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Allows adoption of up to 6 kids, instead of just 2
Move your family into suitable custom homes
Gives children a last name

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  • Turkish
  • Russian
  • Portuguese
  • Mandarin
  • Hungarian
The Skyrim Special Edition version can be found here


It is strongly recommended you start a new game to use this mod. If not, you might be unable to adopt any children, because Skyrim stores the vanilla scripts in your save game if they were already running.

Mod authors, please check the modders guide included with the main mod to find out how to make your creations compatible. It's not that difficult.

English version included
Polish version included / Wbudowana Polska wersja
German version included
French version included
Italian version included
Spanish version included
Portuguese (Br) version included
Russian version included
Chinese version included

My Dovahkiin may be a master hunter of trolls, a dragon slayer extraordinaire and a bandit basher without equal, but secretly he's a big softy at heart. When travelling Skyrim and hearing the sad stories of all the little urchins, he wanted to just give them all a new home, unfortunately, Skyrim has a strict two child policy. Until now...

This mod allows the adoption of up to 6 children. They are fully integrated in the Hearthfire adoption system and should be able to use the default voices. It should also be fully compatible with mods that add other orphans, such as the very cute Khajiit child Ma'isha.

You can also move your family into custom homes (that have been adapted to house a family).

Optional esp: Adopted children will get a last name: "Dovahkiir", meaning "Dragon Child"/"Child of the Dragon".

Custom homes that support adoption
[If some of Elianora's mod links don't work; try finding them at this link.]
Gentester has moved her mods to:

