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An automated patcher to downgrade your Skyrim install from the new AE version to the previous SE version, without redistributing files or requiring any sort of complexity. Just download this, and click "Patch" and it'll do the work.

Permissions and credits
This utility will back-patch the changes to your game made by the Anniversary Edition of Skyrim. It will take an up-to-date Skyrim SE install or a Skyrim AE install and patch the executables back to their 1.5.97 versions. Note, this utility works by binary patching the source data, and as such does not ship with any copyrighted game files, and requires a valid Steam install to work.

After patching you should be able to use SKSE, ENBs, and all your favorite plugins without issue. 

Download the .exe of your choice, either a full downgrade or a partial. Then run the .exe, if the patcher does not detect SkyrimSE.exe you will have to locate it, then click "Start Patching" to start the work.

As of 1.3 there are two Patchers:
Full Patcher - downgrades everything, all the ESMs and BSA files are downgraded to their old SE state
Best of Both Worlds - only downgrades the EXE and DLL files, so you can use the old SKSE files with the new AE content

NOTE: The Best of Both Worlds patcher is experimental not all the new content as been tested with the old binaries, so use it only for testing or if you're sure you know what you're doing.

Source code is fully open source (GPL3) and available on GitHub


Q: I have a bug, where to I submit a report?
A: Due to the amount of traffic this mod receives I need a proper bug tracking system, so please submit bugs on the Github page

Q: I'm getting an error "Can't patch file, it doesn't match the expected format"
A: Probably you're running against a Skyrim install that you've modified in some way, perhaps by cleaning masters, or by adding some fixer plugin. Reverify your local files via Steam and run the patcher again.

Q: There's an error about something named "api-ms-win-core-winrtl1-1-0.dll"?
A: This app only supports Windows 8+, Windows 7 has been end-of-life for over a year, and Windows 10 is a free upgrade. 

Q: Does this work with a non-English version of the game?
A: No, sorry, I only have the English versions to patch against, and maintaining a copy of this for every language would be a lot of work.

Q: Why is this so big (3GB) if you don't include any of the assets?
A: While we don't ship assets we do ship information on how to transform old assets into the new assets. Skyrim AE turned out to change a ton of stuff, so 
all the ESM files have data re-arranged, Update.ESM is patched into Skyrim.ESM etc. That means there's a lot of instructions. But 3GB is a lot smaller than the
16GB of game data that was modified.

Q: What happens if I run this on a older version of Skyrim
A: We pre-check all files before patching them, so it should skip files that don't match

Q: It exits saying it can't find my game!
A: Reinstall the game via Steam.

Q: I got the game via the Xbox subscription
A: Then it doesn't work with SKSE and you don't need this

Q: I didn't get this game via Steam or Xbox subscription
A: Then go buy it on steam, and don't pirate the game

Q: Something went wrong, now my game won't launch!
A: Then verify your Steam files and run the patcher again