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About this mod

Adds a small minigame where you can "hack" dwarven automatons to disable them.

Permissions and credits
This mods adds a minigame to Skyrim. If you're sneaking and not detected, you can activate dwarven animunculi (ie, automatons) to disable them if you win.

How to play

After you select the "Hack" option, mouse over to the four knobs at the edge of the panel. You see a highlight of the path that you need to trace. Click on the knob to start. You have to reach the soul gem at the center without touching outside the path. You have 8 seconds before the animunculi is alerted of your presence. An hourglass in the top left corner shows the time you have left.

Attempting to hack requires a new item called Surge Module. Calcelmo always sells some, it can also be crafted in the forge with either the Ancient Knowledge or Clockwork Calibration perks. Some can be found in dwarven boss chests.

I recommend using Nordic UI, its cursor fits the minigame so well. It's what you see in the video above.

Optional Integration
Optional files provides patch for both Ordinator and Vokrii mods, so that its automaton hacking perks in Lockpicking tree show the minigame in this mod instead. An important change is unlike Ordinator's or Vokrii's perk where you have to be in combat to activate the automaton, you have to be in stealth. This is more immersive in my mind than frantically trying to hack hardware in the midst of combat. Also removed the XP gain for mere attempting to hack from Ordinator: you actually have to successfully finish the minigame in order to gain Lockpicking XP.

Custom Perk Tree
An optional file in the mod provides a custom perk tree utilizing the amazing Custom Skills Framework. After successfully hacking 10 animuncli a new perk point is unlocked (these are separate from your regular perk points) and you will see a message to open the mod's custom perk menu. This message will not show if you have Custom Skills Menu mod installed.
I would not recommend mixing this with the optional integration patches for Ordinator and Vokrii, since they have their own progression system.

Perks are as followed:
  • Clockwork Calibration: You're learning the art of hacking! Now you have more time before animunculi are alerted of your presence, and with the right materials you can craft them yourself at the forge.
  • Enhanced Surge: You can now use your Surge Modules more efficiently. Successful hack attempt do not destroy the Surge Module.
  • Gem Extraction: You're able to pull out the soul gem inside the animunculus before it's destroyed.
  • Mechanized Madness: Rewrire the internal logic of animunculi, thus they cannot distinguish between friend or foe for a short time.
  • Master Tinkerer: Your advanced knowledge of animunculi enables you to hack Dwemer Centurion and Ballista units.
  • Automaton Ally: You can now make one animunculus your follower.

Everything under the sun. No edits to any vanilla records.
File is ESP-FE (with ESL flag) so it does not take up a slot in your load order.

= 1.0.2 =
* Added a new misc item, Surge Module.
* Custom perk tree.

= 1.0.1 =
* Compatibility with Skyrim Souls: if you're detected mid hacking, it auto closes.
* Fixed the hourglass animation sync
* Duck.

Future Plans
- Gamepad support
- Sound FX
Ideas to improve the mod are welcome.