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A Subtle, Classless character creation rework

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Subtle but Classless
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Speadsheet of changes
A minimalistic tweaking of the starting racial stats.

No more flat skill bonuses - they learn faster instead
Every skill on every race starts at 15. Instead of a flat +5/10/15 skill bonus,
those skills will increase 9/18/27% faster. These will get you to 100 a
little faster than with the flat bonuses.
Bonuses based on Disparity's new skill bonus choices.

Higher and Lower starting attributes based on skill affinities
Races more inclined towards stealth skills will have more Stamina, combat
skills more Health, and magic skills more Magicka while starting with
less of the others. High Elves, for example, have nothing but magic
bonuses, so their starting attributes will be 85 health, 130 magicka, and
85 stamina (default is 100 each). Imperials,for example,
start with 105 health, 95 magicka, and 100 stamina.

Mini Semi-Feature: forwarded race heights from Height Adjusted Races with True Giants.
I only did this because you should be using that mod anyway (it's perfect)
and I don't want to bother with a lot of patches for SbC. This means
a little height diversity between the races. If you like this feature and
don't want SbC, go download Height Adjusted Races with True Giants.
If you don't like it, you'll probably never notice it.

Now with an Imperious version if you want to use both!