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Divayth's cottage has been moved and is now next to Hlaau Farm by Windhelm. The cottage has 4 bedrooms and 6 beds. By default it has 3 beds assigned to children, and 2 for guest. Players can reassign the beds for up to 5 kids or 5 followers. The mod is setup to work with Hearthfire multiple adoptions.

Permissions and credits
Divayth's cottage has six beds four bedrooms, and by default has three beds assigned to children and two for guest. Player can reassign the beds for up to five kids or five followers.

This Home can provide Well Rested perk gain 10% more experience, Lover's comfort 15% more experience ( If spouse is with you), and Father's/Mother's Love bonus, 25% additional effect when using healing potions (if children move here).

Hearthfire multiple adoptions  is a mod that allows you to move in your spouse and kids. Download this mod and install along with Alvis Cottage. Cast the spell "Bless Home". Now adopt a kid and tell them to move into your new home.

My Home Is Your Home - MHIYH lets you move your followers into Winterhold Hideout. You can assign them eating and sleeping time.  

There is a secret room that can display your blackbooks, masks and claws. It also has three daedric shrines and a black soul gem creator.

What does this mod include?
25 weapon racks
10 COA plaques
13 weapon plaques
5  Custom Bookcases
3 Standard bookcases
5 mannequins (one in secret room)
6 Hearthfire plant soils
Custom storage containers, Standard storage containers, and Hobo containers
All crafting included: Cooking, baking, enchanting, alchemy, forge, smelter, armor workbench, weapon sharpening wheel, spider scroll workstation, staff enchanting workstation.
Change Appearance Mirror, black soul gem conversion, player reading animation with temporary enhancements.
9 Divine Shrines
13 standing stones
Display for scrolls
Display for Paragons
Black Books display (secret room)
All Claws display (secret room)
All Masks display (secret room)
3 Daedric Shrines (secret room)
Animation script for Reading
Return home Spell tome
Custom blanket and pillows for beds

DivaythCottage Cloud storage and Crafting center patch includes: 
1. 13 Hobo linked storage containers that can access other Hobo Location containers. 
2. Soap effect  
3. Animation script for feeding chicken.
4. Potion Enhance

How do I get in?
Pick lock or get key from key holder by front door.

What is recommended for any player home including in game homes?
Multiple Floors Sandboxing
Mannequin AI Fix
Hearthfire Display Case Fix

Recommended dependent on your game style:
My Home Is Your Home
Spouses Can Live Everywhere
Custom Family Home
Hearthfire multiple adoptions

My other mods:
Lakeside Riften Manor
Winterhold College Hideout
Whiterun Home 4_5
Alvis Cottage 1_3
Cloud Storage with Crafting Centers
Improved Pottery

Modder's Resources used:Tutorial by "subtanker" on how to make npcs go skinny-dipping, Player unequip-script by Cuchullain and JaKhajay, Creation kit wiki UnequipItem – Actor. Custom meshes from: Tuedragonborn, SpinaDe Mul, Jet 4571, Lolikyonyu,  and Blary, Custom textures and meshes from Flintone, and Snazzy rack, plague and bed Template from gutmaw