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Order your troops to follow you and they will maintain their relative position to you. This works just like the save formation feature (F7 iirc) from Viking Conquest. Use it to maneuver your entire army in an orderly fashion across the battle terrain. Great for moving around the enemy and not having to micromanage every formation.

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  1. Organize all your troops how you want them to form up relative to each other. Like your shield wall units up front, your skirmishers behind them, cavalry on wings, etc.
  2. When they are all setup, go stand where you want to lead your army from relative to your army's position.
  3. Toggle follow in formation on by pressing K (default). If you never saved a formation then it will save the current formation positions for use in the battle and also for future use. This data syncs onto your save file. You can always save new formation positions by selecting the formation(s) you want to save positions for first then pressing Shift+K (default). This will overwrite any previous saved position{s) for the selected formation(s).
  4. Now you can order any formation or all formations to follow and they will stay in position relative to you based on the positions relative to yours when you saved the data.

To make a long story short... setup all your troops how you want, stand where you want to be relative to them, press 0 to select all units first, then press shift+k. Now that formation is saved. Now you can tell them to follow you normally (toggle off with K key) or follow in that saved formation (toggle on with K key).

K = Toggle Follow In Formation All normal orders will work while follow in formation mode is enabled. Any order given to formations following relative to you will change their behavior back to vanilla.

Shift+K = Save the current relative positions for the selected formation(s).

-I recommend using a mod like Army Formations Made Easy... and having your troops form up using his mod... then use my mod to save their positions relative to you... then toggle my mod on and tell them to follow you. ;)
-Also make sure to tell your formations to face enemy while they are following relative to you with the mod enabled.
-Use RTS Camera to move your entire army in formation. First save all your formations and then enable the mod. Then you can move around your entire army and they will use the positions you saved relative to the player.

Demo w/ RTS Camera:

v1.0.14 Demo:

Responsive Soldiers users should use the compatible version that patches this mod to not yell while my mod is enabled. It is in the optional files. Only install one version of Save Battle Formation!

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