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MLU adds load screens that overwrite incongruous vanilla ones, as opposed to being standalone. I changed this, streamlined the grammar, and rewrote the text with immersion in mind.

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Note: This patch is meant to be used alongside my vanilla Skyrim Load Screen Message Overhaul that matches this patch's written style (works with typical load screen image replacer mods). You can get it here:

Ultimate Load Screens for MorrowLoot
Immersive Editions

The purpose of this patch is to "immersify" and revise the load screen messages that come with ChocolateNoodle's loot and weapon overhaul, MLU. Within MLU's main plugin, these messages seem to have been tossed in overwriting vanilla ones according to whatever image fit. Conditions were not changed/removed to match the new messages either, but were simply copy-pasted vanilla records. I will probably change/fix that as well in the next update, but for now these are the same records as MLU offers but standalone and rewritten. If you use this patch without my vanilla Skyrim message overhaul loaded lower than MLU's plugin, then you will get the old MLU messages and the rewritten ones. Thus, I recommend pairing this patch with the overhaul to avoid that issue.

To reiterate, load order should look like this:
  • MLU.esp
  • Immersive Loading Screens.esp
Note: It doesn't matter where you load this patch. It's standalone and has no mod masters.

There's not much else to explain, so I'll just give a handful of examples of before/after.


If you forge weapons from actual Daedra, do they still live inside?
The key component of any Daedric weapon is a Daedra's heart. Under the right conditions, this vital flesh from Oblivion infuses a smith's work with extraordinary power, but who knows how closely linked these tools still are to their sinister cores?

Weapons made of Malachite, also known as "Glass", swing fast and hit hard.
Malachite is a type of semi-translucent volcanic crystal used to create weapons referred to as "glass." These weapons are exceptionally lightweight, sharp-edged, and durable.


New Dragonscale armors have not been crafted since the last time one could slay living dragons.
The crafting of weapons and armor out of the scales and bones of dragons is an ancient practice, lost since the time of the Dragon War. Any smith attempting it in modern times must learn through their own successes and failures.

Great treasures are often guarded by great foes.
If you seek Skyrim's greatest treasures, you should likewise be prepared to face its greatest dangers. 


Ebony armor. Immensely powerful, is considered a treasure worn only by lords and generals.
Ebony armor, being immensely resilient and expensive to craft, is a treasure typically worn only by nobility and high-ranking military officers.

That's it.
Stay safe and have fun.

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