City of Riverwood with player home (Hearthfire's multi adoption mod compatible) by Gerheardt
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City of Riverwood

This mod, which requires the Hearthfire DLC, is intended to improve the player's experience. It provides many tools to make the beginning of the game more easy. A good variety of shops and a free home are available from the start with this mod. It also enhances the basegame's Riverwood with some esthetics and backstory. Live in Gunjar's house, the home of a newly deceased stormcloak who once been a blacksmith for the rebels. You should definitively loot his body in Helgen. If Helgen's Keep is collapsed or Helgen has been cleaned and rebuilt, i wonder if Gunjar hidden a key somewhere behind something near the door...

I recommand you these mods, for the ambiance, the lore or to enjoy entirely my mod:

Hearthfire Multiple Adoptions by TMPhoenix

GD's Farmhouse - A 2k farmhouse retexture by GDelforge You will only get the look of the screeshots with this mod!

This mod adds these buildings/locations to Riverwood:

-Scrolls and bottles
Alchemy, enchanting and everything magicka related shop
-Skyrim's delights A bakery that sells candies and rare cooking ingredients
-Riverwood fabrics A clothing store
-Riverwood seafoods Food merchant who sells anything related to water
-Lost-Nail hardwares Hardware store for whom would like to build a house outside Riverwood
-Gunjar's house Player's home (Kitchen/dining room, children's bedroom, adult's bedroom, exterior smithing equipment, enchanting table, alchemy stuff, stable and more) Hearthfire's multi adoption mod compatible

This mod changes or adds in Riverwood:

-Soil roads in stone roads
-Wood bridges in stone bridges
-City lightning
-Landscape, vegetation, water pond
-Moved guards camp and defense walls
-Few npcs, some are merchants, some are children
-Embry now has a family and a place to sleep
-The navmesh is reworked to fit with the changes


I didn't joined the textures for the signs! I deleted the game and the mods from my computer so i can't join them and do an update. When my life will be stable again, i'll do them and will add them to the .zip file! Sorry for the purple signs!

I faced few problems during the creation and the testing of the overhaul of my mod (Version 3.0 and up). Dorthe is not always in Alvor's house during the scene where you enter there with Hadvar. It seems related to one of my external mods but i want to warn you just in case... The 2 empty houses were meant to be used by Ralof and Hadvar after the civil war would be over. I removed all these features since i faced huge problems in Helgen during the beheading scene. It was related to the fact that i added and changed Ralof and Hadvar's AI packages. It's fixed in the published version. The houses will stay there and may be used in future updates. Be my guest to suggest on how they may serve.

For an unknown reason, i haven't been able to add mannequins, weapons racks, plaques and this kind of stuff. I copied premade stuff as in my other mods but it never worked. I still added enough named storage to stock and classify everything. The barrels are usable too, the stock in it won't respawn.

Not all version are still available and not all version are available in French and Chinese. Translations for the completely overhauled version (3.0 and up) will probably be available someday. The pictures are from the version 3.0.


Devilmine123 for the translation in Chinese for some versions
tirnoney for the help i had from her about important things i didn't know about navmeshing
Darkfox127 for many tutorials
Noxide for my knowledge on how to make the multi adoption mod compatible