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V9 Beta

NOTE: since I hit an in intended hitch with esm files being unable to alter vanilla master files, and a few quest elements I wanted to integrate, plus a list of general bug reports, I'm pulling the "final" status for now

V9 will require the esp which was uploaded separately, but as a result my npc's will lose their voices for now and have possible face shading issues (because those resources look for the esm) the entrance to the museum is blocked if you use the esm version, hence the esp release

UPGRADING: I would highly recommend loading from a save game from before v8.4 since the physics issue with the displays presented in v8.5 may cause some persistent misplaced displays

This update returns the Hall of Heroes display items to a static model that will not fall of the racks or behave oddly. The previous version I was trying to replace the displays with a dynamic version that would update appearance from other mods which edit items. It just wasn't working out and I had to edit the base items to swap out the graphics.

-Added 10 notes and journals from Auyren one of which is added to the library every 10 days, which gives lore friendly info on the location of relics added by this mod in a “bread crumb” method with quest tracking, but no location markers so it gives you clues but doesn’t hand it to you on a platter. A couple of them are mini quests as well.

-Added a “Dwemer Compass” placed on the side desk just inside the safehouse entrance which is a misc item that will port you to the inside entrance of the museum (basically a way to fast travel to the museum and avoid several load zones), it is only useable outdoors so therefore can’t be abused as an escape method from deep dungeons

-Added a display for the Spear of the Snow prince

-Nav meshed the safehouse (it was overlooked)

-Fixed some item havoc bugs

-Added a special room to console yourself to in order to replace certain relics which can only be obtained during vanilla quests so that you can gain them even after the quest has been completed prior to using this mod. Also useful for replacing items lost in a full mod re-install. Simply use the console command “COC DBM_Utility2” and just "COC DBM_test" to return to the museum

-Set up compatibility with BYOH Multiple Adoptions mod which will make the safe house a livable space for your family (with up to 4 kids)

-Fixed Snow elf exploration displays

-Made some fine tuning to the main quest and fixed a major issue when you look for the bow of shadows, an off shader property gets put on you that won’t go away.

-Added several new models to replace generic ones on unique items

-Fixed Light version of Visage of the Dragonborn so it’s abilities work correctly


Next update I will be cleaning up the main quest a little more, fixing bugs as they are reported, adding the voice files and lip syncing, and will confirm that the safehouse is functional for a family when using the multiple adoptions mod.

I will soon be jumping head long into the next phase which will be an expansion mod that adds an assistant curator to the museum who is the new quest hub moving forward (since auryen will be occupied writing his books for some time). There will be several small quests throughout and a large main questline.

The expansion will focus around the Thalmor efforts to reclaim and raise the Numidium, and will feature monumental locations from the original "Arena" game which will feature small world spaces, massive dungeons and new items.

Also included in the expansion mod will be the Dragonforge which allows reforging and customizing of the visage of the dragonborn armor set and the sword of ancient tongues.

There will also be an imbuing system which allows self-made items to be tempered, enchanted, and imbued with special powers making it a true unique item. The recipes for these high end items will be connected to special quests which take place in and around the key unique locations of the mod. This expansion is a combined effort of myself and MyBad who will be designing several dungeons and worldspaces, which I will apply scripted and quest content functionality to.

A link to the new project will be posted here soon.

Legacy of the Dragonborn (Formerly Dragonborn Gallery)

The Legacy of the Dragonborn is steeped in prophecy, myth, legend and history itself. Explore forgotten lore and uncover the lost relics of the 7 Dragonborn of the bygone eras of Tamriel. From those merely mentioned in title to those who wielded the power of the voice, many legendary and influential people held the title of “Dragonborn” and they all link to the lost covenant of Akatosh.
“Legacy of the Dragonborn” creates a sizeable addition to your Skyrim game by providing a fully featured museum in Solitude, and with the help of the curator Auryen Morellus, you can store, display and utilize your entire collection as you see fit, all the while being aided and guided by Auryen in between your adventures. Auryen acts as a quest hub for the numerous stages of the “Shattered Legacy” questline, and also offers a variety of rewards for filling the museum displays. He will hire a guard and assistant curator as he sees fit to assist him, which offers greater possibilities in the future. Patrons will also tour your collection and provide donations on a regular basis which you can collect (coming soon)

The Museum Features:
-over 300 displays for unique weapons, armor, items, quest related items, paintings, collectables, jewelry, and more.
-includes a vast array of “Achievement” dioramas which commemorate your completion of major quest lines.
-includes are a vast array of Dwemer and Falmer “exploration” achievement displays to show the unique places you have been.
-A variety of custom paintings can be found and bought at merchants to enhance the museum as well.
-Displays for all doomstones and shrines which you have received blessings from
-4 full themed galleries including: “The Hall of Heroes” for all relics of historical or magical nature, “Hall of Lost Empires” with displays pertaining to Dwemer and Falmer, “Daedric Gallery” for all Daedric artifacts, and the “Gallery of Natural science” where life sized displays of Skyrim flora and fauna can be accumulated in beautiful dioramic displays.
-Automatic or manual display setup: Place and remove items manually on their designated display or simply deposit and remove items from the hidden safe to automatically display or remove large groups of items all at once!

