The Witcher School (Kaer Fendargh).
The School is a great Imperial-like fortress which doesn't have loading screens.

Witcher Monsters:

Before describing the monsters, I want to add a little warning: I've learned a lot of things in order to be able to build this mod, some of which I've done well and some that I didn't mastered, but if there is one thing that I'm not good at, it's rigging meshes to a skeleton. That being said, the monsters are not the quality that I wanted them to be in terms of animation. Some may look buggy if you look at them for a certain angle. I've added them anyway, so you can check and see if you like them. If you don't, you can disable them on the MCM. (Kaer Fendargh monsters can't be disabled, but they won't respawn once you kill them)

Alright, the monsters are:

-Drowned Dead

Nekkers are small ogroid creatures that appear in groups of at least four members. Groups of nekkers can have a nekker warrior as a leader. They can be found in the Reach.
Abilities: The last alive Nekker that you fight will call for help when badly wounded. A new Nekker will arrive to help it. This ability has a 15 second cooldown, that starts after you kill the Nekker who called for help.
-Nekker Warrior: A stronger nekker variation.

-Wraith: Wraiths are a strong type of ghost. They can be found all around skyrim, near places where a lot of people died.
-Wraiths receive 90% less damage from any weapon. Sign Yrden's area of effect removes this resistance. There's an option on the MCM to add this ability to all Ghost-type enemies.
-Wraiths have a chance of disappearing and then reapearing behind a target they struck on melee combat.

MCM Menu

You can change some parameters of this mod using the MCM Menu. These are the current setting that you can change:

-Skill Tree, Quen Shield, Toxicity and Adrenaline bars positions.
-Toxicity effects for Vanilla Potions (on/off)
-New ghost resistances for vanilla ghosts (on/off)
-Toggle monsters added by this mod (on/off - by monster type)
-Keyboard;/Controller Key for changing Witcher Sign Mode
-Amount of XP you gain when using witcher Weapons/Potions/Signs
-How you can obatin the witcher weapons (buy/craft/both)

Recommended Mods
Here are some mod's that I use and think are nice to be used alongside mine:

-Combat Gameplay Overhaul: I highly recommend this mod, so you can change grips (one handed / two handed) of the witcher swords and still have the sign on your left hand. This mod is the reason I didn't include two-handed versions of the sword.
-Deithwen - Witcher Inspired Home: If you want a Witcher home to stay while you are not slaying monsters. 
-XP32 Maximum Skeleton Special Extended: So you can put the swords on your back.
-Missives: While I don't add the contract boards, you can use this mod, which is really really good.
-Honed Metal: So you don't have to increase the smithing skill to be able to get better swords.