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Hate how enemies roam your lands unmolested? Hate how you have 500 men in a garrison doing nothing but getting drunk everyday? If you answered yes to both those questions then download this! For users of my Supply Lines mod they will be familiar with this mod. Patrols and guerilla attacks are now going to be in this separate mod!

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Now your garrisons will do something! This requires no input from the player. It is all AI and you will see garrisons actually doing something. This works for AI and player settlements the same!

If you used my Supply Lines mod then you will know what this is. Supply Lines now focuses on ... supply lines ;3

This mod should have always been separate from Supply Lines. ;D

Compatible with Improved Garrisons, they should not interfere with each other. I use both together.

Patrols will be created from garrisons when they spot smaller enemy parties. They will keep your lands safe from bandits and the like.

Guerilla Attacks:
Bannerlord lacks that realistic medieval warfare feel. In native castles are absolutely uses. Garrisons with 400 men just watch armies march by and nothing they can do. In reality this was not the case and it was a tactical blunder for an army to march past an enemy garrison and not besiege the garrison. A garrison is dangerous to an army in enemy territory since they can intercept any supply lines. They will not meet an invading army in a pitched battle. They will attack you asymmetrically with guerilla warfare. An army that is marching will be in a long line with large parts of the army not able to communicate quickly to each other and vulnerable to attack. Once an army can make a response, the attackers will simply run back behind their walls. This is what castles were for and how they protected against invasion from larger forces. They force an army to stop and fight an enemy behind walls rather than a field. If you ignore enemy garrisons, they would use these opportunities to chip away at you while they message their main army your army size and location. You would basically be committing suicide to leave an enemy garrison behind you. Bannerlord does not capture this and it is disappointing but this mod should help now! See the MCM for settings to tweak how this feature works. You can set the effective distance for garrison scouts to sally out and launch guerilla attacks on your party. You can set the frequency or interval in game time hours that the script checks the positions of parties around the map to see if they are subject to these attacks. You can also set the probability these events occur and parties with higher scouting skills will be harder for garrisons to attack.

For users of Party AI Overhaul and Commands, make sure you download the patch for it in the main files. It is called, Stop Deleting My Patrol Parties. In order to use Garrison Do Something and Party AI Overhaul and Commands together, that patch must be installed!!

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