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An update and a number of compatibility patches for Hoodless Dragon Priest Masks.

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***I recently suffered a dead hard drive and my backups were also corrupt.  I lost all my mods back to the most recently uploaded Nexus versions.  Work on bug fixes will be delayed by an undetermined amount of time.***  

 is an ongoing effort to bugfix HDPM and create compatibility patches for the many many dragon priest mask mods out there.
Hoodless Dragon Priest Masks is required before anything else.

Check the 'Requirements' list for mods patched to work with HDPM.  All patches available in the FOMOD installer.

Before you submit a bug report:  Move all ESP files associated with this mod, in order, to to bottom of your load order.  Additionally, move all relevant mods to the bottom of your install order.  LIKE THIS.


Q:  I run four different artifact/unique mods at once and I want this option from one and that option from another...
A:  NO.  Pick one unique overhaul and stick with it.  They are by nature incompatible with each other.  I have enough trouble with combined patches multiplying exponentially adding beast race and Miraak compatibility to all the patches.

Q: There's clipping and it bothers me.
A: There's only so much I can do.  ESPECIALLY with the Dragonborn acolyte masks.  They are shit and they will clip with hood x or hair y no matter what.  I can only minimize the problem.

Q: But the eye holes in ICFH...
A: I aligned the masks with the most vanilla player character face I could.  The game does not base mask position on eye position and I cannot account for a whole Nexus full of face presets.

Q: But muh hair/hood/dick...
A: Hair or hoods or whatever will always clip.  If you move the mask to eliminate one clip, another will manifest.

Q: The heads are invisible.
A: An unpatched mod is overwriting my changes or I made a mistake.  Report it as a bug.  In the bug section.  If you are using a bashed patch, the patcher may have overwritten my changes.  They tend to do that and if you are good enough at modding to use a bashed patch, you are good enough to go into SSEedit and fix it.