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A cozy, nautical-themed home in Riften for the completely average, legal fisherman citizen. Not at all a disguised thief's home with a treasury underneath, or anything...

Permissions and credits

A Nautical-Themed Riften Player Home
            for the secret thief friendly local fisherman

- Summary -
+ "Fisherman's" House & Hidden Thief's Vault. Aesthetically, this home is a simple fisherman-themed house, with a plain but cozy, cluttered interior. There is a large Thief's Vault with numerous plaques, mannequins, displays and more hidden through a wardrobe in the bedroom.

- Requirements -

+ Skyrim (Legendary Edition/Hearthfire, Dawnguard, Dragonborn)
+ IF you want to adopt kids here, you'll need the Hearthfire Multiple Adoptions mod.

- Installation -
+ Drag the .esp and Scripts folder into your Skyrim/Data folder.

- Compatibility -

+ Compatible with any mod that doesn't change the exterior location.
+ Should be compatible with 3dNPCs, which adds another door/walkway nearby as well, but mine does not overlap.
+ Compatible with Hearthfire Multiple Adoptions. Download that mod in order to move your spouse & kids to this home. Use the Bless Home spell provided by that mod to set Silverside's Perch as your home.

- Location -
+ Riften, lower canals, just opposite the Ratway entrance (southeast corner of the city) - formerly Romlyn Dreth's house entrance; his door has been moved to right across the canal.

- Acquisition -

+ Pick the Master-level lock either at the main door, or at the trap door hidden outside the city, to enter. Remember to pick up the key just inside the front door.

- Features -

+ Home with room for four children (REQUIRES the Hearthfire Multiple Adoptions mod), spouse, 1 follower (followers can be set in here with ex. Your Home is My Home mod, but there is only 1 spare bed).

+ Most default crafting, with the exception of Spider/Staff crafters. Locations: Alchemy - living room nook; Cooking/Baking - living room fireplace; Enchanting - bedroom; Smithing (anvil), Smelting (forge), Workbench, Tanning Rack and Grindstone - treasury.

+ Bookshelves throughout the home, as well as bookcases for excess. Some unnamed chests for additional storage.

+ 14 weapons plaques, 4 weapon display cases, 1 dagger display case, 3 shield racks, 12 mannequins (11 in the vault, 1 in the bedroom), 2 weapons racks of 5 weapons apiece, 1 of 4.

+ Dragon mask and dragon claws displays, Paragon and Black Books displays, Thieves' Guild golden items displays (ex. the ship model, golden urn, etc).

+ A large, hidden Thief's Vault containing most of the aforementioned displays, the smithing crafting stations, custom weapon storage, armor storage, piles of gold/gems, chests, safes and more. Location: 1) Open wardrobe with false back in bedroom; 2) Open false back panel; 2) Pull candlehorn beside it to open the hidden door wall.

+ A recipe--available only at the anvil in Silverside's--to convert a single iron ingot into 10 lockpicks.

+ Hidden exit (ladder in vault) into the Rift outside the city walls, with fast travel and horse marker, for easy access without needing to travel through Riften.

+ Custom storage in the bedroom (at the writing desk) for scrolls, journals, and notes.

+ Several planters--some inside (around the alchemy nook) with a few more just outside the front door.

+ All storage containers DO NOT respawn and can be safely used for storage.

-Known Bugs-
+ One or two of the weapon plaques like to display some weapons upside-down, generally axes. Don't use axes on these. Nothing I can really do here.
+ Secret stone door clips into stairs a little. Cosmetic bug only.

Some tips for common bugs not specific to this home:
+ Protip 1: if your kids/spouse (requires Hearthfire Multiple Adoptions mod) don't sleep in their beds, try moving them to another house and then back. (Vanilla/Hearthfires bug)
+ Protip 2: if your mannequins ever wander off, access the base and change their inventory and they'll return to where they should be. Mine should not wander. (Vanilla bug)
+ Protip 3: if weapon plaques ever stop responding, sometimes picking an item up and physically rubbing it all over the rack fixes it. (Rare Vanilla bug)
+ Protip 4: if you start having bookshelf lag (in any home) where, when placing books onto a shelf, they lag/jitter/erase, try opening any menu (inventory/escape menu) after placing books. Wait a moment to allow the books to be placed while physics is 'paused,' and when exiting the menu, the books will be properly placed! (Hearthfires bug)

- Credits -
+ Darkfox127 for his incredible series of YouTube tutorials.  I highly recommend subscribing if modding at all interests you. Here's his Youtube channel!
+ MrDanSG1 for his Modder's Display Compendium modders' resource. This has provided the Elder Scrolls displays, the Mask displays, and the Dragon Claws displays, among other things. Again, he has done fantastic work and generously provided it to all.