Aspen Manor by gentester
Darkwater Lodge by gentester
Bridge Farm by gentester
Scholars Solace - FAMILY EDITION by Elianora
Candle Pond Ranch Hearthfire Edition by Gentester
Keep of the Hero - adoption compatible home by Elianora
Wild Mountain Dairy Farm by berticus0001
Riverside Ranch - family friendly player home in Ivarstead by Elianora
Elysium Estate by thejadeshadow
Whispering Pines by SuperMegaSuperMega
Ravenwood Manor by SuperMegaSuperMega
Indary Manor and Berkshire Castle by SuperMegaSuperMega
Twiltic Manor by Munozvo5
Druids Den - Collectors Edition by Saerileth
Inherit OceanView Lodge - MASTER File by LeianneG
Dragonborn Estate by Carl Hackman
Mzadahrk - Dwemer themed house by Elianora
Hobbiton House by Carl Hackman
Grey Haven by MasterBobcat
Karlek Halle by DragonFang71
Dragon Bridge Manor by Starfish
Driftwood Cottage by SuperMegaSuperMega
Frostwind Cottage by dubird
Frostfall Cottage - Player Home [Family Friendly] by OverlordNim -- Nexus page
Dragonstead Manor - Multiple Adoption Version by LD50365
Skyfall Estate - Multiple Adoption Friendly by Ld50365
Skyhammer Hold - Enter the Barbarian by TheGreenLion
Falkreath Cave House - Adoption Friendly by Noxide
Morning Star Home-Whiterun by Jrew
Redspire Manor - A Raven Rock Multiple Adoption Home by Ld50365
FenView Lodge by LeianneG
Hassildor - Player home for Vampires by Elianora - Nahkin
Mammoth Manor by Lupus
Riverside Lodge - Hearthfire Supported by Lupus
Light Moss Hall - Multiple Adoption Friendly by SJ
Morthal Manor-Multiple Adoption Friendly by Zachsaballer
White River Cottage by Gentester
Skystone Castle by Lazz
North Haven by KillaSpade
Northern Cardinal by dastrokes
SeaPoint Settlement by LeianneG
Castle Valdmire - Multiple Adoption Friendly by Ld50365
Moonstone Castle by Lazz
Leaf Rest by Aukmat
Strundu'ul Strunmah by CheatArtist
Legacy of the Dragonborn (Dragonborn Gallery) by icecreamassassin
Nirnroot Manor - A Functional Home by MissConstrued
City of Riverwood with player home (Hearthfire's multi adoption mod compatible)(English-French-Chinese versions) by Gerheardt
Rorikstead Estate (Hearthfire's multi adoption mod compatible) by Gerheardt No longer available
Springberry Manor Reborn by Faelrin
Winterstone Castle by Lazz
Priory of the Cape - Multiple Adoption by ClefJ
Silian Manor - Multiple Adoption Friendly by Ld50365
Frostvale Estate - Multiple Adoption Friendly by LD50365
Khune - Redguard House by Elianora
Riften Family Cottage by Boombro (59243) No longer available
The home of the nord. With family version by Boombro (59516) No longer available
Tel Nalta II - Telvanni Home - Hearthfire Dawnguard Dragonborn by Ac3s and RussianRanger
Solstice Castle by Lazz
Stormcrown Estate by XunAmarox
Sabre Scar Island- The Harii by Jrew
Ayleid Palace by Lazz
Vampire Home by kevg987
Silverstead - A Buildable Dwemer Estate by Ld50365
Morskom Estate by Darkfox127 and Elianora
Underground Dwelling by Lazz
Esterah - Jewel of the Redguard by morganmarz
Shadowstar Castle by Lazz
Blackthorn - A Buildable Town in The Rift by Ld50365
Skyfall Estate - Buildable Edition by Ld50365
Half-Moon Chalet Player Home by JPitner
Redoran Manor Player Home by JPitner
Dragonsmount by maxrsp
City of Pinemist with player home (Hearthfire's multi adoption mod compatible) by Gerheardt
Ayleid Citadel by Lazz
Lamplight Cottage by FarrinRacer
City of Rorikstead with player home (Hearthfire's multi adoption mod compatible) by Gerheardt No longer available
Aspen Lodge by Chris HPZ
Ilinalta's Manor by Dbrock1980
HalloChristmasNightmare Estate by kingnutcase22
Town of Karthwasten with player home (Hearthfire's multi adoption mod compatible) by Gerheardt
The Cracking City - Ayleid Player Base by Evittalex
Narheim Estate by Zylice
Birchwood Manor by Cynndal
Pinecrest Estate by Cynndal
House Nuule - Multiple Adoption Friendly by lilrubberducky
Ragnar's Retreat by Feralkyn
Cliffside Cottage by Cynndal
Snow Elf Palace by Lazz
Midnight Purr - A Cute House near Windhelm by greyscalemoon
Bathing Beauties or Beefcake - Luxury Suite by Migal
Killian Castle by Steeldragon79 No longer Available
Dragonia by Beth
Ayleid Palace Remastered by Lazz
Wind's Rest Estate - A Whiterun Tundra Home by Predence00
Orc Hearthfires by ghastley
Argonian Hearthfires by ghastley
Sky's Jewel Manor by FarrinRacer
Velothi Palace by Lazz
Whiterun Home 3_0 by JohnnyQuest101
Aetherial Palace (Dwemer Aetherial Palace Reborn) by Black Knight
Lake Haven by Cynndal
Rift Log Cabin (multiple adoption compatible) by Vahlan (Steam Workshop)
Dragonfall Castle by Lazz
Underground Bathhouse and Paradise Valley by Andragon
Deus Mons - the Castle of Miraak by Amras Anarion
Wind Path - Hearthfire Edition by Kamenai
Lakeside Riften Manor by JohnnyQuest101
Kynesgrove_Divayth Cottage by JohnnyQuest101
Greenclaws Cottage - multiple adoption friendly player home by Koji Okida
Brynn's Cottage (Multiple Adoption Compatible) by CuptainCapcake
Bonestrewn Crypt by Feralkyn
Tardis Regurgitated - Expansion to TARDIS Regeneration Mod by Malinson
Snowblind Sanctuary by Feralkyn
Town of Darkwater with player home (Hearthfire's multi adoption mod compatible) by Gerheardt
Hjaal River Ranch - Hearthfires by SilverCosmos
Witchwood - A Bloated Man's Grotto Home by soriyumi
Town of Morthal with player home (Hearthfire's multi adoption mod compatible) by Gerheardt
Peregrine Highwatch HFX by sa547
Silverside's Perch by Feralkyn
Witch's Cottage by Feralkyn

