City of Riverwood with player home (Hearthfire's multi adoption mod compatible) by Gerheardt
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City of Riverwood

This mod, which requires the Hearthfire DLC, is intended to improve the player's experience. It provides many tools to make the beginning of the game more easy. A good variety of shops and a free home are available from the start with this mod. It also enhances the basegame's Riverwood with some esthetics and backstory. Play in Riverwood, a city that once been a hold. Read the book in the player's house, which been the castle a few times ago, to learn about the time where Riverwood was a hold. Learn the story behind Embry's bad drinking habits, the short era where Riverwood was a hold and the tale of a mysterious man who saved Riverwood, disapearing with a legendary weapon (Playable if you can find it...).

This mod adds these buildings/locations to Riverwood:

-Riverwood herbs and potions
-The hardware store (For whom would like to build a house outside Riverwood)
-Riverwood clothing
-Skyrim's delights (Which sells candies and some specialised food)
-Old Emry's house
-New Embry's house
-Corron mine (A mine containing corundum and iron)
-Miner's house
-Player's home (Kitchen, dining room, children's bedroom, adult's bedroom, forge, bathroom, enchanting and alchemy stuff and more) Hearthfire's multi adoption mod compatible

This mod changes in Riverwood:

-Soil roads in stone roads
-Wood bridges in stone bridges
-Removal of 2/3 protecting walls

This mod adds in Riverwood:

-City lighting


I learned a lot since the publication of this mod. I'm not entirely happy with the result. It's actually stable and i don't know if i will do an update to this mod.


I want to credit Devilmine123 for the translation in Chinese for the first version and the final one. Thank you so much!