All Homes Remodeled - Now with more room for kids - Requires Hearthfires and Dragonborn - WIP by Galadreal
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If you are coming back to get the update, please endorse. It makes me want to work on this more.

Have you ever thought to yourself: “Self, my Dragonborn had to loot a ridiculous amount of corpses to be able to buy this house, why does it suck so much?” Or “Self, I am adopting a family, oh no, now I lose my Alchemy or Enchanting space, WTF?!?”

Well, have no fear, I have fixed that problem. With this mod you can now adopt urchins and keep your awesome crafting stuff as well!! Ohhh Ahhhh!


If you have been inside a home without this mod, you will probably need to restart a new game to make this work. Sorry, but once a cell loads there will probably be clipping from the old game or any other mods that have been used on the house before. I cannot fix this. I don’t think it will damage anything but I have to give the obligatory: I am not responsible if your computer is not as awesome as mine and this makes it’s little processor implode

All of the player houses from vanilla Skyrim have been remodeled to keep your kids rooms and have enchanting and alchemy tables available. The newest versions also adds a bedroom with space for up to 6 children. Works Great with Hearthfire multiple adoptions

IMPORTANT: You must build remodeled wings for this work correctly on the Hearthfire Houses I have renamed these as West Wing Remodel, North Wing Remodel, and East Wing Remodel. Also, since the rooms are completely redone, none of them can be previously decorated. Only the front room (I will be doing that one with the next release, because it is irritating me).. Otherwise things will go really haywire.

They are all renavmeshed and since I just can’t leave well enough alone: all houses should now have working butter churns. Just add a jug of milk and a pile of salt and you can make butter, there is now a working salt barrel in every player owned kitchen that should spawn 6 salt every few days.

Every Hearthfire House now includes a new master bedroom, with bath (the water turns on and off), a kids room for 6 children (lights on timers so they should actually go off at night), a room with Alchemy and Enchanting, and a small library. There are some lovely paintings, all new banners and rugs, 9 mannequins, 6 weapon plaques, 6 shield plaques, 4 large display cases, 6 small Display Cases, 16 weapon racks, and a new kitchen!! And to add to the re-spawning salt barrels, there is now a re-spawning egg basket, you have chicken, now you get eggs too. BUT WAIT!!! There are also some lovely new cows at each hearthfire home that give milk. Just walk up and press the activate key and milk the cow once a day. Hearthfire Houses now also include a bigger basement with living quarters for the people who live in your home of that home, an infirmary with a small alchemy table, a bathroom, and a pantry/brewery area (cheese making available in future updates). There is also a badly hidden coffin room for those vampires who just want a cozy place to rest away from the blistering sun. Exterior decorations are now linked to building the wings of the home, so they should appear automatically once the room is complete.

There has been a request that I not add a kitchen, so that it will be compatible with Shezrie's Lakeview Hearthfire Kitchen however, due to that being much more of a pain in the ass than I anticipated, I will go back and release a version later that deletes my work on the kitchen so it will be compatible with these lovely mods.

Now with Severin Manor. Complete with Master Bedroom, children’s room with 6 beds, alchemy and enchanting room, infirmary and garden room for all your healing herb needs, spacious bathroom, and kitchen/bar/brewery. If you already live there, don’t forget to remove all your belongings and leave the home before installing this mod. Anything you leave behind will be lost. So if you are just completing the quest to get the house, loot to your little heart’s content since that cell will be unavailable afterwards. It was the only way to get Multiple Adoptions to work.

And this requires The Hearthfire and Dragonborn DLCs for the newest version and if you use the General Stores Version, it requires General Stores

This looks even better with these awesome mods:
Pottery Recolor
Designs of the Nords
Detailed Rugs

Hearthfire Exteriors!!
Fort Dawnguard
Custom house connecting all other houses with followers and massive amounts of display

Also: many thanks to other modders for awesome resources:

Insanity Sorrow: Towels, Soap, charts, rugs, and various awesome.

jacknifelee: Skyrim Toy Story

Runspect: Resources for modders

BrettM: FPI Experiment Pack 1

mrpdean: Lakeview Manor - Custom and modular vanilla meshes

Blary: Food Container Resource and Moth in a Cage

berticus0001: Berts Hearthfire Dairy Goods Upgrade

Lilith: Rectangle Rug Collection as well as other awesome things

Yournotsupposedtobehere: RugResiources

Artismanix: Paintings and Frames

Tamira for converting so many of Strotis Resources

Jaderoyale: Pottery Recolor

Also to my not a modder husband who helped me learn GIMP and recolor rugs and cows

If I have missed anyone, I am sorry. It is possible, I will fix it if you just let me know or I remember on my own. And thanks again to kidhedera for helping me out with testing and cleaning with TES5Edit. On the last version. Hopefully I can figure out how to do this myself.