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Skyfall Estate is a medium sized, adoption friendly player home located just outside Whiterun across from Honningbrew Meadery, it includes plenty of safe storage, armor mannequins, diplays for dragon priest masks, claws, black books, paragons, weapon racks, display cases, new marriageable, merchant and follower npcs, indoor smithing area, plenty of room for followers.

This Mod Requires Dawnguard, Hearthfire & Dragonborn DLC's

This Home Is Compatible With Hearthfire Multiple Adoptions by TMPhoenix

---------------------MAIN FEATURES------------------------

Compatible with Hearthfire Multiple Adoptions by Tm Phoenix 9
Change Your Characters Appearance (Mirror in Bath Area)
Navmeshed Indoor and Exteriors
Followers Barracks w/ Bath and Kitchen Areas (Navmeshed)
Underground Pool Area (Navmeshed)
Exterior Greenhouse Area
Two Bedrooms for Children (6 Beds)
Plenty of Room for Followers (24 Beds)
Kitchen Area with Custom Storage for Meat and Vegetables, Oven and Cooking Pot
Display Area for all 14 Dragon Priest Masks
Display Area for all Daedric Artifacts
Display Area for all 7 Black Books
Display Area for all 3 Elder Scrolls
Display Area for all 5 Paragons
Displays for Bug Jars (Exterior Greenhouse Area)
Displays for Amulets (Nine Divines, Saarthal, Gauldur, Kynes Token (Master Bedroom)
Display Area for all 10 Dragon Claws & Right/Left Amethyst Claws
32 Armor Mannequins
30+ Shield Plaques
Enchanting Table's w/ Custom Displayed Storage for Scrolls and Soul Gems
Alchemy Table's w/ Custom Displayed Storage for Ingredients and Potions
80+ Weapon Racks
Potion Racks (60)
12.5 Bookshelves (550 Books)
12 Large Display Cases
14 Small Display Cases
Indoor Forge, Smelter, Sharpening Wheel, Chopping Block, Armor Workbench, Tanning Rack
Custom Displayed Storage for Notes/Journals, Spell Tomes, Unique/Rare Books (Master Bedroom)
Custom Displayed Storage for Armors, Gauntlets, Helmets, Boots, Shields
Custom Diplayed Storage for Maces, Battle Axes, Swords, Greatswords, Bows, Crossbows
War Axes, Daggers, Warhammers, Arrows, Bolts
Custom Displayed Storage for Ingots, Ores, Leather Supplies, Dragon Bones/Scales and Misc
Two In House Male Follower Npc's and a Female Merchant Npc ( Two are Marriageable)
New Horse Npc

---------------------Change Log------------------------

V2.7 Features:
Edit your characters appearance by activating the mirror in the bath area.
Added displays for Bug Jars (Exterior Greenhouse Area)
Added Displayed Storage for Notes/Journals, Spell Tomes and Unique/Rare books (Master Bedroom)
Added displays for Amulets: All the Nine Divines, Saarthal, Gauldur, Kynes Token (Master Bedroom)
Changes to Followers Barracks
Other Minor Additions/Changes

V2.6 Features:
New Followers Barracks w/14 additional Beds, Bath and Kitchen
New Underground Cave Style Pool Area
Remodeled the downstairs Smithing Area
Linked the downstairs containers (Alchemy, Soul Gems, Scrolls and Potions) to the ones upstairs
Added a New Room off the Smithing Area (Weapon/Armor Storage, Alchemy Table and Enchantment Table)
Added Diplays for ALL Daedric Artifacts
Added Diplayed Storage for: Shields, Maces, Battle Axes, Swords, Greatswords, Bows, Crossbows
War Axes, Daggers, Warhammers, Arrows, Bolts
Ton of other Minor Additions, Tweeks/Bug Fixes

V2.5 Features:
Added an Exterior Greenhouse Area
Removed the Purchase Home Feature (Home is free and move in ready)
Small Navmesh Fix in Bath Area

V2.4 Features:
Remodeled the Kitchen Area
Remodeled the Dining Room Area
Added Hearthfire Oven
Custom Storage for Meat and Vegetables
Added Drop-Off Barrel (Linked to Barrel in Smithing Area)
Changed the outside candles to not burn during day
Added Bath Area Upstairs
Added 30 Shield Plaques
Added Shrines for all Nine Divines
Edits to the lighting and lighting template
Bug Fix for Stable
Cleaned with Tes5Edit
Added a working Mask Bust for Miraaks Mask
(Special thanks to Misantrooper for scripting)
Added Various Clutter

V2.3 Features:
Fixed a Minor Issue with the Sapphire Claw Holder
Small Navmesh Fix by the Rug in the Entry

V2.2 Features:
Extended the Personnal Armory/ Trophy Room
Added Display Holders for all 3 Elder Scrolls
Added Display Holders for all 7 Black Book's from the Dragonborn DLC
Added Display Holders for all 5 Paragons from the Dawnguard DLC
Added Claw Holder for the Right/Left Amethyst Claw Halfs from the Dragonborn DLC
Added Sandbox markers for NPCs

1. Download with NMM.
2. Manually install contents of archive in Skyrim/Data folder.

Make sure to save outside of the cell being uninstalled.

1. Use NMM
2. Delete the SkyfallEstate.esp and any other files from this mod from your Skyrim/Data folder.

1. Empty all the Containers, Mannequins, Display Cases, Ect. from the interior and exteriors
2. Leave the interior of home and exterior area of the home and save.
3. Remove the old version with NMM or manually delete the SkyfallEstate.esp and any other files from this mod from the Skyrim/Data folder.
4. Restart the game without the Mod installed and Save.
5. Download the updated file with NMM or manual install and export to Skyrim/Data Folder and start the game with the mod installed.

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