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Mörskom is a large player home with one purpose in mind; to provide a unique home in Skyrim that you the player must build. You will have a bare old house up in Dawnstar which you purchase and rennovate. The home includes support for your family and has more than enough storage for you hoarders out there.

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Mörskom Estate is a large player home located in the harsh lands of The Pale in the city of Dawnstar. Mörskom is not simply just another house for the player to live in. This house is going to be a sort of personal project for the Dragonborn to take on during his or her adventure. Over time, the Dragonborn will have to take this old worn down house and rebuild it into a home to be proud of.

The mod works using a system similar to Hearthfire but it’s a little simpler and has some more immersive features such as time passing. You will use a workbench inside of the home to craft furniture and perform other task. There is also a store where you can buy different items to decorate your home.

Mörskom is focused around giving the player a lot of choice in how their home looks. There are a number of personalisation options in the home, from changing the colour of the drapes, to the background music you hear as you marvel at your display room full of treasures.

The mod comes with a wide range of features to keep you occupied which makes Mörskom a place you will want to keep on coming back to.

The following are all of the mod’s main features. Many of these can be turned off using the MCM system if you decide you do not want to use them or you have trouble with using them. Some features are explained in more detail within the guide.

> Auto-Close Doors
> Auto-Sort
> Bathing
> Boat Travel
> Customisation
> Dynamic Interiors
> Family Support
> Hearthfire Planters
> Immersive Storage
> Mail Box
> Meadery
> Realistic Construction
> Recruits
> Season Mode
> Unique Displays

As always, the easiest method to download a mod is by using the “Install with NMM” option. You simply wait for the download to finish and activate it in Nexus Mod Manager. Those using Mod Organizer should already understan how everything works.

Since version 1.2 of Mörskom, the mod’s file structure has been changed to work better with both NMM and Mod Organizer so that there are very few problems during the installation process.

Mörskom comes in a BSA format and there is a good reason for this. The mod is heavily scripted and although it might look like a small mod, it’s not. There are a lot of resources included with the mod and a lot of scripts. The mod will run smoother in this format and it’s not recommended that you unpack the BSA and install loose. You can do this at your own risk. Also, do not worry about conflicts regarding the resources as these are packed in the BSA and will not overwrite anything.

The fact that Mörskom is in BSA form means that manual installation is fairly simple. Simply drag and drop the files into the data folder and activate the mod in your mod manager of choose.

We recommend that you use a program like LOOT to sort your load order after installing Mörskom. If you decide to do this manually, be sure that Mörskom is placed fairly low down your load order to reduce any conflicts with other mods.

Mörskom also comes with a wide range of patches for popular mods like ETAC and Climates of Tamriel, so be sure to install those if you have any of those mods.

It is recommended that you do not have this mod enabled until after you escape Helgen when starting a new game. This is due to the way that the intro video may interrupt the main game’s intro. The other option is to simply delete the bink video from the Mörskom files to prevent the intro from showing.

Mörskom will most likely not be compatible with any mods which edit to same location in Dawnstar where the house is located. However, a patch has been created for the popular mod Expanded Towns and Cities. Do be aware that this patch means that the player home from ETAC will no longer be accessible.

For the sauna outside of the home there is a script to prevent the rain and snow from getting inside. If you use Climates of Tamriel, you will need to download the patch for it to include CoT weathers too.

There have also been a number of sleep mod patches created for the main bed in Mörskom Estate. This allows you to have the animations for sleep play inside of the home.

The mod Simple Taxes should be automatically compatible with Mörskom as it does increase the number of houses owned by the player once you purchase it.

There are also a few built in patches for mods like Frostfall and NSUR which can be enabled and disabled manually.

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