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This Mod Requires Dawnguard, Hearthfire & Dragonborn DLC's

A much needed, major overhaul of my first player home mod Dragonstead Manor with all the previous features and a ton of new ones..
Dragonstead is a Lore/ Multiple Adoption Friendly, Medium sized Player Home located just South/ S.West of Anises Cabin. It features plenty of Safe Storage, Displays for Black Books, Daedric Artifacts, Elder Scrolls, Masks, Claws ect,, 60+ Armor Mannequins, New Blacksmith Merchant and Follower and much more..

This Home Is Compatible With: Hearthfire Multiple Adoptions by TMPhoenix
NOTE: To move your Children/Spouse into Dragonstead:
1. Download Hearthfire Multiple Adoptions by TMPhoenix
2. Enter Dragonstead Manor and use the "Bless Home" Spell that comes from that mod
3. Talk to your Children/Spouse about moving into your "New Home"

---------------------MAIN FEATURES------------------------

Compatible with Hearthfire Multiple Adoptions by TMPhoenix
Fully Navmeshed Interiors and Exteriors
Change Your Characters Appearance (Mirror in Bath Area)
Plenty of Safe Storage
New Blacksmith Merchant (Vincent)
New Follower (Sid)
Guest House with 6 Beds for Followers
Children's Room with 6 Beds
Lightable Fireplaces
Plumbed Sinks
Double Stable
Animal Pen w/ Chickens
65+ Armor Mannequins
30+ Shield Plaques
All Divine Shrines
All Standing Stones
Drop-Off Chest (Linked to Smithing area)
Display Area for all 14 Dragon Priest Masks
Display Area for all Daedric Artifacts
Display Area for all 7 Black Books
Display Area for all 3 Elder Scrolls
Display Area for all 5 Paragons
Display Area for all 10 Dragon Claws & Right/Left Amethyst Claws
Two Enchanting Table's both w/ Linked Themed Storage for Scrolls, Soul Gems and Jewerly
Alchemy Table w/ Planters, Themed Storage for Ingredients and Potions
Staff Enchanter w/ Themed Storage for Heart Stone's
Potion Racks (enough room for 60 Potions)
Bookshelves (enough room for 440 Books)
Large Indoor Armory with Smithing/Enchanting Area with Hidden Wardrove Door (Middle Wardrove-House display area)
Indoor Forge, Smelter, Sharpening Wheel, Tanning Rack, Armor Workbench, Chopping block
Themed Storage for Armors, Gauntlets, Helmets, Boots, Shields
Themed Storage for Maces, Battle Axes, Swords, Greatswords, Bows, Crossbows
War Axes, Daggers, Warhammers, Arrows, Bolts
Themed Storage for Ingots, Ores, Leather Supplies, Dragon Bones/Scales and Misc.
Interior Themed Storage for Ingots, Ores, Leather Supplies, Dragon Bones/Scales and Misc (All Linked to Exterior Smithing Area)
Themed Storage for Notes/Journals
Outdoor Blacksmith Forge, Sharpening Wheel, Tanning Rack, Armor Workbench, Chopping Block
Outdoor Lighting with Automatic Light Switch (Candle's burn but only emmit light at night)
Kitchen Area w/Cooking Pot, Hearthfire Oven
Themed Storage for Vegetables, Salt Piles, Fruits, Meads, Wines, Breads
8 Dagger Display Cases
16 Large Weapon Display Cases
8 Weapon Plaques
6 Weapon/Sheild Plaques
81 Total Weapon Racks

---------------------Change Log------------------------
V1.3.2 Features:
New Auto Store and Access Feature for Containers and Workstations:
Auto Access/Store for Hearthfire Oven/Cooking Pot (Storage Barrel in the Kitchen)
Auto Access/Store for Alchemy Tables/Ingredients (Themed Ingredient Containers)
Auto Access/Store for Enchanting Tables/Soul Gems (Themed Soul Gem Containers)
Auto Access/Store for All Smithing Workstations (Barrel in Smithing Area)
NOTE: Storing a TON of stuff in the Auto Store/Access Containers may cause
the Workstations to pause or exit while loading/returning items
Spouse should now Sleep in the Master Bedroom on the Double Bed
New Exterior Garden Area w/Hearthfire Style Planting Soils (18 plots)
4 Additional Hearthfire Style Planting Soils in Interior Alchemy Area

V1.3.1 Update (8/9)
Cleaned with Tes5Edit

V1.3.1 Update (7/5)
Changes to the Weapon Racks in the house display area
Fix for the Change Appearance Mirror in the Bath Area

V1.3 Features:
Replaced the Dragon Priest Busts
Added a Bust for Miraaks Mask
A TON of Exterior landscaping
Added a Double Stable
New Animal Pen with Chickens
Plumbed Sinks in the Bath and Kitchen Areas
New Doors that link the Guest House and the Main House
Lightable Fireplaces
Other Minor Fixes/Tweeks

V1.1 Features:
Added Bath Area (Navmeshed)
Added Feature to Edit your Characters Appearance by Activating the Mirror in the Bath Area
Fix for Golden Claw Display

1. Download with NMM.
2. Manually install contents of archive in Skyrim/Data folder.

Make sure to save outside of the cell being uninstalled.

1. Use NMM
2. Delete the DragonsteadManor.esp and any other files from this mod from your Skyrim/Data folder.

1. Empty all the Containers, Mannequins, Display Cases, Ect. from the interior and exteriors
2. Leave the interior of home and exterior area of the home and save.
3. Remove the old version with NMM or manually delete the DragonsteadManor.esp and any other files from this mod from the Skyrim/Data folder.
4. Restart the game without the Mod installed and Save.
5. Download the updated file with NMM or manual install and export to Skyrim/Data Folder and start the game.

This mods location is not compatible with:
Bluecreek Estate
Hanali Lunari Follower/Temple
Millwater Retreat

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