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Druid's Den - Collectors Edition
Nature-Themed Player Home for Magpies & Treasure Hunters

The Druid's Den is a highly detailed, fairly large player home situated on a mountain slope near Whiterun, right above Valtheim towers. The house was originally designed with a druid character in mind, but became a lot grander since then and should suit anyone who loves plants, waterfalls and the nordic ruins tileset as much as I do.

  • Brand new custom display mechanics & quest-aware content
  • Vast library and study area with functional bookshelves
  • Treasury with lots of storage space, mannequins, display cases and weapon racks
  • Mage area with alchemy/enchanting stations (including Staff Enchanter from DB)
  • Underground forge with smithing equipment
  • Kitchen and cooking area
  • Indoor ingredient garden
  • Exterior porch with breathtaking view of Whiterun and the Eastmarch
  • Working stable for your horse
  • Lots of greenery
  • Fully navmeshed and cleaned with TES5Edit
  • Family friendly with support for up to 6 children (Hearthfire Multiple Adoptions required!)

The containers are all safe and do not respawn (except for the trash bin in the main hall which can be used to dispose of unwanted items). There are no hidden gold stashes or fully stocked alchemy labs, personally I think that akin to cheating. This mod gives you nothing for free (apart from the house itself, there is currently no quest or other cost involved in acquiring it). The house is not particularly lore-friendly - it has a very magical feel to it and you'll notice the inside is a lot larger than the outside. On the other hand I tried to stay close to the visual style of the vanilla game, so there are only a few custom meshes used and they do not stand out. It's a matter of personal taste, as most things are.

Display Collections
This is where the Druid's Den really shines. Skyrim has some incredible artwork for most of its everyday items, especially the weapons. It always feels special to me when I find the first one of those beautiful ebony weapons in a playthrough, and I find myself wanting to keep it instead of just selling it. I'm an incredible magpie when it comes to gaming, and I like to collect things - like a full set of weapons for every material type in the game. But collecting is only half the fun when there's nowhere to put your treasures on display, and the vanilla houses simply don't have enough room for that. So I decided to build my own.

Fooling around in the CK soon made me realise that the space required for that many weapon plaques is ludicrous, not to mention that it would look strange. So I bit the bullet, learned to deal with the horrible script language Bethesda chose to inflict on the modding community, and came up with a way to display my weapons without weapon plaques.

I expanded the idea to other item types like alchemy ingredients, scrolls and soul gems. It really takes the fun out of collecting stuff when your home is already full of everything when you move in, on the other hand Skyrim's physics engine is a major pain in the butt when it comes to placing clutter on shelves and the like ingame. With this player home you can really roleplay a character that collects almost anything - shelves will display the items you add to their containers, the larder will fill up as you restock your supplies and treasure chests will overflow with riches the more gold you place in them. No more pre-stocked alchemy labs, no more fiddling with clumsy physics. The Druid's Den visually reflects the items you possess, they are no longer all hidden away in chests and barrels.

How it works
There are named containers placed around the player home. If a certain item (e.g. an iron dagger) is placed in it's corresponding container (in this case the chest labelled "Iron Weapons" in the treasury), the item appeares somewhere in the cell (in our example the dagger is mounted on the wall behind the chest).

The dagger isn't really place on the wall the way weapon racks work, what actually happens is that the script enables a "dummy" on the wall, an activator that looks exactly like an iron dagger. The weapon is still in the chest, and activating the "dummy" will display a message along those lines. When the item is removed from the chest, it's counterpart is disabled again. A variation of the script used for ingredients, soul gems and scrolls allowes you to take those items directly from their shelves by activating them (this is reflected by their tooltip). In fact you will hardly notice the activators are "fakes", they will even play the appropriate pickup sounds when taken.

Certain (not all) displays react to how many instances of a given item are added to their containers. For example, most of the items in the kitchen (plates, cups, etc.) come in sets of 4 to 6. Some items can be displayed in several places, for example the falmer staff is appropriate either in the Arcanum (as staff) or in the Treasury (with the other falmer weapons). Usually a container's name is a good indicator of what kind of items it reacts to.

The displays make use of any texture/model replacer installed. They are all havok-disabled, so you no longer need to worry about knocking something over and spending the better part of an hour putting it back.

About SKSE
The displays will recognise enchanted versions of weapons (mod-added or otherwise), but only if SKSE is installed. This does not include weapons enchanted by the player, those will show up either way. The mod will run fine without SKSE (it will just ignore magical / modded weapons), but I strongly recommend using it, it's a prerequisite to some of the best mods out there anyway. The great benefit of using SKSE is that my scripts will detect any modded weapons, as long as they use the same weapon mesh as a displayable vanilla item, they will show up on the walls. All scripts have been extensively tested and are absolutely safe, you will never lose or get duplicate items. The script may respond a bit sluggishly if there is a lot of strain on your script engine and/or you add a lot of items at once. Just be patient, they will appear. While a container is busy processing a large number of item addition/removal, it may not respond to further activations for a while. This is to avoid overloading the system, please wait a few seconds and try again.