Vanilla homes with extra beds for children:
Additional Child Beds For Major Hold Vanilla Homes by Fusiontron
Severin Manor - Adoption Friendly by Luka Kastelan
The White House by PCGirl
Proudspire Mansion - House Of Love by kar2nz
Riften House - A Honeyside Remodel by PCGirl
Noxides Proudspire Manor - Hearthfire Compatible by Noxide
Comphy Pool Breezehome by Jalvarado261
Family Life Series - Hjerim by kar2nz
Family Life Series - Breezehome by kar2nz
All Homes Remodeled - Now with more room for kids - Requires Hearthfires - WIP by Galadreal
Argonian Assemblage and Argonian Children Overhaul by Fusiontron
HJERIM ESTATE - A Remodel of Hjerim by PCGirl
Breezehome Beds Plus by soupdragon
Vlindrel Hall Beds Plus by soupdragon
Proudspire Manor TNF - Beds Plus version by soupdragon
HoneysideTNF - Beds Plus version by soupdragon
Hjerim TNF - Beds Plus version by soupdragon
Proudspire Manor Refurbished ENG-GER by Ghaunadaur
Breezehome The Noble Family Expanded by Woodtortiose
Live in Fort Dawnguard - Multiple Adoption Friendly by fru1tcak3s(Old Nexus id: 65622)
Breezehoard Sixpack by longpinkytoes
Live in Castle Volkihar - Multiple Adoption Friendly by 95f890be(old Nexus id: 72078)
Breezehome For six kids by PrincessUnicorn
Vlindrel Estate a Remodel of Vlindrel Hall by PCGirl

Other mods with support for this mod:
Alternate Start - Live Another Life by Arthmoor

There is also a mod that changes the gender of the kids to be either all boys or all girls. I haven't tested this, but the author tells me it should work with this mod:
Children Of Honorhall Orphanage by kar2nz

Post a message if you want your home to be added to the list.

To move into a custom home:
- Visit the home and cast the "Bless Home" spell while there.
If the home is blessed, it will become your new custom home.
- Now talk to your spouse or your children and move your family to the new home.
- You can also directly adopt kids to the new home.

Change Log
V2.0.15 Made mod compatible with latest UHFP by adding a property to one of the scripts.
V2.0.14 Fixed a bug in moving spouse to home without any adopted children.
Worked around some engine issues preventing spouse from using packages.
Increased spouse sandboxing range to better deal with bigger homes.
V2.0.13 Added chinese translations, provided by xuniana.
V2.0.12 Repackaged BSA, to remove junk files left by archive tool.
V2.0.11 Removed unnecessary identical-to-original script to allow UHFP divorce fix to work.
V2.0.10 Updated with a few UHFP fixes. Updated modders guide to include info about exterior center marker for playing games.
V2.0.9 Included Russian translations provided by artur5557083.
V2.0.8 Updated with some fixes from the UHFP. Reverted 2 fixes from the UHFP that
would prevent kids from sleeping in the double beds in 2 of the HF homes.
Updated Modders guide to fix a few inaccuracies.
V2.0.7 Removed a few checks for marriage from the move dialog to allow you to
move your family even when using a custom voiced spouse, such as Vilja, simply
by talking to one of your kids instead. Updated Modder's guide with a missing
V2.0.6 Removed usage of useless NewAdoptionHandler quest. The way it was set up
could cause a pending adoption to go into a livelock "forever" (or at least a
long time).
V2.0.5 [never released] Fixed scripting surrounding moving directly to the
custom home after wedding; this time the scripts are actually in the bsa...
Fixed issue with civil war causing family to be stuck in a particular home.
V2.0.4 Added Portuguese (Br) translations, courtesy of LordMorpheus1.
V2.0.3 Added Polish translations, courtesy of lordtorus
V2.0.2 Fixed a minor issue with the last name optional esp. Kid 6 would get the wrong name.
V2.0.1 Repacked the BSA from scratch without compression. This should fix the "LOOKUP FAILED" text when casting the Bless Home spell.
V2.0.0 Your family can move to any SUITABLE home, even custom homes. You just need to visit the home and bless it (cast the "Bless Home" spell). If the home is suitable, it will be blessed. Hopefully modders will pick up on this feature. Also added an optional esp that gives adopted children a last name. Their last name will be "Dovahkiir" which translates to "Dragon-Child". Fixed a few minor bugs.
The custom home feature will make this mod incompatible with "Spouses can live anywhere" since this mod also manages the spouse along with the children.
V1.2.6 Added some script files that were never packaged.
V1.2.5 Repackaged BSA to prevent Tes5Edit from throwing a read error.
Regenerated strings files for all languages. Hopefully that will fix the translation issues.
V1.2.4 Fixed a scripting issue, that could cause adoptions to fail under certain circumstances.
V1.2.3 Resaved strings files. This should fix the issues with incorrect dialog options.
V1.2.2 Changed conditions of spouse dialog to be useable with more than 2 kids.
V1.2.1 Added fix for potential quest breakage when adopting a child when child 1 was not at home. Lakeview double bed ownership changed to allow the children to sleep in it.
V1.2.0 Added French, German, Italian and Spanish translations. I would do others, but I don't have the original Skyrim and Hearthfire strings for those.
V1.1.2 Fixed the Honorhall script to actually allow more than 1 adoption
V1.1.1 Actually added changed scripts to bsa
V1.1 Added other Hearthfire homes, changed orphanage adoptable script to not prevent further orphanage orphans from being adopted when two of them had been adopted.
V1 currently only changes the Lakeview house to allow the extra kids to sleep. You need to bedroom wing + all the beds and all the beds in the main hall. The bard can sleep on the ground. Works best if you haven't yet adopted any children. If you already adopted two children, the quest controlling the adoptions has been stopped.

