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The Overhaul Morrowloot deserves.

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In the land of Skyrim, mighty heroes and dangerous evildoers rule the common folk...
equipment of Elven, Orcish, and Dwarven make are rare and superior,
but Glass, Ebony, Dragon, and the elusive Daedric are rarer still and unrivaled in quality...

Until the Dragonborn turns level 20.
The gods have decided everyone gets formerly treasured weapons and armor
when that one guy gets a bit tougher. Before he came around, it was almost like...
you had to explore to find something valuable.

Behold, Morrowloot. Trainwiz started it, Fuma expanded it, and now MorrowLoot Ultimate overhauls your game for it in a way that's vanilla-friendly. Skyrim's loot and most enemies are no longer leveled, new and vanilla artifacts are powerful, and Morrowloot's old leveled lists have been meticulously perfected. Earn your success and reap the rewards.

About Anniversary EditionWorks fine, it'll just be inconsistent with MLU at times. Patch is coming. See the stickied comments over the Posts tab for more.

Want Slower Leveling back?

Skyrim Skill Uncapper is your fix. I've uploaded 125 Skillcaps and 0.5x Leveling over in the Optional Files to restore the old settings. Highly recommended.
Uncapper does not work for AE yet. Here's a janky replacement for now.

Check out the MLU Community Patches page for more compatibility patches by other users


Skyrim's Loot Deleveled
You won't find Daedric, Glass, Ebony, Dragon, Stalhrim, Elven, Orcish, Dwarven, or Nordic equipment randomly anymore.
Glass+ is only hand-placed, usually in high-level dungeons and sometimes just laying around in a wealthy family's home, and Elven, Orcish, Dwarven, and Nordic equipment will usually appear only on strong enemies (such as Bandit Chiefs) or where they should logically appear: the Thalmor carry Elven, Orcs carry Orcish, and Dwarven ruins contain Dwarven.

Rare is Better

Tempering is about 40% less effective. Glass, Ebony, Stalhrim, Dragon, Daedric, and unique items are stronger. The buffs are roughly equal to what a master-level smith would lose in tempering bonuses - your max-level power is about the same. There is now a significant power jump from common to rare. Common gear will be less useful and non-smithing characters will be more viable. Unique/artifact weapons and armor have been buffed the same, making your first rare item an upgrade on the spot.

Skyrim's Enemies Deleveled
Short explanation: many enemies will significantly outlevel you in the beginning, and then underlevel you at the end. Skyrim's enemy scaling is governed by Encounter Zones, which control the minimum and maximum level spawns within. If a dungeon's Encounter Zone has a minimum of 20, and you walk in at 10, it will treat you like you're 20. Skyrim hardly uses this mechanic, but MLU sets new minimums with identical maximums to lock enemy spawns at specific levels. Levels range from 10 to 70... as does the loot.
This means you will find dungeons you can't yet complete - be prepared!
Alternatively, if you'd rather use another mod's EZs, such as Arena, simply load it after MLU

Quest Rewards Deleveled
Finishing a quest at any level will now reward you with the highest-level version. This effect is retroactive - if you completed a quest before installing MLU, you'll find the item has its best potential stats now (except for Thane weapons).

New items and Artifacts
All of the custom Artifacts from the original Morrowloot, with the exception of Skullcrusher, come along with MLU.
Review Trainwiz's original Morrowloot page for a list of artifacts. MLU also adds Ancient Nord Hero weapons, bearing the vanilla stats of Ebony (MLU buffs actual Ebony to be much stronger) in place of enemies like the Draugr Deathlords' former inappropriately common Ebony. New, unique Thane weapons will replace the boring, leveled rewards of vanilla.

