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A simple player home located outside Riften's South Gate, a stone's throw from the Nightingale Stone. Hearthfire adoption compatible!

Permissions and credits
This is Sand's Rest, a bard / thief themed player home! It was made for a Khajiit character in mind, but obviously can suit anybody. 

I started working on this in February of 2017, and has technically been mostly done since then. I added and fixed a few more things before deciding to publish it though. Unfortunately Elianora sort of beat me to the punch with Ruska, which is of course, beautiful. Still! I figured some people would be able to appreciate my mod as well. The home is free and can be found just a ways beyond Riften's South gate if you'd like to go by foot, or you can simply fast travel there. 

REQUIRES HEARTHFIRE MULTIPLE ADOPTIONS! If you don't plan on adopting children, feel free to disregard.

  •  Hearthfire Adoption Compatibility 
  •  A small pond and dock with respawning fish
  •  Full navmesh - follower friendly!
  • Player bed gives the Well Rested Bonus
  •  Cookpot - Enchanting - Alchemy stations 
  •  Custom bookshelves throughout 

Future Plans (Beyond bugsquashing)
Note: I'm happy with this mod as it stands, so at the moment, nothing is set in stone unless it is a popular request. 

  • Staff Crafting from DB DLC?
  • Double Bed for spouses?
  • XB1 Version (Thanks to reddit user dnmt who put me in contact with Toddemix, HarriHoney, sforzinda who will be working on converting it!!)

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Asset Credits
A huge thanks to people like Elianora who inspired me to put as much work into this as I did.
Elianora's Extra Resources
Jokerine's Misc Resources
Modder's Resource Pack
Building kits and other items
Stroti Resource Pack
Lolicept Resources
Modder's Resource Pack - The Witcher Extension
Alchemy Clutter Resource
BookSets Resource