Skystone Castle by Lazz
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Added: 08/06/2014 - 07:08AM
Updated: 20/07/2014 - 11:39AM

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Last updated at 11:39, 20 Jul 2014 Uploaded at 7:08, 8 Jun 2014

Skystone Castle

Medium sized fully detailed player castle, located outside Whiterun at the foot of the hills (near Secunda's kiss giant camp)

This is my first house mod for skyrim, let me know if you find any problems.

The Coffin Addon replaces some of the beds with coffins and also converts the pool behind the throne to a blood pool

  • Throne Room - Bedrooms, Private pool
  • Armory - Crafting stations, Display Room, Pool
  • Dining Hall - Dining and bar, large pool, Library
  • Underkeep - War Room, Talos Shrine
  • Guardhouse
  • Stable

To Do List
  • NPC's

Change Log
Added a nice relaxing Garden Room with Planters
Added Coffin Addon, replaces beds in the underkeep and room behind the throne with coffins, converts the pool to blood
Added a simple quest (Start with the note on the door)
Updated NPC addon, added a housecarl and followers
Added HF oven to dining area

Bigger Guardhouse
Grass/snow removed from doorways
Working Talos shrine in the Underkeep
Underkeep lighting template changed
Fixed 'deleted navmesh' errors / cleaned dirty refs with TES5Edit

Played with the lighting
Fixed child beds, kids should actually sleep in them now
Removed mysterious floating doors
Lots of little annoying fixes that were bothering me
Added optional esp with 2 more child beds (6 in total)
Added optional esp with a few (very) basic NPC's

Added Navmesh
Added Dragon Priest Mask display
Made compatible with Hearthfire multiple adoptions
A little redecorating

Initial release

Requires all DLC's
Install / Uninstall with NMM
Install the main file with NMM and also install the optional files of you choice with NMM. Make sure they are below the main file in your load order

***Remove contents from chests/mannequins etc and use a clean save when updating***

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