Currently Covered

  • Major weapon materials: Iron, Steel, Orcish, Dwarven, Ebony, Daedric, Elven, Glass
  • DLC weapon sets (Dragonbone, Stalhrim & Nordic)
  • Ancient Nord, Falmer & Forworn weapons
  • Nord Hero & Skyforge Steel weapons (compatible with aMidianBorn replacer if SKSE is installed)
  • SkyRe weapons (Iron & Steel, requires SKSE to work)
  • Alchemy Ingredients
  • Soul Gems
  • Scrolls
  • Staves
  • Food & Dishes
  • Ores & Ingots
  • Dragon Priest Masks & Dragon Claws

Hearthfire planting soil will be supported in the next version. I'm also working on a SkyRe addon at the moment.

Quest-Aware Content
This is the second major feature of my mod. The Druid's Den dynamically reacts to the player who lives in it. When you join the Stormcloaks, the house will be redecorated in Ulfric's colours, similarly for the legion. The Throneroom will show the banners of all the holds where you have become Thane. As you complete quests, trophies and replicas of certain quest items (like the Dragonstone) will appear.

How it works
There are two business ledgers placed in the house, one on the desk in the master bedroom, the other in the treasury. Activating one will make it check some quest stages and enable certain objects in its cell (if appropriate). See changelog for a list of all currently covered quests.

At the moment there are only a few quest items on display, mostly those with my favourite artwork. The feature is by no means complete and I have many plans to expand on it.

As of v2.6 requires ALL official DLCs (Dawnguard, Hearthfire and Dragonborn). I tried to make the DLC content modular, but the CK keeps removing the main mod from the masterlist, thus shredding my files. As of v2.9JC requires v3.1.1 of JContainers and SKSE v1.7.1 (follow the installation instructions on those pages, respectively).
Install with NMM or download manually and extract the files to your Skyrim/Data directory. Make sure the PlugIn is activated, launch the game and move into your new home. There is no need to start a new game, just plug and play.
To allow children and spouses to move in you will need a mod that supports custom player homes in those scripts. I suggest Hearthfire Multiple Adoptions as it covers both adoptions and marriages.

Do NOT unpack the .bsa-archive to your data folder or attempt to merge the mod into others with TES5Edit. If you do, the scripts will not function as intended and may even break other mods in the process! You've been warned.

I do not know enough about modding to guarantee that upgrading from a previous version is safe without starting a new game. This mod does use scripts and they do change from time to time, so general modding practice would advise against updating. At the very least backup your savegames, remove all items from the house and uninstall the old version before installing the new one.

Incompatible with any mod that alters the landscape around Valtheim towers (none known), otherwise no known incompatibilities. Please report any compatibility issues you encounter in the comment section.

Known to be fully compatible with:

Known Issues
  • The neighbours. Druid's Den lies right next door to Galdun Rock, and just a stone's throw from Valtheim Towers. Before moving in, it might be advised to go hunting.
  • The thieves guild collectibles in the treasury all check the Larceny quest against a minimum stage. This means that once you get the falmer eye they will all show up on the shelves, regardless of whether you missed some of them. I don't know how to fix this without directly editing the thieves guild questline, which would break compatibility.
  • The item displays have been reported to havok (move around & fall from their shelves) after extended periods of play. This seems to be extremely rare (I have never been able to reproduce it), and I have tried several times unsuccessfully to prevent it. To fix an out of place display, activate the corresponding container in stealth mode and select "reset displays" from the menu, it will then move back to its proper position.
  • The open books in the library and the lab don't have havok, so do not pick them up unless you never want to put them back down. If you drop them they will float in midair.
  • I'm having a hard time getting my spouse to sleep in the marital bed (just stays up all night). You do get the lover's comfort boon even if your spouse doesn't sleep, and they won't sleep in anyone else's beds (no confused children unable to go to bed).
  • If you have the animated iceberg feature of Realistic Water Two installed, the ice on the floor of the cold room in the kitchen will move. I'm looking for a workaround.
  • The torchbugs spawned in the bedroom look nice, but tend to float through walls and ceilings. Same with the butterflies in the Cavern.

Future Plans
There are yet a few areas where I'd like to add more detail, especially plants to make it feel more overgrown. I plan to expand the quest-aware content to the point where the house really seems to evolve along with the player - unlocking shrines when the favour of a certain diety is won, adding werewolf/vampire areas that are only available to members of the respective factions, etc.
There will also be display collections for nearly every item type in the game, and I plan to add some automatic sorting for convenience. Last but not least I'm looking to add a crafting system for the things placed by the quest-aware content, so the items no longer appear "out of thin air". Somewhat inspired by Hearthfire, I do admit.
For a full list of potential updates (note that these are in no way definitely planned, just a collection of ideas) check the articles tab for my todo-list. If you think there's anything missing on that list, I'm always happy about suggestions or requests, so drop by the comment section and say hi!

This mod started out as a redesign of kitty_k188's beautiful Druid Den. Kitty has graciously allowed me to host my version, and if you like my mod, please go and have a look at the original and share the love! Most of my work has been inspired by hers.

Many thanks to silvericed for his JContainers framework. Without it, performance of the display scripts would be abysmal, and coding would be a nightmare.

Resources used:
Insanity's Static Dragon Claws
Alchemy Clutter Resource, Ingredients Wall Art Resource and OpenBooks Resource by Blary
Forest Throne - Level Asset by Angilla
GKB Green Trees by Ga-Knomboe Boy
Modders Resource Pack by Oaristys
New Plants 1_2 by Tamira
Resources for modders by Runspect
Hoddminir Water plants by elinen
Just In Time Lighting Dynamic Scripts and Tutorial by Daemonjax

Display scripts inspired by General Displays

My Other Mods

I have also contributed to: