City of Riverwood with player home (Hearthfire's multi adoption mod compatible)(English-French-Chinese versions) by Gerheardt
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Last updated at 5:18, 19 Aug 2014 Uploaded at 8:04, 6 Aug 2014

This mod requires Hearthfire since it uses many objects of the Hearthfire pack. It doesn't require the Hearthfire's multi adoption mod but is compatible with it and necessary if you want to live there with your family.

This mod adds:

-Hardware store
-Herbs and potions store
-Clothing store
-Old Embry's house
-New Embry's house
-Miner's house
-Iron and corrundum mine
-Player's house
-City lights
-Some decorations

This mod changes:

-Wooden bridges into stone bridges
-Soil roads into stone roads

The player home is fully compatible with the Hearthfire's multi adoption mod and features:

-Large dining room with a cooking spit
-Children bedroom for 6 children
-Room with enchanting and alchemy table, mannequins, display cases, bookcases and furnitures to stock many things
-Bedroom with fireplace, wardrobe, chests and display cases
-Smithing room with smelter, tanning rack, sharpening wheel, worktable, forge and furnitures to stock your ingots, leather and other
-Basement with 2 showers, seats and a pool

I want to credit Devilmine123 for the translation in Chinese. Thank you so much!

For informations, comments or suggestions, send me an email to since i don't visit the site very often. Ma langue principale est le Fran├žais, vous pouvez donc aussi me parler en Fran├žais.