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North Haven is 1/3 the size of Skyrim, there are places to have battles, meet followers and of course "Castle Of The Dead" and a few other small homes also seven villages in North Haven including Elven Villages/Thalmor Battles. Universal Dead Storage & Storage systems - The Universal Dead Storage is the werewolf statue in the center of the entrance also in the Artillery Room also the rooms under the waterfall and other player homes that have small gargoyle statue throughout North Haven it will link all to 1 chest so you don't have to run to that same chest every time eventually i will add 1 on the boat before you go to North Haven. Other storage's like the one's near your dresser in the bedroom - for example if you want to drop your armor or gem stones,dragon bones etc you will find them also in the outdoor bedroom as well as the one in the Artillery Room, all 3 will connect together separately for each container.

StoryLine: After the battles in Skyrim you return home where you are crowned Lord Of The Dead. When returning home you discover the thalmor are taking over and that the greedy imperials are trying to takeover as well.

Before install or Update for users who had the old Castle of The Dead or North Haven remove old version then use a savegame cleaner or script cleaner, then install or Update.

This Mod has been cleaned by tes5edit

Mod Requirements:
All DLC - Dawnguard/Dragonborn/Hearthfire
(LOOT v0.5.0) - Use this so it will straighten the Load order very important

Hearthfire multiple adoptions - Now with custom home support for kids and spouse - Use spell inside of Lords Chambers
RealVision ENB by SkyrimTuner - I base this mod off this lighting!
Save game script cleaner by Hadoram
SKYRIM Save Cleaner by seifer69er
Sexy Riften v2 by Horrorview
Sexy Solitude v1 by Horrorview

Go to East Empire Company Docks their you find a boat with the Lords Assassins open door on boat to transfer or fast travel if you like.

Finding the Key for Castle of the dead: Go to the Gauntlet.....have fun!

Castle Of The Dead Includes:
Universal Dead Storage - stores all items throughout North Haven and the Castle and 1 in the boat of skyrim.
Lords Chambers - Inside Bedroom has Spouse Support & Open Outdoor Bedroom -
Young Lords Chambers - Adopts Room
Throne Room
The Dark Room
Artillery Room - Crafting area

Item Features:
Castle Of The Dead Teleport Spell
Castle Of The Dead key
Lord Of The Dead Crown
Lord Of The Dead Ghostblade
Lord Of The Deads Ghost Ability

Towns & Villages:
The Ridge - Werewolf Area
Alfheimr - Elf Sanctuary
Wilkendoore - City
Witch's Hollow
Riekling Village

Help Wanted:
Needing help loading the LOD since there's is no tutorial's for having all DLC..

Special Thanks:
Soulbladex - INT/EXT Tips with the Castle
Apachii - For use of Mod privileges/Mod Use
DARKF0X127 - Tutorial Help
BestInSlot - Tutorial Help
LouisAT444 - Tutorial Help

Future Update
Faces Exported - ALL custom Faces for NPC - INPROGRESS
Female prisoner with male voice fixed will be in next update
LOD - no longer will you not see into the distance. - as soon as i get some help!
Alfheimr - Elf Sanctuary will have more interiors to walk into
Wilkendoore - crime system & will have a few more interiors to walk into

Look for North Haven on Steam!
There is now a standalone version of Castle Of The Dead without the world North Haven, Castle Of The Dead is now in Skyrim look for it on steam or search my profile!

I will NOT remove any DLC otherwise their would be no North Haven/Castle Of The Dead.
If you would like to donate, please gift a game on steam or go to the Nexus to donate thank you!
Remember to make frequent quick saves when heading outside or going into Battle!