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This is a collection of small files I made for myself to finish balancing my game where other mods don't. I like a lot of mods that make Skyrim fun & balanced, rewarding, and more interesting. If you're wondering what I mean, here's a short list of mods that I consider "cornerstone":
If you run a similar modlist, these plugins might be for you.

Plugins List

Weapon AF
This adjusts weapons in Skyrim for better scaling and variety between weapons. Here's a rundown:

Anything from USSEP or WAFR has been forwarded in the changes (keywords will do nothing until WAFR is ported)
This means weapon types will now properly follow Smithing perk progression, there's now some correlation between weight & attack speed, and Daedric once again takes its rightful place as the king of TES weapons & armor. Dragonbone is still awesome, just not the best. Elven & Glass weapons might also be a little quieter for stealth. In a future update, I'd like Daedric equipment to receive more powerful enchantments to emulate Morrowind.
MLU USERS: load above MLU, no patch necessary. Weapon AF was designed to accompany MLU in the absence of WAFR for SSE.

Better Reanimate and Illusion spells

If you are as god damn sick of reading that "Blahblah is too powerful for [insert spell you wish you could fucking use]" message as I am, this plugin is for you. Level limits are 50% higher and mana costs have been doubled. I've been playing this with Path of Sorcery and it's so much more fun. You can actually Raise or Fury important targets now! Compatible with Perk Mods, Apocalypse, and anything that doesn't edit the same vanilla spells.
I highly recommend Simple Magic Rebalance to make magicka stats more important

Economy Tweaks

Much higher prices and lower sales, richer merchants, and Khajiit Caravans buy stolen goods. The global settings fBarterMax and fBarterMin are both raised by 50%. This has a massive impact on your accumulation of wealth and need to invest in Speech perks if you want good prices. I've tried different values and feel like +50% is healthy. All merchants have double gold, which is for both convenience and consistency with the higher prices you'll see. Investor Perk gold is also doubled, from 1000 to 2000. These same merchant gold changes can be found on Rich Skyrim Merchants. Khajiits buying Stolen Goods lets you keep avoiding the Thieves Guild.
This is designed to compensate for the absence of the Oldrim mods Trade and Barter and Scarcity.

125 Skillcaps and 0.5x Leveling Speed
(requires Skyrim Skill Uncapper)

Simply slows leveling by 50% and raises skill caps & formulas from 100 to 125. Great alternative to the stupid "Legendary Skills" mechanic. Leveling-up requires the same amount of skill-ups, they just take twice as long. Caps at 125 because it's disappointing to finally learn your Master Perks or Spells, only to not want to use that skill anymore since it can't level you. This also means more total Perk Points by max level. Skill formulas set to 125 means, even with Fortify effects, if a skill would exceed 125 then Skyrim will only read it as 125. I recommend ESO Skyshards and Ish's Souls to Perks for alternative Perk sources.
I tried 75% for a while but went back to 50%. I find this ratio of content-to-leveling much more satisfying in an unleveled game like with MLU (and I've been testing unleveled Skyrim for a long time).
If you'd like different values, just open Data\Plugins\SkyrimUncapper.ini and edit as you see fit.

Dwarven Metal Ratios

Adjusts the weight and smelting recipes of Dwarven Metal clutter to make their weight-to-ingot ratio all about the same (1 ingot per 2 pounds). Solid Dwemer Metals now have the best ratio by a small margin, Large Decorative Dwemer Struts the worst by a small margin, and the rest are all exactly 1-per-2. Works perfectly alongside Ars Metallica or CCOR, load order does not matter.
This greatly simplifies inventory management when farming for Dwarven Metal
Total ingots per dungeon will be slightly inflated

Harvest Overhaul reduction
Requires Harvest Overhaul (both creatures & plants), this cuts down on harvest inflation. For example, a plant might guarantee you at least 2 ingredients, but up to 5. With this plugin, the chance of those extra 3 is cut in half. Some ingredients were affected less and many not at all. I avoided diminishing anything that I felt was not problematic, such as rare ingredients.
I actually ended up just uninstalling Harvest Overhaul, personally, because experience gain and gold values in Skyrim and even Ordinator are balanced around Vanilla numbers. I'll still leave this file up.

Material Enchanting Bonuses
You know how Stalhrim gets a 25% bonus to Frost enchantments? Remember in Morrowind how better equipment could store better enchantments? Well, here's something nice for Skyrim's other sweet gear. Elven, Dwarven, Glass, Ebony, and Dragon receive 10% better enchantments of any kind. Daedric equipment receives 15% better enchantments.

Recommended Mods

Everything already mentioned plus my own mods:

Skyrim Alchemy Fixed
- Ends potion spamming, Fixes Fortify Crafting Exploits, and rebalances effects. Potions restore over 5.
Subtle but Classless - Racial Skills Bonuses make those skills grow faster, not start higher. All skills start at 15.
Simple Soul Gem Crafting - So small I should take it down & post it here, this mod adds Soul Gem crafting in a simple and balanced manner.