Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord

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Allows the player and AI to send food supply caravans between fiefs the clan owns and siege armies. Select troops from your garrison to escort your supply caravan to it's destination or let the AI handle it for you. Also adds a realistic way to handle enemy garrisons. Garrisons have new offensive abilities to protect their fiefdom.

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This mod will add a 'Supply Lines' menu option to your fiefs (towns and castles). With this option you can choose to send or request food support (50 Grain) to or from your other fiefs. The AI will also use this feature as well and it should add a whole new dynamic to warfare.

In order to send food you must have troops in your garrison you can select to escort the shipment and your town must have at least 50 food in stock. Also the fief you are sending support to or requesting support from can't be under siege.

The AI will basically go through each clan once daily. It will go through all their fiefs and see which fiefs have below 50 food and also a negative food change. If a fief has these conditions then it will look for the closest fief with food surplus and form a party from it's garrison to ship the food. During testing I let it run for one day and I noticed about 3 AI shipments were created. So this is something the AI will benefit from. When the AI used it, their castles had 0 food and a change of -1 while their cities were full of food. You can also let the AI handle the player fiefs by enabling it in the Supply Lines menu.

-Automated supply lines for the player and AI will now send out supply parties to siege armies where the siege leader is low on food (< 5 days of food left). This might help the AI from disbanding from sieges early so often.

When supply parties reach their destination they will be absorbed into that garrison or you can instruct them to return. The AI will always instruct parties to return home.

Guerilla Attacks:
Bannerlord lacks that realistic medieval warfare feel. In native castles are absolutely uses. Garrisons with 400 men just watch armies march by and nothing they can do. In reality this was not the case and it was a tactical blunder for an army to march past an enemy garrison and not besiege the garrison. A garrison is dangerous to an army in enemy territory since they can intercept any supply lines. They will not meet an invading army in a pitched battle. They will attack you asymmetrically with guerilla warfare. An army that is marching will be in a long line with large parts of the army not able to communicate quickly to each other. Once you are able to make a response, they will simply run back behind their walls. This is what castles were for and how they protected against invasion from larger forces. They force an army to stop and fight an enemy behind walls rather than a field. If you ignore enemy garrisons, they would use these opportunities to chip away at you while they message their main army your army size and location. You would basically be committing suicide to leave an enemy garrison behind you. Bannerlord does not capture this and it is disappointing but this mod should help now! See the MCM for settings to tweak how this feature works. You can set the effective distance for garrison scouts to sally out and launch guerilla attacks on your party. You can set the frequency or interval in game time hours that the script checks the positions of parties around the map to see if they are subject to these attacks. You can also set the probability these events occur and parties with higher scouting skills will be harder for garrisons to attack.

I recommend using Donate Food To Towns And Castles with this to give you more ways to prevent your fiefs from starving.