Obviously Hearthfire is required.

Spouses can Live Anywhere: Changes the same scripts
Multiple Marriages: Changes the same scripts (and was never updated to Hearthfire)
HF Marriage Adapter: prevents the Custom home dialogue to work
Prince and the Pauper: Even with compatibility patch it will cause issues with custom homes and potentially with adopting.

Q: Can you increase the number of adoptable children to more than 6?
A: I could, but since it's a lot of work, I probably won't. Also, where would they sleep?
You are of course welcome to make the changes. All script sources are included with the mod. Not only is it a lot of work, the pathfinding in Skyrim breaks when too many NPCs are in a confined space. With 6 kids you can already see this happening. If your kids suddenly start standing around in your home instead of playing and going outside, they probably can't find a way to reach their destination anymore. Adding more kids would only make things worse.

Q: Can you make home X compatible with this mod?
A: No, you should ask the author of the home to make the necessary changes. A modder's guide is included in the mod package.
If someone can produce a home in the CK, they should have all the required skills to make the home compatible.

Q: I installed the mod after I had already adopted 2 kids. Will I be able to adopt more without starting a new game?
A: Probably not. It depends on the exact state of your game. You could try the console commands below (but make a save first in case it doesn't work).

Q: My game crashes at the main menu. Help!?!
A: Either you haven't got Hearthfire in your load order or you are using a currently unsupported language. If it's the first go get Hearthfire and make sure it's active. If it's the second, please let me know, so I can add the language in a future update. If you are willing to help with translations, even better.

Q: Can I distribute the kids across multiple houses.
A: No. That is not how the adoption system is set up and would be a massive amount of work to change. Also, families should stick together.

Q: There are 2 ITMs in the mod. Can I clean them.
A: While they are not critical, the entries are there for a reason, so you should probably leave them. If removed, there may be situations where some kids will not sleep in the Hearthfire homes. This is particularly likely when you use various mods to edit those homes.

Q: Help!?!? My child is stalking me!
A: You've run into a Hearthfire bug involving custom and/or mod added dogs/pets. Easy to fix:
- Open the console
- Click the kid
- Enter the following 3 commands:
setav variable06 0
setav variable07 0


The commands below may or may not work! Skyrim saves running scripts in your save. That means that if the adoption system is already active in your game, my changes will not be picked up.

Always keep a backup save so you can go back if it doesn't work.

Note for anyone who has already adopted kids before installing this mod:

run this in the console:
stopquest BYOHRelationshipAdoptable
resetquest BYOHRelationshipAdoptable
setstage BYOHRelationshipAdoptable 0
stopquest BYOHRelationshipAdoptableOrphanage
resetquest BYOHRelationshipAdoptableOrphanage
setstage BYOHRelationshipAdoptableOrphanage 0
setstage BYOHRelationshipAdoptableOrphanage 100

If that isn't enough to allow for adoption, try this:
Click the child you wish to adopt and type:
street kids: SetFactionRank xx004290 1
orphanage kids: SetFactionRank xx004290 10
If that still doesn't work try ranks 11 or 13 instead.
where xx is replaced with the load order id of Hearthfire (probably 02 or 03)