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Get the authentic prisoner experience here! :D The game goes too easy on heroes when they are captured. In reality, your captor would strip you of all your belongings and leave you in rags!

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This mod essentially gives you a realistic prisoner experience. Your captor will rob you, leave you in tattered rags and treat you like crap! Enjoy! :D This can be enabled for NPCs or just the player clan only.

Upon capture, heroes' equipment loss can be handled a few different ways with this mod. It can apply to the player clan only or all heroes.

  • Heroes lose all equipment to their captor. The player additionally loses their inventory to their captor. You can enable probability and evaluate each item if you think it is too hardcore. (This does not apply for NPCs if using straight gold payment mode as described in the next section)
  • The player can set in the MCM if they will lose a random amount of gold on capture up to a max % they set in the MCM.
  • You can set in the MCM if you want to be able to escape with a tier 1 weapon, assuming you stole it before escape and had all your weapons taken.

For NPCs specifically if you have equipment loss for them enabled:

  • Straight gold payment to the captor of their equipment value up to a max of 15k. Probably the easiest for the game to handle. When using this mode, NPCs do not lose any equipped items or get placed in rags. Pretty much vanilla behavior except the gold payment to simulate equipment loss to the captor. This can be turned on and off in the MCM. Off by default.
  • NPC loses actual equipment to their captor and then upon release tries to best equip themselves from their home settlement trader by making actual purchases. This can be toggled on and off if gold payment is disabled. This mode preserves the economy by not spawning any equipment.
  • If neither straight gold payment or purchasing from a trader is enabled, then they will get their default equipment back upon release and pay for it's value up to a max of 15k. This technically is adding equipment to the economy because it is just spawned into their inventory.

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