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A modification of the perk tree in Stormcrown to make it work with Custom Skills Framework v1 (Skyrim 1.5.97). Also some minor changes for improved compatibility.

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Update: Instead of using this patch, consider using the 1.5 backport of Custom Skills Framework v2 that was recently released. You can find it in the optional files of Custom Skills Framework! This way you can get the full experience intended by the original author.

This mod modifies the perk tree in Stormcrown - A Shout Overhaul to be compatible with Custom Skills Framework v1, so the mod can be fully used with the Skyrim 1.5.97 executable.

Stormcrown - A Shout Overhaul
Custom Skills Framework, intended to be used with v1 but technically works with v2 aswell
.NET Script Framework this is required by Custom Skills Framework v1! It's not mentioned on the mod page of CSF because the requirements changed with the update to v2.

Install with a mod manager, overwrite files from Stormcrown if prompted.
The mod can be installed midsave, however the hotkeys don't work if installed on a save where Stormcrown has already been installed. The perk menu will still open when activating the Meditate power though.

Last checked against Stormcrown version 1.1.5.
Likely can be used with newer versions as well. If there have been changes to the perk tree an update is required.

Simon Magus and DeltaRider for Stormcrown - A Shout Overhaul
meh321 for Custom Skills Framework