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** FINAL UPDATE - RiverView Lodge Fixed children's beds so doesn't 're-size' kids
********* will now begin on creating quests for ALL OTHER RACES ************
Update: RiverView Lodge Family Matters File Only
Fixed a hole in the navmesh by the stable
Added a missing pot in the hallway
Added towels to RiverView Lodge

OceanViewLodge MASTER V4.0- requires HEARTHFIRES DLC

Be SURE to remove any items you have in OceanView Lodge (if you are using an older version) BEFORE installing the OceanView Lodge .esm file.
You will receive the key to OceanView Lodge from the messenger.

This mod REQUIRES HearthFires DLC

Inherit OceanView Lodge - your Aunt passed away, leaving you a lovely farm that includes a goat you can milk and a working butter churn.
A courier will give you the news of your aunts passing, a key and small monetary inheritance.
Navmesh - follower friendly, interiors & exteriors
A dining table that sets itself when guests are seated
Milk the goat Gert - goat and inventory respawns
Harvest honey from all beehives in Skyrim
Make your own butter, cream, cheese and OceanView mead with juniper
Original containers for your inventory items
Beds that ARE NOT Skyrim green
Stable for your horse and goat
Garden to harvest vegetables and herbs
Cellar includes mannequins, weapon racks, forge, smelter, tanning rack and workbench
Improved lighting - music for interior and exterior
Alchemy station with potion rack
Enchantment table with storage for your soul gems
Well Rested bonuses for both master and guest beds

This mod adds a room off the master bedroom and will adjust to whatever race you are and accommodate custom races with a race-specific menu.
Portraits of your entire family back to your great-great grandparents
A shower area with soap containers
A tanning rack for making wash cloths
A cooking pot for making soap
A bookshelf area
Small indoor garden area

************************************ NOW RELEASED *************************************

RiverView Lodge (Imperials Only) - OceanView_LodgeFamilyMatters_Imperial v2.0
(Highly recommended you start a new game)

The spectre of your Aunt visits OceanView Lodge
(when you are level 10 - or have started the Main Quest)
She needs you to find her body and claim the DragonBorn Bow ... so she can rest in peace.
A mysterious note takes you to Riften where you meet your Father. But all is not well, there is a Thalmor Agent who you suspect killed your Aunt ...

RIVERVIEW LODGE-Requires OceanView Lodge Master file above!
-- the reward(s) for the above quest(s) include the DragonBorn Bow and a wonderful chateau on the River of Riften which includes:
A shower in the master bedroom
A tanning rack where you can make wash cloths in the master bedroom
A cooking pot where you can make soap in the master bedroom
You can have a spouse and house carl/steward live with you there
Accommodates children (with MultiKid mod) - and large enough no one is underfoot
Comfortable and not overly large or cluttered
A cellar with an archery range, bar area and racks for equipment and masks
A room in the cellar for blacksmithing (smelter located OUTSIDE)
An upper floor where 4 of the six children can stay as well as a room for your housecarl/steward
A kitchen with all the amenities and storage
An enchantment area
An Alchemical room - store your potions/ingredients
A large display area in the back hallway with a bookshelf and indoor garden
A large stable on the grounds that comes with a horse
Chickens and a garden outside
The kitchen table has food/settings when anyone sits down - table is cleared when they leave.

************* IMPORTANT ******************* IMPORTANT ****************

EACH Race will have their own file - The other Race files are in progress and will be uploaded asap.
ie: OceanView_Lodge_FamilyMattersII_Imperial is for imperials only.
*** this file REQUIRES OceanView Lodge MASTER and HEARTHFIRES to be enabled.
you will only need to download the file for the race your character belongs to - if you download multiple race files - please be sure to enable only one when playing.

If you plan on adopting children with the quest mod - you will need to have the HearthFires Multi-Kid mod. This will allow you to adopt up to 6 children.
Strongly recommended mods that work exceptionally well with the above are TMPhoenix- HearthFires Multiple Kids mod - Chesko- FrostFall and Drink, Eat, Sleep, Bathe mod by Ryan Byczek.

#################### SPECIAL THANKS TO ###################
Credit for the towels in OceanView Lodge goes to InsanitySorrow
Credit for the table place settings in RiverView Lodge goes to Catering by Lilith
Credit for the awesome Voice Acting - Edouard TES Alliance
special thanks to OFish for his testing of the mod!
** special thanks to LordMorpheus1 for his encouragement!

AND most importantly - credit for this mod working with HearthFires Multi-Kids mods goes to TMPhoenix, who fixed the issues I was having. Without his help and support - this mod would NOT have been released.

MODS have been thoroughly cleaned with TES5EDIT
If you encounter any difficulties - please let me know.