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A small mod, that allows some basic choices about the dragonborn's background.

Permissions and credits
So far you get a choice of different backgrounds and get (weak) gear and some gold related to the given answer. This makes the normal start slightly different, but doesn't have a major impact on the following game.

Perks are already awarded for each choice and give some small boosts, that are hopefully noticeable enough to be worthwhile.

  • Only Child: Heal rate bonus
  • Siblings: Stamina regen bonus
  • Orphanage: Sneak bonus
  • Cult: Speechcraft bonus
  • Mentor: Stamina and Health bonus
  • Apprentice: Magica regen bonus (since 1.3.0)
Great War
  • Soldier: +5% carry weight
  • Refugee: +5% base sell price
  • Trader: -5% base buy price
  • Adept: +5% Spell magnitude
  • Uninvolved: -5% bribe cost
  • Unborn: +5% sneak damage (since 1.2.0)
Travel to Skyrim (since 1.1.0)
  • Adventure
  • Return home
  • Prison escape
  • for Studying
  • Buisness
  • Stayed (since 1.2.0)
Dream (since 3.1.0), does NOT work with AE atm
  • Love
  • Skilltree: Restoration Spell Magnitude *1.02(x5), Stamina+5(x5), Magica +5(x5) (since 3.2.0)
  • Home
  • Skilltree: Health +5(x5), Positive Potion Duration * 1.02(x5), Restored Health Effect * 1.02(x5) (since 3.2.0)
  • Power
  • Skilltree: Spell Magnitude * 1.01(x5), Power Attack Damage *1.01(x5), Health +5(x5) (since 3.2.0)
  • Money
  • Skilltree: Gain 5 Gold per Hour(x5), Buy Price Values * 1.01(x5), Sell Price Values *1.01(x5) (since 3.2.0)
  • Fame
  • Skilltree: Damage vs Dragons * 1.02(x5), Damage versus Giants * 1.02 (x5), Speech Skill Bonus(x5) (since 3.2.0)

  • balance out the boni
  • find more interesting boni
  • Add random comments about the background
  • Add Quests and Rewards for the dreams

This should be compatible with everything else, since it just runs a short script at the beginning and distributes standard items. Compatibility with Alternate Start mods has been confirmed for example.

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