Light Moss Hall - Family Adoption Friendly by SJ
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If you need help with the manor, please refer to this section before asking anything. Thank you!
Where can I find the manor?
The manor is to the South-east of Riverwood. You can take a look at the map here.
How do I get inside?
Grab the key from the Courier’s pack. Take a look at the image here.
So, can I run this and the older versions?
No. You risk your game crashing otherwise.
What is so different about the recent updates?
Look at the change-log.
How do I move my family in?
Please look at the Hearthfire Multiple Adoptions Nexus page for the instructions.
These statues in the hall are creepy? How do I get rid of them?!
Open up the console (~ button) and click on the object (in your case,
the statue(s)). Type in disable. Or, if you want them gone for good,
type in markfordelete.
Is there a vanilla version?
No, sorry.
Do I need the Hearthfire Multiple Adoptions mod for this to work?
No, you don’t need it for the manor to work.
Am I able to marry Karmen?
No, you are not able to marry her.
It’s lagging/crashing, what do I do?!
Try letting it sit for a bit, so it could load if it is lagging. If it’s
crashing, make sure you have the DLC that is required. If you do, and
it’s still crashing, then do check if it’s not another mod that is using
the same space. If you would like to let me know about an incompatible
mod, please let me know.
What is this incompatible with?
Any mods that touch the same area/use the same space.
I want this in here!
Leave your suggestion and let me know about it.
What are the mods you are using in your screenshots?
Please take a look in the credits section. It will have it all listed.
I don’t like this update!
A solution is you can revert to an earlier version. I will be keeping
them up for people to use if they are not interested in my recent
updates. Still, if you are not satisfied, then please let me know what
you would like to see later (make a suggestion).
  • When you cast ‘Bless Home’ it will list 4 beds, when there is only 3 that are for children. Do not bring your family of 4 children here,
  • otherwise one of your kids will not have a bed.
Dwemer Aquarium (by Blary) and Sjel Blad Castle (by Sbrownx), and Atennaria (by Arafura) for inspiration
BrettM for his FPI Experiment + Aquarium resources, testing earlier
stages of the WIP and giving me fantastic feedback on it. A really big
thank you!
Big thanks to julius_007_03, DayDreamer, Thomas Kaira, KNakamura,
Arthmoor and Sharlikran all for their pointers. It definitely has helped
move things along with this project.
InsanitySorrow for the Rugs, Paintings, Soap, Towels, Divider, Blankets resources
Tamira for the Statue, Oven, Plants, Cupboard resources
Blary for the Open Books and Food containers resources
Oaristys’ & Tony67′s Planters resources
Elianora for her Floors and Panels from her Extra Resources Pack
Darkfox127 for his scripting tutorials
RealVision ENB by SkyrimTuner (in some screenshots)
Somber Antique Lut Sepia ENB by Tansarville (Screenshots)
What I am using in the screenshots
  • RealVision ENB by SkyrimTuner
  • Somber Antique Lut Sepia ENB by Tansarville


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to use or I have gained permission to use, so please respect these
authors by respecting their set rules/permissions and following them.
You can find my work uploaded to forums such as Nexus Mods, TESAlliance,
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