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Fixes Potion spamming.
Doubles elixir durations.
Eliminates Fortify Crafting exploits.
Strengthens crafted Potions.
New Dragon Ingredients.

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Alchemy Rebalanced and Exploits Fixed

Skyrim's Alchemy is fun, but hokey. You can spam Restore potions, exploit crafting by looping Fortify effects, and rare ingredients are often unrewarding (like Nirnroot). This mod reworks Alchemy to be more fair and rewarding without "feeling like a mod".
This mod does not deviate from Vanilla Alchemy design besides what's in this description. For an Alchemy mod that accomplishes the same goal but also overhauls effects and mechanics, I would recommend you use Apothecary (my favorite) or CACO instead. There is patch for CACO to finish removing Fortify Alchemy gear, but that can also be solved by Summermyst or Thaumaturgy.

No more Fortify Crafting exploits
Potions and Enchantments that Fortify Smithing/Alchemy/Enchanting enable absurd, limitless tempering and enchanting. Sure, you can just ignore this exploit, but I've reworked it so the remaining, unique sources of Fortify Crafting become valuable artifacts. Instead of enchanting whole "Crafting Outfits" and chugging Enchanter Potions, go find The Forgemaster's Fingers, Muiri's Ring or Ring of Pure Mixtures, or the artifacts of Ahzidal.
- ingredients have had Fortify Smithing/Enchanting effects replaced
- random equipment with Fortify Smithing/Alchemy effects should no longer appear
- unique equipment that Fortify Smithing/Alchemy/Enchanting can no longer be disenchanted

Potions restore over 5 seconds instead of instantly
- consuming a new potion that restores the same attribute will replace the current effect
This ends potion-spamming and makes combat more interesting. Minor potions become useless at higher levels. Ultimate potions restore 100 per second (this usually makes them better).

120-second elixirs instead of 60
- we all know 60 seconds is too short

Effects rebalanced
- player-made Restore potions will be stronger, Ravage effects are more useful, and rare ingredients are more powerful (Nirnroot, Daedra Heart, etc.)
- new Dragon ingredients dropped from slain Dragons have the most powerful effects
- cook Venom Powder from Frostbite Venom, a new ingredient that damages health and stamina

Patch for skyBirds by lokisenna here

Patch for Vokrii by Umgak here

Two Alternative Main Files
Use one of these main files instead if it applies
Ordinator version: Load below Ordinator to resolve one crucial conflict, no additional patch required
Trimmed for CACO: Lets CACO be in charge of Alchemy while still dealing with Fortify Crafting gear. No more Fortify Crafting gear besides the unique things mentioned above, which cannot be disenchanted. Fortify Crafting can no longer be enchanted to anything even if you have it. Some CACO ingredients still have Fortify Enchanting/Smithing effects, but without enchantable gear the loop is gone.
You can use the CACO MCM to make potions restore over 5 just like SAF

Recommended Mods

For Dragons
Diverse Dragons Collection + Bellyaches HD Dragon Replacer + Dragon Remains
Convert and Tweak your old copy of Dragon Combat Overhaul + Less Dragons 2016
Pretty much perfects Dragons in Skyrim. Also, actual corpses make more sense for ingredients than bare bones.

For Enchantments
Summermyst or Simple Magic Rebalance - SMR switches Fortify effects to strengthen spells instead of reducing costs, while Summermyst just adds these alongside vanilla (among its 100 new enchantments). No need for both, I just recommend you grab SMR if you're not a Summermyst fan.

My Other Uploads
MorrowLoot Ultimate - a deleveling overhaul for Skyrim built off Trainwiz's Morrowloot, SAF pairs well with an unleveled world
Perked Races - you start with a number of Race-appropriate Tree Perks already allocated, other subtle Race changes
ChocolateNoodle's Little Balance Mods
- some good changes that I couldn't find elsewhere on the Nexus

Perk mods that affect "Benefactor" will conflict without a patch (Ordinator version included)
Any other mod that affects ingredients and potions
Some leveled lists are changed, check your mods in SSEEdit and use Wrye Bash if necessary

Russian Translation made available by Alecz

Thanks to Naskatooth for the original Immersive Potions off which these changes were based