-Dozen of new artifacts from a variety of amazing Mod authors contributing to this project:
-Bow of shadows
-Mace of Aevar Stone-Singer
-BiPolar Blade
-Sword of Ancient Tongues
-Hrothmund’s axe
-Stendarr’s hammer
-Fang of Haynekhtnamet
-Cleaver of st Felms
-Cyrus’ saber (coming soon)
-Dagger of Symmachus
-Jyggalag’s sword
-Staff of Hasedoki
-Daedric crescent
-Sixth house bellhammer
-Ice blade of the monarch
-Moon and Star ring
-Armor of Tiber Septim
-Wulfharth’s treads
-The Dragonmail Cuirass
-Bloodworm helm
-Amulet of kings
-Shield of Reman Cyrodiil
-Boots of Blinding speed
-Helm of Tohan
-Eleidon’s ward
-Vampiric ring
-Warlock’s ring
-Mentor’s ring
-Phynaster’s ring
-Ring of Khajiit
-Lord’s mail
-Fists of Randagulf
-Helm of Oreyn bearclaw
-Spear of bitter truth (coming soon)
-Shadowrend (coming soon)
-Crosier of st lothlis (coming soon)
-Staff of worms (coming soon)

In addition, unique models and textures for almost every single unique weapon in the game which previously used generic models are added

Secret safehouse apartment features:
- Blacksmithing, Alchemy, Staff and Enchanting stations with full unique décor. Kitchen space with replenishing kegs and food storage, kid/companion bedroom (soon to be configurable), amazing sitting room with glass windows looking onto the streets of solitude and accessible balcony.
- Hidden Treasury room which depicts your vast wealth in increasing grandeur as your deposit gold into your ledger.
- Customizable supply Auto-sorter which automatically moves your chosen supplies to their appropriate containers, leaving any excluded ones in your inventory. Sorted containers include: Soul gems, Gems, Ore and Ingots, Ingredients, Potions, Leather and related supplies, food, and liquor.

World Features:
-Added 4 new dungeons tying into quest content
-Massive Sancre Tor worldspace and dungeon with a dark power lurking within
-Added Pale Pass world space including fully immersive ongoing battleground which will be expanded upon in future updates. Fort pale pass and its underworks are also accessible.
-All content added or changed on vanilla resources is done dynamically through code rather than editing the original, so changes happen in game so should not interfere with other mods (exceptions listed in readme)

Other features:
-Special “Visage of the Dragonborn” evolved armor set from the relics of the dragonborn, gathered throughout the questline, is a fully level-scaled set of armor that grows in power as you level, AND gains more powerful abilities with more of the set equipped! The armor is also set up so that you can easily customize it by replacing the model files provided with your own (see instructions below under installation. Currently heavy only, light version soon to come)

-To install simply place the BSA and ESP files as well as the Meshes folder inside your /Data folder. The meshes folder will add to the armor sub folder a “DBM_Armor” sub folder.

To uninstall simply remove the above files

Custom set armor: for a custom appearance for your armor “relics of the dragonborn” set, simply gather the mesh files for your preferred armor, rename them to match the files in the DBM_armor folder and move your files into the folder, overwriting the old ones. There should be 2 files for each of the 4 armor parts (one male and one female) as well as a ground model for each piece and a 1st person model for male and one for female.

Potential conflicts and known bugs:
-The primary resource which I edited was the miraak mask attributes. All versions have scripts applied to work as part of the armor set as well as some quest progress triggers. I also edited the magicka bonus and made it scale based on your level rather than having a static version based on what your level was when you got it. Also attached other special abilities as part of the set.
-also edited every unique in the game to swap out the models and textures, so bash patching will be necessary for any mod that re balances or edits other aspects of these items

-As this is a BETA version still, there will be some minor glitches and potential bugs. Some are known, but some I need to know about and any reports are much appreciated.

-Lord's mail quest not currently functioning, looking into it

Dialogue issues:
-some continued topics and force greets have a “…” topic instead of progressing properly on their own, not a big issue but a little bug that will eventually be worked out
-One of the quest stages sends you to speak with Auryen but if he is in any museum space other than the main “hall of heroes” area, he will not speak with you to progress, simply wait some time away until he is back in the main hall and will greet you properly.
-Some dialogue options will break if you leave dialogue by hitting escape before it is finished. I am working to identify which and why this is happening, and any help is appreciated.
-Some force greets appear to cause a “regreet” after they are done, where Auryen will open his normal talk topic menu right after the greet conversation is done, this doesn’t break anything but is a little odd sometimes.

-Any mod which alters the Miraak mask will most likely break this mod and its questline. As the Miraak mask is one of the dragonborn relics, it is key to having and I can see no valid work around. Simply load this mod after any other mod that changes the mask, and do not use any mod that is specifically a mask mod for miraak. The other alternative is to create a Bash patch so both changes work. The main importance in this mod are the scripts applied.