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A Subtle, Classless character creation rework

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Subtle but Classless
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Pastebin chart of changes
A minimalistic tweaking of the starting racial stats.

No more flat skill bonuses - they learn faster instead
Every skill on every race starts at 15. Instead of a flat +5/10/15 skill bonus,
those skills will increase 4/8/12% faster. These will get you to
100 faster than with the flat bonuses.

Skill Bonuses are based on Disparity's design:
More lore-appropriate and fair than Vanilla's

Higher and Lower starting attributes based on skill affinities
Races more inclined towards stealth skills will have more Stamina, combat
skills more Health, and magic skills more Magicka while starting with
less of the others. High Elves, for example, have nothing but magic
bonuses, so their starting attributes will be 85 health, 130 magicka, and
85 stamina (default is 100 each). Imperials, for example,
start with 105 health, 95 magicka, and 100 stamina.

~All 10 races have the same sum total of stats and XP bonus~

Subtle Height differences between all races
Adds some lore-appropriate visual flavor that you'll feel all game
Same changes  as Height Adjusted Races with True Giants, so no conflict
Giants are not affected, install that mod and
load it before SbC if you want big giants

Imperious version in the Optional Files, use instead of Main File, different bonuses documented here here

version now in the Optional Files, use instead of Main File-
The starting skills are set back to 15 instead of 10 for two reasons:
1. Simon chose 10 to make the flat bonuses more important, now those bonuses are gone
2. If used with MLU, you won't be able to temper anything at Smithing Skill 10

No conflicts with Morningstar

If you use VokriiVokrii - Hand to Hand and Security AddOn, and Aetherius, you may like the new Perky Races file I uploaded on my Little Balance Mods page. It lets each race start with certain tree perks, such as Augmented Flames for Dunmer or Speak with Animals for Bosmer. It's built off SbC so you don't need SbC anymore to get all its features listed above.
Perky Races will be the successor to Subtle but Classless with its own page and multiple versions in time, I just made that version for my own load order and threw it up for now. Will come back to it after getting more MLU patches updated.