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Adds a new perk tree for the Companions. ESL flagged.

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This mod adds a new Perk Tree for the Companions. You can acess it by taking a warhorn found in Kodlack's office. Click on the horn while it's in your invintory to open the perk tree. You spent regular perk points to gain the new perks. 


Honarable Band:

You take 10% less damage from and Deal 10% more damage to thieves and Assassins.

Mead Fetcher:

10% better buying prices with merchants that sell Alcoholic Beverages.

Power of a Name:

Intimidation attempts are 10% more likely to succeed and bribes are 10% cheaper. 

Practiced exterminator:

Rank one: You take 5% less damage from and your weapons deal 5% more damage to animals. 

Rank two: You take 10% less damage from and your weapons deal 10% more damage to animals.

Experienced Brawler:

Rank one: Your unarmed attacks do 3 additional damage in human form. 

Rank two: Your unarmed attacks do 5 additional damage in human form. 

Shield Brother:

Blocking is 5% more effective and the armor rating of your shield is increased by 10%.

Ancient Shield:

You take take 10% less physical damage from elves.

Old Tricks of the Clever Men

Your Magicka regenerates 5% faster. You absorbe 2% of incomming spells and reflect 2% of melee damage back on your opponents.

Ancient Tongues:
Shout power and duration are increased by 10%.

Controlled Blows:

Your unarmed attacks in beast form do 5 more damage.

False Hunters:
You take 10% less damage from Vigilants and the Silver Hand.

Hunters Haste:

You run 10% faster in beast form. 


Custom Skills Framework (And its requirments)
Bug Fixes SSE (Optional but "Hunters Haste" wont work without it). 

Know issues:
None. Fixed the ownership issue with the horn. Please report any bugs you find. I promise I wont yell at you if your having issues.