MorrowLoot Updated

Even after 4E Edition, Morrowloot still needed updates. There are a lot of holes in the leveled lists and additional mods were always necessary to "finish" what Morrowloot tries to achieve. I've combed through the leveled lists from Skyrim and all DLC and sealed every last leak. If you see anything Dwarven, Elven, Orcish, Glass, Stalhrim, Ebony, Dragon, or Daedric somewhere - it was supposed to be there. Congrats.
MLU treats crafting differently from 4E Edition, however:
  • Dwarven equipment cannot be crafted without the Ancient Knowledge, which now also improves Dwarven weapon damage by 25% (except Crossbows).
  • Ebony equipment, and any recipe that involves Ebony (including Daedric and Dragonbone), can only be crafted at the Skyforge or Gloombound Forge.
  • Daedric equipment can only be crafted by a master smith, at night, who's learned the secret of its making (new quest begins when you first read a Black Book)
  • Rare materials, such as Ebony and Malachite, will be much less common, more expensive, and require more Ores per Ingot
MLU loosens up on finding Elven, Dwarven, and Orcish equipment compared to previous Morrowloot versions because the changes to Glass+ make them less relevant.

Mucho thanks to Zero Period Productions and The NoobSader King
for the spotlight videos!

The NoobSader King's video is a bit out of date, as the Alchemy changes
have been moved to a separate mod

Requires the
Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch

And a new game is recommended, but not required

Just install the main file normally with Mod Organizer, NMM, or otherwise.
Download MLU Patches and install the patches you need. Refer to the stickied
comment in the comments section for a list of patched mods.
Be sure to read the Compatibility section below. Making
a Bashed Patch with Wrye Bash will probably be important.
If you have already obtained any of the Black Books before installing MLU, you will
need to enter this console code in order to eventually craft Daedric equipment:
"set DLC2BlackBookcount to X"
where X is equal to the number of Black Books you've already obtained

MorrowLoot Ultimate changes many leveled lists, some Smithing recipes,
Glass+ and Unique equipment, Encounter Zones, and certain NPCs.

Perk Mods are compatible. Spell Mods are compatible. Combat mods are compatible.
New creature mods are compatible. Quest mods are compatible. New lands mods are compatible.
Textures and graphical mods are compatible.
About the only mods that are not will be those that edit leveled loot - they will need a patch.
Mods that affect Artifacts or Glass+ equipment will either need a patch be loaded under MLU.esp.
Mods that add new weapons/armor may be inconsistent with MLU.

Use Wrye Bash to make conflicting mods compatible (be aware of its current issues with SSE)

Load Order: place MLU.esp below anything but mods that demand to be last

(and mods that specifically need to be placed below MLU)

If a mod you love is incompatible, let us know in the comments and a patch may come.
To see for yourself if a mod you use conflicts,
open both mods in SSEEdit and look through its records - overwritten records will be dark red.

Other Mods to Check out:
Skyrim Alchemy Fixed
- the same Alchemy changes from MLU, this reworks ingredients and potions
Subtle but Classless - racial skills learn faster instead of just a flat bonus at level 1!
Morrowloot Ultimate Simplified - a stripped-down version of MLU by AsatorThundrGod (who's now on the MLU editing team!)

A note about extra armor/weapons mods

MLU alters the stats of vanilla equipment and new equipment mods are based on vanilla stats. As a result, these mods can be incoherent in your game without a rebalancing patch. If they're distributed by vanilla leveled lists, they may also appear in inappropriate locations by Morrowloot standards even with a Bashed Patch.

I'll be trying to patch the most important new Armors and Weapons mods for MLU, but not everything can be done. You may want to learn to take the time to learn to edit them yourself in SSEEdit if you wish to use many such mods alongside.

First one goes to Matthiaswagg for her help with a custom quest. I called myself a noob (still am) and asked for help because I was stuck - and this boss delivered. She completely authored that part of the mod and has a fantastic collection of uploads herself.

In addition:
Trainwiz for the original Morrowloot
Fuma for Morrowloot 4E Edition (built off his version)
gorey666 for No Leveled Item Rewards (copied and expanded on his method)
T3nd0 and TenderHooligan for their Encounter Zones (started with theirs and tweaked)

And to the users, if not for whom the mod would serve no purpose.