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Adds a 'Dragon Soul' Perk menu that lets you learn all the Shouts in the game (minus the ones that are bound by main/dlc quests) through perk points instead!

Permissions and credits
I always liked the idea behind what Arngeir tells you as you learn the first word of Whirlwind Sprint:

"You must hear the word inside yourself before you can project it into a Thuum"

That always meant to me that the knowledge behind these words was always available to the Dragonborn, just that they hadn't had the
opportunity to unlock them. But the way it works in-game was kind of antithetical to that idea as it always felt like the player was learning
the words from scratch, as if they never truly understood them to begin with.

This mod changes that.

What this mod does:
  • Adds a new Perk Tree called "Dragon Soul" that the player gets access to after completing the "Dragon Rising" quest.
  • A new Lesser Power called 'Soul Reflection' will be added to the player after killing the first Dragon at the watchtower that lets them access this Perk Tree.
  • This Perk Tree contains all the Dragon Shouts from the main game and dlc that the player can choose from.
  • You can spend perk points to unlock any words you want at any time.

How the mod works:
  • In order to gain perk points you must gain soul xp by killing dragons.
  • Each dragon awards +20xp by default.
  • Word Walls have been changed to also give +50xp by default.
  • Each level up increases the required xp for the next level up by 7%
  • All of these values are configurable in the MCM
  • You can find more information about the XP Curve on this spreadsheet for those curious: Spreadsheet

Future Plans:
  • Add perks that apply interesting synergies between the shouts.

This mod makes a change in the WordWallTrigger, DLC1WordWallTrigger, and DLC2WordWallTrigger scripts, so any mods that also alter those in some way will probably be incompatible. I'll look into changing this in the future.
Since this mod requires .NETScriptFramework, it won't work on AE.

MO2, Vortex, Manual, pick your poison!