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Requires your party and AI parties to rest for about 3 hours every day or take morale penalties (player only). The player will receive a decent morale bonus when resting enough. If you force march your party too much they can mutiny!

Permissions and credits
Known Issues:
AI parties are only updated hourly in this mod to prevent CPU getting overloaded so you might notice their tent still being drawn once they start moving. Also one time I noticed my character was invisible after resting, once you go in a town or do something it will correct itself.

With this mod installed and resting mechanic enabled you will need to actually wait in towns or on the map each day to give your marching soldiers rest. Now you have an excuse to let your wounded heal. I like my game to be immersive and one thing I didn't like was all the AI parties did somewhat simulate spending time in town while the player just pops in and out of stuff. I think this adds a little more balancing to help the AI against the mighty player. The AI will also follow the same rules as the player and will need to rest too. The more to balance the game mechanics between the AI and player the better the game will be imo. At least strategy wise. Make sure to not ignore resting because your party can mutiny and if you are captured you will be executed.

-Everyday at 8am, the day ends and your rested hours are used to evaluate your morale bonus/penalty
-If you have slept more than 4 hours in the day you get a +5 Morale bonus (It considers you gave them some R&R, you guys went on a camping trip)
-If you have slept more than 3 hours in the day you get no  Morale bonus or penalty (Considers normal camping, they are well rested but nothing special)
-If you have slept more than 1 hour in the day you get a -5 Morale penalty (These are tough guys but they can only do so much on little sleep and are getting annoyed)
-If you have slept less than 1 hour in the day you get a -10 Morale penalty (They all are exhausted!)

Note: When you sleep outdoors you only get 90% of the time towards rest. But if you sleep in a settlement your rest will be increased by 25%. So you have to sleep less if you stay in settlements. Penalties will only be applied 50% of the time you receive a penalty. You get a freebie every other time you would have gotten the penalty. Morale gains are capped at +20. This cap will reset every 30 days. These settings can now be tweaken in the 'Mod Options' menu.

NumPadMinus = Show time when waiting or traveling. Set key in the game options menu for key bindings. It is in the "Campaign Map" category.

RSCM features a mechanic that makes time pass when you enter settlements to account for all your activities in the city. Also time will pass after battles to simulate the time it takes to fight, loot, help wounded and bury dead. then your army will be ready to assemble and march. Be wary of nearby enemy armies who might try to close in on you during this time ;)This will add more realism to your game and more challenge! Click the link below for more info!

If you downloaded my Real Spacetime Continuum Mod, I have already integrated that entire mod into this one for compatibility. You can uninstall RSCM and just install this and you will have all the spacetime features from that mod as well. See the mod options menu to toggle this mechanic on or off.


-Maybe for the lords with low mercy I will make them rest less or something.
-Add camping interface similar to Viking Conquest and allow you to do activities like hunt or maybe go fishing. We have to see when the scene editor comes out.
-perhaps add a feature that if you march 2 or 3 days without sleep your party mutinies... and that means you fight a 1 vs your army battle... maybe I will have some people stay loyal to you and you will fight yourself
-create a system that tracks how many days armies have been out in the field and based on how many days they rested will allow them to go out and march and I will send them home after so many days while the player may face morale hits, disbanded troops or outright mutiny. The goal would be to make things more realistic and prevent snowballing. (

Offer your ideas in the comments and this is an open source project, anyone is free to contribute and I will add your name to the list of authors.

-Xorberax Training Field... not a major issue but training will be counted towards rest since technically the party is waiting when using the training field to train troops.

This mod needs to save data to function correctly so make sure you backup saves before installing in case you want to uninstall. I believe it may corrupt your save file if you uninstall! I use the framework to sync the mod's data so when you load your game it will remember who rested and for how long plus other necessary data that needs to persist when loading your game. This data gets stored onto your save file. Just have a backup in case you have problems uninstalling. ;)

Try this if you need to uninstall my mod on your save... Missing Module Fix


Make sure to install BannerLib and Mod Configuration Menu and make sure both are loaded above my mod in the load order in the fixed launcher.

If your game crashes and you believe it is from my mod then you can report it in the bugs tab but your bug report will be deleted unless you provide ONE of the following...

-Screenshot of the error message that popped up when it crashed. It will describe the type of exception and have a bunch of text called the stack trace, you need to provide it or the bug report will be deleted.

-If for whatever reason you were not given any kind of error message whatsoever and you even checked for crash reports in the bannerlord install folder or documents folder and could find nothing and you still believe this mod caused the crash. then you need to walk me through your exact steps you took that led to the crash and you need to describe everything in detail.

Bug reports that just say... "Crash, please fix" will just be deleted. I was responding to these at first but they happen too often and I can't keep taking time to explain this stuff to people. I am not customer service or tech support. You need to do your part to help me fix any bugs you encounter. THANKS!!