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Last updated at 3:43, 26 Dec 2016 Uploaded at 1:50, 8 Apr 2012

The main changes to Proudspire Manor made by this mod:

- Adds a complete smithy to the former housecarls room with more storage, a mannequin and a wood chopping block.
- Changes the alchemy/enchanting area: More storage, a potion rack and 2 bookshelves.
- A bigger trophy room with more mannequins and weapon plaques. Adds 7 display cases.
- Adds a new housecarls room to the first floor. Jordis will sleep there from 0:00 to 6:00 am.
- Adds a small storage room for food next to the kitchen, some containers and respawning food resources.
- Enlarges the players bedroom, adds 4 big bookshelves, 2 mannequins, shield mounts, new furniture and more storage.
- Fixes some bugs, like clipping textures, wrong key assigned to the 3rd housedoor, doubled chairs, etc.
- Additional house upgrade that adds 2 mannequins, 2 display cases and 4 shield mounts to the upper living room.
- Additional upgrade that adds over 40 torch holders to the manor.
- Additional upgrade that adds a small guestroom.
- Nicer Porch.

The new upgrades can be purchased from the steward of Solitude.

French Translation by Leclerc47
Russian Translation by bustedUA
Spanish Translation by Darkgeek
Polish Translation by lordtorus

- Take all stuff you stored in the house, leave the house.
- Open console (~) and type: resetinterior solitudeproudspiremanor [Enter].
- Make another save, then install.

Hearthfire: Before you install the mod, send any children living in Proudspire to another home.
Not doing so will keep the beds at their old location. Then make a save in any interior cell except
Proudspire Manor, install. After installation, send the children back.

- Extract the archive to your Skyrim installation folder or use a mod manager of your choice.
- Activate the plugin-file in 'Data Files' in the Skyrim launcher or in your mod manger.

If you update from a version previous to 1.6, it's necessary to completely uninstall the mod.
This means to remove all your belongings from the house, then uninstall the mod and make
a save without the mod installed or activated.

- Remove everything you stored in the house.
- Delete the files in your SkyrimData directory or uninstall with mod manager.

Hearthfire version: After uninstalling, use command resetinterior solitudeproudspiremanor
to remove remaining plants.

One or two lights flicker when viewed from some places or angles.

Placing too many torches inside the house will result in flickering/disappearing lights.

There may occur conflicts with other Mods, that make changes to Proudspire or the surrounding area.
In most cases, it will be solved by loading this Mod at last.

Using this mod along with Enhanced Lights FX will cause some incompatibility issues like floating candles, misplaced
walls and instable lights. These changes can be reverted by installing the compatibility patch in the optional files section.

Q: My spouse suddenly has this strange dialogue option. What is it for?
A: If your spouse refuses to sleep in the players bed, you can use this option. It will add a sleep package to the spouse.
There's another dialogue option to remove the package, if it's necessary. The dialogue will only appear in Proudspire.

  • Turned some of the moveable clutter into static objects.
  • Added several meals to the dining table, for some variety. Will change randomly every 1-2 days.
  • Added localization strings files.
  • Purchase of the vanilla upgrades should now work when using USKP 2.0.5+.
  • Added detection for UHFP to prevent double cooking pots.(HF-version)
  • Minor changes.
  • Edited some planter objects to stop them referencing a script not longer used in the mod.
  • Adjusted the position of some objects.
  • Corrected 2 unassigned script property values.
  • Removed the small bookshelf on the top floor, added 2 medium sized bookshelves instead.
  • Added a shelf to place the dragonpriest masks and dragonclaws (purchasable).
  • Fixed an issue where the door transition did not work correctly when the player had too many followers.
  • AI package for Jordis now added via quest alias to avoid conflicts with mods that edit solitude housecarl.
  • Reworked AI packages for the spouse and Jordis, also added a .seq file to prevent dialogue bug.
  • The bug with the housecarls room is now fixed completely by this mod.
  • Changed some lights to make the mod compatible with mods that change light base form SolitudeFiretDefault.
  • Tweaked some lights to make them more stable and also reduce shadow striping, still not perfect.
  • Fixed 2 issues with texture clipping.
  • Numerous minor adjustments.
  • Added a dialogue option to make the spouse use the bed in the players room.
  • Removed a rug and hay scatter from the players bedroom. (Hearthfire version)
  • Fixed a bug where a wall could stay disabled after uninstalling the mod. (Both versions)
  • Added Hearthfire planters. (HF version)
  • Reworked the custom planters, plants will grow back after 3 days. (Vanilla version)
  • Added an oven to the food storage room. (HF version)
  • Added a small guestroom for 2 companions. (Both versions)
  • Adjusted the navmesh. (Both versions)
  • Reduced the clutter lying around after purchasing the house/upgrades. (Both versions)
  • Additional mod cleaning. (Both versions)
  • Many small changes, I can't remember all.
  • Added a Hearthfire compatible version.
  • HF-version: Restored the cooking pot, which was deleted by Hearthfire DLC.
  • Torch holder upgrade now included into main mod.
  • Doors now show the correct names.
  • Fixed a bug that could lead to issues with the basement door.
  • Fixed a bug preventing dead thralls from entering the house.
  • Reworked some scripts.
  • Added a potion rack to the alchemy area.
  • Added a wood chopping block to the smithy.
  • Minor changes and fixes.
  • Fixed an issue with the navmesh. (both versions)
  • Fixed a bug with remaining invisible objects when already bought the upgrades. (upgr. version)
  • Fixed a minor bug with one of the bookshelves. (both versions)
  • Enlarged the upper living room.
  • Added 2 mannequins and 2 display cases to the new area.
  • Added some shield racks.
  • Added some paintings.
  • Merged .esm and .esp file.
  • Added an upgradeable version.
  • Enlarged 2 of the bookshelves.
  • Reworked 2 of the weapon racks.
  • Added a mannequin to the smithy.
  • Added a chimney to the smithy.
  • Minor fixes and changes.
  • Edited the porch.
  • Improved compatibility to some other mods.
  • Made changes to the Navmesh.
  • Minor fixes and changes.
  • Fixed a collision issue caused by the mannequins next to the players bed.
  • Hopefully wiped out all cobwebs.
  • Edited some lights.
  • Did some minor changes.
  • Bugfix: Removed some remaining furniture from the smithy.
  • Initial release.

Artisanix - Paintings and Frames
Tueffel - Modular Crafting Table
Lerclerc47 - French translation
bustedUA - Russian translation
Darkgeek - Spanish translation
lordtorus - Polish translation

Very special Thanks go to my friends Karl-Heinz, Tasso, and all others, who helped me during a hard time in my life. Danke Euch!

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TESVTranslator by McGuffin